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wealthier, wealthiest.

rich in something stated or implied; abundant or ample.

– having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value; an affluent banker; a speculator flush with cash; not merely rich but loaded; moneyed aristocrats; wealthy corporations

rich- possessing material wealth; her father is extremely rich; many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles

broke(informal),shortpoordeprivedimpoverishedneedypennilessdestitutepoverty-strickendown and outskint(Brit. slang),indigentdown at heeldirt-poor(informal),on the breadlineflat broke(informal),without two pennies to rub together(informal)wealthyadjectivePossessing a large amount of money, land, or other material possessions:affluentflushmoneyedrich.Slang:loaded.Idioms:having money to burn,in the moneymade of money, rolling in money.Translationsثَرِيّغَني، ثَريbohatýrigvarakasäveriäsrichebogatgazdagvagyonosauîugur, rkur부유한rijkvelståendebogatyricobogatrikร่ำรวยมั่งคั่งgiu cwealthy[wel]A.ADJ(wealthier (compar) (wealthiest (superl))) ricoacaudaladoB.NPLthe wealthylosricoswealthy[wli]adjrichenpl

the wealthy lesricheswealthyadj (+er)wohlhabendreich;(= having a private fortune also)vermögendnthewealthypldieReichenplwealthy[wl]adj(-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) ricco/awealth(wel)noun1.riches.He is a man of great wealth.rykdomغِنى، ثَرْوَهriquezabohatstvder Reichtumrigdom; formueύςfortunariquezajõukusثروتvarallisuusfortuneעושרधन-दौलतbogatstvogazdagsgkekayaanauður, rkidæmiricchezza부()turtasbagtba[]harta bendarijkdomrikdomvelstandbogactwoشتمنى ( ثروت) ، جايداد، دولت ، پريمانىriquezabogăţie, averebohatstvobogastvobogatstvorikedom, förmögenhetความร่ำรวยvarlık, zenginlikدولتsự giu c2.a great quantity (of).a wealth of information.rykdom, oorvloedكَميَّةٌ كبيرَهriquezazplavader Reichtumet væld afώabundanciakllusداراييrunsausabondanceשפעप्रचुरताbogatstvo, velika količinabősgbanyakgnægðricchezza풍부gausybėdaudzumskekayaanschatvell, store mengderobfitośćشتمنىriquezaavalanşă, abundenţăzplavaobilicaizobiljestor mängd, uppsjöความมั่งคั่งbolluk,çokluk; ііبہت زیادہsự phong phadjectivehaving much money and/or many possessions; rich.She is a wealthy young widow.rykغَني، ثَريricobohatýreichrigύςricojõukasثروتمندvarakasricheעשירधनीbogatgazdagkayaauðugur, rkurricco부유한turtingasbagtskayarijkrikvelståendebogatyبډاى، شتمن، غنىricobogatbohatýpremoženbogatrik, förmögenร่ำรวยzenginvarlıklı, امیرgiu cwealthyثَرِيّbohatýrigwohlhabendάςadineradovarakasrichebogatfacoltoso부유한rijkvelståendebogatyricorikร่ำรวยมั่งคั่งvarsılgiu cwealthya.rico-a, acaudalado-a, adinerado-a.

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Her father objected to this because he wanted a more distinguished and

He knew the errors that may be passed over and the faults that must be punished in his men–his children, as he always called them–and when on campaign he readily gave them leave to forage for provision for man and horse among the

Genestas noticed a fair number of roofs of tarred shingle, but yet more of them were thatched; a few were tiled, and some seven or eight (belonging no doubt to the cure, the justice of the peace, and some of the

Young men lodgers of the last generation must have been of a

class than they are now, or they must have ruined themselves.

By far the wealthiest miner in Alaska, he wanted to be still

Tom enclosed the tick in the percussion-cap box that had lately been the pinchbugs prison, and the boys separated, each feeling

Because, though the Frenchman is the handsomer of the two, he is also the baser; whereas the Englishman is not only a man of honour, but ten times the

It is very beautifully situated on the Alleghany River, over which there are two bridges; and the villas of the

citizens sprinkled about the high grounds in the neighbourhood, are pretty enough.

For two or three centuries the romances were to the lords and ladies, and to the

citizens of the towns, much what novels are to the reading public of our own day.

what I admire in you is, not so much your riches, for perhaps there are people even

than yourself, nor is it only your wit, for Beaumarchais might have possessed as much, — but it is your manner of being served, without any questions, in a moment, in a second; it is as it they guessed what you wanted by your manner of ringing, and made a point of keeping everything you can possibly desire in constant readiness.

The Social Mobility Commission, which he chairs, once again comes up with the damning conclusion that there is no prospect of the gap between poorer and

children being eliminated at any point throughout the educational process from early years to higher education.

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