At Wealth and Investment, our focus is on finding out what matters most to our clients, by understanding the dreams, goals and ambitions they have for themselves and their families.  Together we will craft a financial plan that ensures that they are living their desired lifestyle and that the generational needs of their families are taken care of.

We are an international business with offices located throughout South Africa and in Nairobi, Mombasa, Lagos, Abuja and London with booking centres in Jersey and Mauritius. We provide clients with a truly international experience and one seamless solution for all their on- and offshore financial planning needs.

The Wealth and Investment Leadership Academies were established to empower and educate the families of our clients on the principles of investing, banking and lending, financial planning, leadership and philanthropy. Four different Academy modules have been created, each catering for a different age group.

Budget led insights from Standard Bank Wealth and Investment

Johannesburg 20 February 2019 While this years national budget did not hold major wealth tax surprises Kuhle Kunene, Head Wealth Advisory at Standard Ba…

Closed Accounts Variable Rate Sheet – effective from 23rd January 2019

Schedule of Variable Rate Interest Rates- effective from 23rd January 2019

Fixed Term Deposit Interest Rates – effective from 23rd January 2019

Fixed Term Deposit Interest Rates – effective from 23rd January 2019

Standard Bank Wealth teams up with famed sculptor to craft barcoded clay work that showcases the art of uniqueness

Standard Bank Wealth and Investment wins Award

Moving towards improved service experience in wealth and investment markets

The days of drowning in paperwork and facing long delays when implementing a wealth plan are set to become a distant memory as new age technology like blockc…

Schedule of Variable Interest Rates Notice Accounts – closed accounts

Standard Bank Wealth and Investment wins Best Private Bank in SA as it continues to deliver long-term generational wealth solutions

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Join our international team and you could move your career forward from the start.