This site is about managing your money so you can become wealthy. I realize that wealthy is a moving target, but what you consider to be your wealthy is up to you. I simply share tips that have helped me amass a sizable net worth and you can pick and choose the most suitable for you.

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ESI Money is written by ESI, a 50-something retiree.  The site is basically a list of whats allowed me to become financially independent and how you can implement those successes in your life.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into who this ESI guy is, your best source is to read the posts in myAbout category. They all shed some sort of light into who I am, how I handle money, the issues Im facing now, and so forth.

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If you want a quick overview of my personal life and how I manage various aspects of my finances, here are a few posts Id recommend reading:

My philosophy is simple and focuses on doing three simple things to achieve financial independence:

Theres a bit more to it than that, of course, but if you concentrate on these three areas, they will get you at least 90% of the way there.

Here are some of the posts that give a bit more detail on why the site was started and what its about:

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Millionaires category Theres no better way in my opinion to become wealthy than to learn from others who have done it. These millionaires share the tips and tactics that gave them high net worths. Spoiler alert: the tips often boil down to earning, saving, and investing.

Not Experts category This series points out the fact that many of the financial experts in media (TV, radio, print, web) and business (financial advisors) are not really that well-versed in how to become wealthy. And yet they hold themselves out to be and give advice as if they are true experts. This is a relatively new series but is already becoming very popular as we discuss the various ways we see these issues play out in our society.

Retirement category As an early retiree Im able to point out both what it takes to retire early as well as how to manage being retired at a relatively young age. Theres some interesting stuff in here if youre at all interested in early retirement.

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