Pay day comes but instead of being grateful for your income and doing a happy dance, you are stressed out and anxious… and quite frankly… a little angry.

You are in your feelings because you know that you cant touch any of that money. You cant use any of that money for the things that you want to buy or the financial future that you yearn to have.

The money is already spent before it hits your account.

On top of having to pay for rent, groceries, gas, and transportation, your check is going straight to pay down your credit card debt and your student loan payments.

Sometimes, there is more month than money and some bills cannot be paid in full.

With each check that comes, you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

You are paying a little here and a little there but you cant seem to get back on track to building the wealth you deserve.

You feel like you are slipping further and further into debt despite getting up every morning, fighting through traffic, and working hard every day.

In your heart and in your spirit, you know that you are capable of wealth if you just had a way of reining in your spending, some guidance for eliminating your debt, and a support system of accountability.

You know that if you were given the tools and information to build wealth, you would take them and run with them.

But for now, instead of earmarking your income for wealth: building a plump retirement account, starting your online business, and building your 5-figure emergency fund, you spend all of your time worrying.

You are so frustrated and fearful about your finances that you find yourself unable to sleep.

You spent the time that you should be sleeping looking up at the ceiling wondering about when you will be able to make your financial reality match the vision that you have for your financial future.

In the pit of your stomach, you feel everything churning. You feel sick having to deal with all of your financial issues- how to quit living paycheck to paycheck, how to handle debt collectors, how to save when you dont think theres enough to save alone.

And while you know that you shouldnt, you start to compare yourself to all of your friends that seem to have it all.

These are just some of my money milestones Ive been able to achieve once I started to think like a wealthy woman:

The other good news is… you are in good hands.

Instead of waiting for SOMEDAY, you might be surprised at whats truly possible for you to do RIGHT NOW.

If its time for you to finally start FOLLOWING THROUGH on some of your big money and abundance goals,I invite you to register for The Wealthy Womans Blueprint.

The days of listening to yourFEAR of FINANCIAL FAILUREare over.

Its time to start acting on yourFAITHthat everything is possible for you. The truth is, you are powerful and prosperous beyond measure.

How to apply my proven GEMS System of Student Loan Repayment to aggressively pay down both your private AND federal loans.

Why paying your student loans now is better than paying them later.

What you need to know about the pros and cons of consolidation.

Why refinancing may or may not be the right move for you.

How choose the repayment option that works best for your budget.

The money mindset that has helped me, a daughter of a single-parent immigrant, save at least 20% of her income year in and year out.

The surprising truth about how much you need in your emergency fund to feel like a grown woman.

5 Reasons why it is OK and necessary to be self(ish) if you ever expect to reach your financial destiny.

How to use the MIT approach to increase your savings

3 online banks that will force you to save without you feeling the pinch.

How to build a budget makes you feel like a grown woman

-Why the numbers 50/30/20 or 70/15/15 will be your best budget friends.

How to save without sacrificing style or your freedom.

The money moves and the specific tools (online banks and structures) to help you overcome any initial fear of getting right with your money.

My proven straightforward and on-target systems.

How to use my proven Debt Domino Plan to eliminate your debt effectively and efficiently. What you should say to debt collectors to make them go away.

Why there is no such thing as good or bad debt.

What money and emotional structures you need to conquer your credit card debt demons for good.

The Four Is that lead us into spending temptation and how you can protect your credit and your financial future from them.

In this module, youll get super pumped about learning:

What your options are for helping you reach the retirement finish line with ease.

What you can do as a young professional to avoid The Struggle retirement.

What you can do as a mature professional to play catch-up.

What you should know about IRAs and retirement plans whether you work for a company or are your own boss.

Kara Stevens is the founder of The Frugal Feminista, a personal finance and lifestyle blog and committed to empowering women to use money as a tool to fund their juiciest lives.

After climbing her way out of $65K worth of student loan and credit card debt, building up her financial reserves, and aggressively investing in equities, Kara soon saw the link between personal liberation, power, and financial freedom and wanted to inspire and educate other women around the increasing their financial acumen and financial self-confidence.

A teacher, historian, connector, and activist at heart, Kara wants to lead a frugal feminista revolution to change the conversation between girlfriends, between husbands and wives, and between mothers and daughters.

Ms. Stevens is a native New Yorker and first-generation American via the beautiful island of Antigua. She possesses a BA in Political Science from Oberlin College, a MSEd in Bilingual Education from CUNYs Hunter College and an EdM in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Universitys Teachers College.

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