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And unless your a golddigger then money shouldnt have anything to do with it.1 personfound this usefulHow do you get a guy for a date?First, you at all girlyish, then you go OMG!Do you wanna go out? If he says yes, scream and hug him. If he says no, then lie that youre rich and say too bad, beause he wouldve been wonderful!share with friendsShare to:How do you ask a guy for a date?Answer . Ask him directly im sure youll get a good response, unless the guy is more handsome or richer than you (the caller)…(hopefully a girl)… creepyshare with friendsShare to:How do you know if a guy wants to date you?How? Because if he talks to you over computer , or any other technical device, he might either flirt or put a wink face like so 😉 he might be nice to you or like all of your photos and If he sticks up for you if you are being bullied, made Fun of, etc. Good question :p everybodys gonna be different though, so dont think that a guy hates you if he picks on you alittle bit. guys dont always know how to show emotion:P( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Will guys date fat girls?sometimes. this is a tricky question because men all have different tastes. if some men are overweight or fat they might just find an overweight girl because they understand and will not care about each others weight. I know the tipical guy will want to date a skinny or thin girl, but guys also look at personallity. (not impossible) If they are a nice guy, they will not care.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How does a guy ask a guy on a date?You walk up to him and say ,Will you go on a date with me? Ridiculous; in homophobic US society. That could temporarily ruin you in school, get you beat up and in rare cases, get you dead. Better to form conversations around gay hate crimes, gay civil rights and gay marriage. These are hot topics that even staunch hetero males occasionally breech. If he seems positive after a lot of stealthy, gay leading conversation and youre a teen male, have him over for the afternoon and play some video games on the floor. See how far you can get into his personal space. Sleepovers are good and thus so are dare games. ANOTHER ANSWER You might not need to say the word Date to him, just be casual and ask him if he wants to hang out with you after school / work or something. You can usually tell his reaction whether he is interested to do more with you in private.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How do you date a guy?There isnt really a certain way you date a guy. Its almost like being friends. Start slow, but keep in mind that the guys have different speeds that they want in a relationship. But dont try so hard. A relationship shouldnt be forced. It should be real. You can hold hands, kiss (if you want :D)buy each other gifts. Just be close to each other and dont pretend. Talk to him, text him. Whatever feels right to you. Hope this helps! SOURCE: Experience Happy Holidays(: .( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How do you get a guy to date you?Step 1: Say hi! maybe hell probably hell see you, so you wave. If he doesnt wave back drop it. If he waves back than later on that week start to talk to him. Step 2: Ask him out when you start to talk to him, one day you can bring up things he likes to do. When theres nothing else to talkabout ask him if he wants to hang out sometimes. bring up that you and some friends are going out this week and ask if he wants to join along, since your lieing when the date gets there, tell him that your friends had to cancel. i guess its you to now! Step 3: If he doesnt catch on…tell him! Once you guys have been on a couple of dates and still doesnt ask you out. Tell him you really have a crush on him and is just wondering if he likes you to. if he likes you great! if not move on there is plenty of fish in the see. Step 4: Make out When or if you got the guy than make a move. On a movie theater date sit in the back and get little crazy! look at him and if he looks back, look into his eyes and then his mouth. if he doesnt lean in…you lean in! Kiss him till your ready for tongue. slowly stick your tongue in his mouth and swivle your tongue arround his. If he breaks the kiss then wait till he wants to again.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How do you get a date with a guy?ok if u like a guy then if you think that you are invisable then talk to him more tell him that you like him tell him why you like him like for example: i like this guy i think he is funny smart kool cute and anything that u can expect from a guy but if they dont like you back then what is the point of chrusing on him then go for someone eles that is intresting likes what you like but it is hard to give up on a guy then you have a problem. :)( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:What do you do on your first date if you are a guy?Well you should be calm and relax so that your palms dont get sweaty so that when you go to touch your dates hand she wont feel your perspiration.Compliment what your date is wearing like her outfit or earrings.Dont mention other girls like the ones at school or one of her best friends.Dont tryto make a move on her because it might freak her out and not want to date you again.Dont tell her that her breathe smells awful or that the outfit that shes wearing makes her look fat.If youre at the movies wear deoderant if your going to put your arms around her.If youre at a restaurant do not talk with your mouth full.And clean up well.