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Wills and Trusts: Its Not Really About the Documents

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Work with an estate planning attorney who listens carefully to your hopes, dreams, and goals for yourself while youre alive; and for your loved ones after youre gone. Ensure that you are able to leave specific instructions for what should happen to you and your loved ones during your lifetime if youre disabled, as well as instructions for what happens after youre gone.

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Limited liability companies (LLCs) are extremely flexible, so they work well for a variety of businesses big and small. They can be structured in several ways to meet your needs. An LLC is also a separate legal entity, which means it offers asset protection benefits that a sole proprietorship or partnership just does not []

Budgeting and keeping your financials in check is not the most enjoyable task on the planet, but its a necessary one nonetheless. Its also a time-consuming process and one that can cause undue stress in your life. From making sure bills are paid on time, to ensuring enough money is in your checking account to []

Life insurance is a unique asset used to accomplish any of the following: The creation of an estate where circumstances have kept the estate owner from accumulating sufficient assets to care for his loved ones in the event of a premature death. To protect a business value due to the loss of key employees. For []

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Asset and Wealth Management: A Holistic Approach to Planning for Now and Later

Wouldnt it be great if there was a one-stop-shop where you could get advice for all of your personal finances? Well, there is. Its called asset and wealth management, and it streamlines the financial advising process by combining the advice of financial advisors in every realm of personal finance imaginable. Asset and Wealth Management: What []

Having a financial plan in place is just as important if not more as your actual investments and acquired wealth. Without a proper plan in place, you could potentially be leaving your assets vulnerable to being lost. While many Americans invest their money in an effort to build wealth over time, there is []

Imagine that you and your best friend own a car washing business as a hand-shake partnership. No one details cars like your employees, and over time you have developed a booming business. Part of your service involves picking up vehicles while your customers are at work or shopping to avoid the hassle of having to []

Diversify Retirement Portfolio with a Self-Directed IRA Our mission at Horizon Trust Company is to provide education on the power of Self Directed IRAs (SDIRA), to empower investors who are interested in diversifying their portfolios and gaining tax-free investment freedom. We pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to over-deliver to our client base. We stress timeliness, quality, []

Written by: Scott Estill Public Speaker and Tax Attorney The IRS has recently released its annual report on the dirty dozen tax scams. I will be discussing each one in a series of posts concerning these very real tax scams. If you would like more information from the IRS, here is your link:  []

Although estate planning documents may be signed, the estate planning process is not complete until asset titles are changed so that they can be controlled by those documents. The act of retitling assets is called funding. So, when the estate planning attorney or your financial advisor speaks of funding your trust, for example, he or []

By Harold Goldman on March 3, 2018 How do investors plan? While nobody can predict the future, investors should know what to expect in terms of uncertainty and seasonal effects affecting the global market over the next six months. Smart investors should perform a semi-annual examination of their holdings to ensure their portfolio is still performing according []

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity By: Scott Estill It is likely that you make donations to various charities throughout the year.  Make sure that you get credit for these donations when Tax Day arrives.  Here are a few rules to keep in mind (from IRS Tax Tips) in order to maximize these tax tips []

Aaron Adams, Alpine Capital Over the years at Alpine Capital, there are frequently asked questions on the subject of Property Management.  Some of the top questions are tenant screening, turnover, and vacancy. The following is an overview of these FAQ. TENANT SCREENING One of the most common questions is about tenant screening.  How do you []

Reposted from 02/23/2017 Creating a corporation can be a great form of asset protection but did you know that a corporation can be a tax shelter as well? A tax shelter is a legal way to decrease or minimize taxable income, which reduces your overall tax liability. The simple act of incorporating does not []

Sounds unbelievable, doesnt it? Its enough to fire up the imagination (and put those little cartoon-character dollar signs in the eyes) of any real estate investor: the thought of making investments and never having to take a capital gains hit on them. But is it for real? Can you truly invest in properties and pay []

How much can I make? That is a common question I get when people come to the Academy to learn about Residential Assisted Living. There are 2 directions that you can go. Own the Real Estate and rent it to an operator Own the Real Estate AND operate the Residential Assisted Living business as well. []

Weve all seen those cheeky Farmers Insurance commercials You thought you were covered for this [huge pool], when you were really only covered for this [teenie pond] or how you figured youre covered for this [family car], but youre actually paying for this [luxury sports car], but theyre right, do you know what is []

Thousands of investors, who have opened up a self-directed IRA to gain access to a bundle of investment opportunities that traditional IRAs are restricted from. One of the most popular investments offered is real estate.  With home prices reaching historic highs in major cities across the country, real estate remains a sellers market. Using []

TAX BENEFITS OF OWNING YOUR PERSONAL RESIDENCE By Scott Estill There are many tax benefits to owning your own home.  This short article explains many of the benefits and, like any other tax article I write, you should consult with your tax professional to ensure that any tax strategies you implement are appropriate for []

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