tune (n.) =luck / = chance,fate, lot, destiny / a large amount of money or assets. Syl.wealth, rich

fortunately(adv.) =luckily,bygood luck,bygood fortune–unfortunately

wealth (n.) an abundance of valuable possessions or money. = richness

possession:possessionpossesspossess ()He was possessed by a spirit. ()

possession( s) ()()()() The famous picture hascome intohis possession.(

propertyproperty Hehas a large propertyin the country. ()

richesrich ( )riches riches Richeshave wings. ()

wealthwealth greatHe is a man ofgreat wealth.= He hasgreat wealth.()

fortuneFortune fortune ()He hasmade a fortuneinoil. ( )

fortune (n.) & wealth (n.) & greatwealth (n.) & possession (n.) & property (n.) & riches (n.)

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