My dad was a poor, hard-working Saginaw fishermanToo many times he came home with too little payBut he called me that son of a Saginaw fishermanAnd not good enough to claim his daughters handNow Im up here in Alaska looking around for goldLike a crazy fool Im digging in this frozen ground so coldBut with each new day I pray Ill strike it rich and thenIll go back home and claim my love in Saginaw, MichiganI said honey Im coming home please wait for meAnd you can tell your dad Im coming back a richer manThen he said son you wise young ambitious manWill you sell your father-in-law your Klondike claimNow hes up there in Alaska digging in the cold, cold groundThe greedy fool is looking for the gold I never foundIt serves him right and no one here is missing himLeast of all the newlyweds of Saginaw, MichiganWere the happiest man and wife in Saginaw, MichiganHes ashamed to show his face in Saginaw, Michigan