12 Week Financial Mastery Programme for Empowered Women

This online course will help you release your fears and anxiety around money, take control of your finances, and take practical steps to earning the income you really deserve.

Now is the time to release the things holding you back, lift the fog and get some clarity.

– Travelled the world to places like Dubai, South Africa, Europe and the USA.

– Spoken on stagein front of thousands ofentrepreneurs.

– Helped thousands of women to earn more and save more.

– One, my Grandad, who was anamazing man whodidnt

a family man with good morals and values but one of his core beliefs was that money made peoplemiserable.

– The other influence was my Dad who was very money driven but also a drunk and veryemotionally abusive. He found itdifficult to show love and over compensated for that by buying meexpensive gifts.

This left me with asubconscious belief that if Ibecame wealthy I wouldbe more like my Dad and less like my Grandad. That was the last thing I wanted!I can now see how these beliefs sent me on a path of financial struggle and killed my motivation.

Although Iworkedextremely hard in my career, I still got to the end ofthe month only to realise I hadoverspent and couldnearly afford to pay my phone bill.

I realised I was notequipped with the rightmindset to stay motivated and make savvy financial choices, I also needed an education in how to make more money and invest my time and resources wisely.

I havetransitioned from a job into running my own business thinking that would solve myproblems but I still didnt know what steps I needed to take to create the life I really desired.

I felt confusedandanxious all of the time, the hard work and little results was killing my motivation.

Just over three years ago I had a major breakthrough. I discovered the world of self development and realised that for my whole life I had been studying the wrongthing.I had been working hard at trying to earn more instead trying to be more and think differently.

I can now see that all of my financial struggle and mindset battles had a purpose because now I know the difference between what works and what doesnt when it comes to money, and Im able to help you.

to be able tosupportyou with the simple steps to earn more money, clear debt and feel in control of yourfinances.

– Do you find yourself living in constant fear

– Do you find it difficult to stay motivated?

– Are you not sure what route to take to earn

– Maybe you have started feeling this way and

It does not have to be that way anymore – you are not alone!

You will have lifetime access to TheWomans Wealth Academy course.Once youenrol, its yours tolearn from whenever you want although we will be encouraging you to take action, progress through the lessons, and get results . If you have an questions drop us an

As soon as you enrol you will be able gain access to your learning materialsimmediately. you can watch the videos, listen to the audios and use the work books/PDFs from your computer/smart phone anytime, anywhere.

As a Womans WealthStrategist and Global Network Marketing Pro, Michelle has helped thousands of women to release money worries and earn the income they deserve.

She hasrecently featured in Forbes magazine as FemaleEntrepreneur One To Watch in 2018 and has landed a major book deal which is set to be a best seller –

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Please note: Michelles courses are not designed to aid FBOs in building their Network Marketing businesses.