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Ultra-wealthy old-money guy in his mid 20s from indeterminate European country

Tommy Wiseau apparently owns a number of properties in San Francisco and that is how he is able to finance his lifestyle. This dates back to the Room days.

I once read that Tommy has been really vague about his past. Stating that he lived in France once but at one point he claims to have grown up in New Orleans. He also stated that he was born in 1968 while in reality he was born in the 1950s. So if we put this all together we can probably think of how he got the money for those properties.

Maybe Im slow but I still dont have a clue. What is your guess?

Well that he was involved with the criminal underworld and that he fled to America to follow his dreams.

With that accent theres no way he grew up in New Orleans

He admitted on Jimmy Kimmel that hes from Poland but moved to New Orleans when he was younger.