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Can girls date younger guys?yes!! they can but usually if there a year or 2 apart then that would be normalshare with friendsShare to:How do you get a guy to date you when he is already in love with you?I f he loves you already, and you are ready, just ask him, he will probably say yes!! If he says no he probably isnt ready yet even if he loves you.share with friendsShare to:What kind of guys should i date?you should date any guy that you think is nice he doesnt have to be attractive and if you think u should date a guy thats only acttractive then please explain whyshare with friendsShare to:Dating a younger guy?Dating a younger guy is fine! Of course that is depending on how much younger he is than you. It is totally fine as long as you like him, it doesnt matter what everyone thinks as long as you two are happy.share with friendsShare to:How can I get a guy at the gym to ask me on a date?Instead of waiting around for him to approach you, why dont you ask him out?share with friendsShare to:Can Jehovahs Witnesses date guys?Answer Dating is a common practice today where people, not necessarily contemplating marriage, spend time romantically together. For Jehovahs Witnesses, dating is a serious matter and only those contemplating marriage would date an unmarried member of the opposite sex , with a view to getting to know them better. For Jehovahs Witnesses, dating would not include having sex or engaging in sexual practices such as oral sex since this is biblically unclean. Witness parents discourage their children from recreational dating when those children are in fact too young to marry but rather encourage their young people to associate with a wide variety of individuals of various ages. For more information regarding Jehovahs Witnesses and Morals click on RELATED LINKS below Additional Answer: Normally when we date it is because we are seeking a potential marriage mate, of course most of the time you will not find the person that is right for you on like the first date so yes you do date but as mentioned earlier there is no sex before marriage because that is something to be kept sacred between man and wife. Children are discouraged from dating at a young age because they really dont know what they are doing. You wait until you are of age to start dating which is when you have matured into adulthood.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:If you like a guy but you date a guy is that bad?Hmm, This could relate to me… i am in a moment like this, but, Im the guy she likes… but she loves the other guy, anyway, on with the awnser. I personaly dont believe it is a bad thing, as long as you dont go running off with the guy, you must let your partner at the moment know that you likehim and you wish to be with another guy. make sure he understand what you mean and make sure he is ok with it. Sorry if it was no help to you but good luck. Please forgive the bad spelling if there is any. . No i wouldnt say its a bad thing, but if you love the guy you are with dont leave him. never leave the one you love for the one you like, cause the one you like may leave you for the one they love. its all infatuation.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Do guys like brunette bluegreengrey eyes Italian funny slender wealthy healthy and down to earth 14 year old girls?It depends, some do, some dont. All men have that one dream girl. But someone probably likes that.share with friendsShare to:What do you do if you are dating a guy but falling for your guy friend?well you tell your boyfriend that you do love him but you want a break and tell him you found somebody you have known longer and that you can trust i would do the same but not in an inappropreite way either…share with friendsShare to:What attracts a guy on the first date?Ive never been on a date before, but personally I would say just be yourself. You dont want a guy liking you for being someone else. If he likes you, thats what will attract him. Answers by other contributors: . Yes, be yourself. If youre shy, then be it. If you tend to laugh a lot and bea little crazy, dont hold back. If he doesnt like you from that, hes not the right guy for you. Thats at least if youre looking for a relationship that can last.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:What questions can you ask guys on a date?anything really… just dont bring up things like, how much money he makes, dont try to talk about religion it may lead into arguements. just see what they like to do, hobbies, just be yourself and make sure the guy feels comfortable too. dont be pushy or needy. good luck :)share with friendsShare to:What type of guys do girls date?If you ask like that, the answer is simple: all. For every type of guy theres a type of girl who will like to date them. The hard part can be finding one that will date your type. Common things are general humour, slight flirting (depends on the girl) and just the ability to have fun and not feel uncomfortable.