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Are you self-taught and would you like to find a training that will take you from the current vague knowledge to a place where you feel confident about your online skills?

Wealth Academy promises theyll do just that. Equip you with all the know how you might need to have a successful online business.

When I came across the Wealth Academy I wanted to check it out, mainly because I already belong to an amazing platform that teaches online marketing, and wanted to see if the two can be compared and which one is better.

Well, it only took me a short time to see that maybe the Wealth Academy is not altogether what is seems from the outside.

This is what Ive found out (and if you are considering buying Wealthy Academy, I promise, you want to read on)

Before I continue, would you like to check out MY 1 RECOMMENDED PROGRAM?

It will take you fromNEWBIEtoPROin online marketing STEP BY STEP!

Wealth Academy is an online course sold via Clickbank.

Its a re-hashed product from a similar product called Smart Money Methods.

Wealth Academy now also goes by the name of Wealth Project.

It offers courses on various ways of earning online.

Wealth Academy is sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back, should you have had a moment of misjudgment and actually bought this product.

Wealth Academys training is outdated and full of information that is useless to anyone who works online.

Their videos offer instruction on stuff that doesnt even exist anymore.

Some links are broken and some point to the products that are not as popular or influential as they used to be five years ago (when the training was created).

Some training is also from three years ago, but it still is outdated things change so fast in online business that you need to keep on top of all the trends.

Using the techniques Wealth Academy suggest might be detrimental to your business and your online efforts.

I purchased Wealth Academy, and was taken to, what I thought is a members area.

However, no, I was presented with just a sales video for a new product called Wealth Project, saying absolutely nothing about the training or the business side of things. Just a pitch to get me to buy the upsell of $197(!)!

There is also no information on what the actual upsell is. They just say its a Members Upgrade reserved only for you $197. Ahem for that money, you dont need to reserve me anything. Im paying for it so not sure what possible privilege I get from your reserving.

This is a tactic to make you feel like there is something special in store for you. In fact, I felt my intelligence being offended with this hard sell technique.

Never buy any product that is not transparent in what it offersand in what you can realistically expect from it.

In the video, the narrator says you must stop the video because the video will be shown to you only once. Well, it plays as many times as you like it to play.Not sure that stretching the truth needs to go that far.

Theyve already stretched it with the crazy claims of you being able to earn thousands every day, in no time and with no work. Quite shameless, really.

One business method you will be using (to try) to make money with this product is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing business model is amazing!

I myself use it in my business here on this site, and it works, its possible to earn with it and its possible to learn it no matter from which background you might be coming from.

However, the Wealth Academy doesnt provide you with the adequate training nor any useful information on how to make money with being an Amazon associate (they use Amazon as their main affiliate site).

You can definitely make money as an Amazon associate.However, its not as simple as having a generic website, filled with pre-written content.

Even though the Wealth Academy claims you dont have to do any blogging, they are wrong. For people to buy your stuff you need to establish your authority online and the trust between your visitors and yourself.

This doesnt happen in a couple of days, and most certainly not if you dont communicate to your audience your own opinions, your own experiences, your own researchyou get my point.

If you just put your affiliate links on your social media, for example, youll get banned without exception.


See how it can help you start your own internet business.

Take the advantage of a FREE trial period, 10 FREE Lessons in affiliate marketing and 2 FREE Websites.

The only redeeming quality about this product is its seller Clickbank and for that reason only I cannot call it a scam. What I mean by that, you can get your money back should you decide to waste time on this product.

Otherwise, I cant recommend you get Wealth Academy, simply because its not good and it wont make you any money.

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Money Online? Try This Instead

Actually, Im not going to recommend anything different from what Wealth Academy talks about.

The only and the most important difference is that my recommendation is about making money online in a legit way.

Honest and sustainable way of building your business online is the only way to make it online these days. I am talking about having your own business, scaling that business so that you dont have to work for anyone else anymore.

I was in a similar situation at the start of last year. For many unfortunate reasons, I found myself unemployed and since I had to take care of my young children, I looked for some work online.

After doing some teaching and dropshipping I decided it was a time to look for a business model that would bring me passive income.

Passive income is when you set up your business to work in such a way that it works for you even when you are sick or on holiday. Exchanging time for money wasnt an option for me anymore so I was super glad to find out about affiliate marketing.

I bought some courses to start me off in affiliate marketing, but it soon became clear Id need to keep buying more and more courses, because, affiliate marketing just like any other business has its own rules, techniques and best practices that you need to know about.

Then, I had a good fortune to came across a platform that had all the training I needed (and step-by-step too!) to get me really started in affiliate marketing.

Within the first week I had my website set up and I was creating content I had no idea I had the ability to do!

I was amazing. Before that, my longest piece of writing were my FB posts (and even those were just a 🙂 ). So this was, without any exaggerate, a completely new world to me.

Now, I run this website and absolutely love getting up every day to work on it. I am doing my courses, diligently completing the daily tasks and its getting me to the levels of knowledge about internet marketing I had no idea I could ever reach.

I would love to inspire you to take that leap and try working for yourself. Build your own business. Be your own boss!

Make your dreams a reality instead your boss richer every day. Its possible I know, because Im doing it!

Consider joining my 1 Recommended platform for your FREE Starter Membership.You only need you email and you can see for yourself if everything I wrote here is the truth. Once you are there, Ill be super happy to help you out with anything you might need assistance with on the platform and will be there to encourage you to keep going and earn your first $$ online!

Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions or experiences with Wealth Academy, please let me know, Id love to know more, thanks.

Hello and welcome to A.M.A.T my blog where Ill help you on your quest to work for yourself.

By following my recommended training, you will achieve results with your online business.

Are you in search of some part-time work from home?

Or, maybe you are looking forward to quitting your current job.

Whichever way, I hope to inspire you to TAKE ACTION and start your online biz!

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