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:The guy you are dating spends weekends with you?Im confused by this question, but Ill it my best shot. If you are dating someone, they should be trying to spend as much time as possible with you. If you are referring to a significant other sleeping with you over the weekend that depends on your age and housing status. If youre older than 18 then yes you could, but your parents may not be too happy. If youre under 18, then NO, your significant other should not be spending the night with you.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:What do you do once you are dating a guy?You enjoy your time with him. You chat with him, play, watch movies, go on dates, hold hands, cuddle, kiss, whatever you two enjoy doing together. Thats whats dating all about: having fun with your boyfriend. Have fun, enjoy yourself. But be aware that you only have do things that you feel comfortable with. Because he is your bf does not mean he has any rights to do anything intimate that he wants. Go slow and enjoy the relationship.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Dating a bigger guy?just act yourself around him. u can still hug him and kiss him and all. i date a bigger guy, and we are just great. and if people tease you about his size, you tell them to shut up and lay off. i deal with that everyday.share with friendsShare to:Does jusin bieber date GUYS?No, hes not gay he has had 3 girl friends but there is rumor of 4share with friendsShare to:How do you make a guy want to date you?Answer The dreaded crush. Every one experiences it at least once in there life, whether it be in elementary, junior high, or even high school. Even if you are not sure if the guy likes you, you can make him, and trust me Ive experienced it (I am a guy). Heres what to do in steps: . First try to find out if the guy likes you, there are several ways you can do this, drop hints bye smiling and staring at his eyes, (Do not stare at his abs or anywhere else because there are few guys who like this and besides, you do not want him staring at your breasts), have a group of your friends ask him about you or what he likes in girls to see if he likes you, or walk with your friends and when you pass him stop talking, walk slower, and look at him. . Now that you know how he stands with you and he knows you like him its time to do some work. First off if the guy likes you just ask him! Guys love brave girls, and besides he may not ask you because he may be shy. But lets say he just thinks of you as you nothing special. First off talk to him at least once a day and go by his locker and talk with him. Learn his schedule, if you go out of your way to meet him and he knows it he will really like you. However do NOT talk to him or call him to often, the more time he just has thinking about you the crazier in love hell be. . Well now that he may be warming up to you, its time to make him work. Now you may be thinking what? But it is simple, fake a problem, try to fake cry even and come to him and talk to him about a problem, the guy will really like you for coming to him and maybe hell ask you out in a few days, if he asks you out down he has no feeling and is not worth the time, if he is sitting put your head in his lap, if he is standing lean on him, or rest your head on his shoulder if you can, wear good smelling shampoo so he thinks about you than, and associates it with that smell so if he smells it he thinks of you. . By now he really should like you, remember to do short visits, talk with him, maybe give him gifts on holidays or Birth Days, talk about problems or ask about his. But remember do not get clingy!!! Now you should ask him to eat with you or take him to the movies, see if he pays, if he pays you should ask him out because it shows he likes you, if you split he is just a friend to you, if he makes you pay he is once again not worth it. . Well now just keep doing these things and ask him out before he looses interest, if he compliments you on your but or so, he clearly just likes you for you assets and is probably no worth it. Never ask the guy when he is with people or he may say no even if he likes you. Answer Making a guy want to date you means that youre trying to play with his emotions. This can be very hard, depending on what kind of guy he is and what kind of girl you are. As a matter of fact, theres a good chance hes not even the kind of guy you would want to date if making him want to date you works. Its a sign that hes not able to realize hes being toyed with, which is something you may not want in your boyfriend. If he notices what youre doing only after some time, it could easily backfire into him pretty much hating you for trying to play him like that. What you can do is show him you want to date him by giving him clear signals. If he wants to date you hell pick them up. Otherwise you may want to forget about him..( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How long should you date a guy?how long should you date him before what? before you get married? break up? it all depends.. a tyipical good relationship lasts about a year. . . occasionaly longer,, but not always.share with friendsShare to:Dating a guy who is ignoring you?He is obviously shy of having a girlfriend, or hes cheating on you, or hes upset about something.share with friendsShare to:Can you be friend with a guy you date in the pass?Sure. Just act maturely and make it clear that the past is the past and youre just looking for a friend now. It might not be so easy at first, but with time it may just work out!share with friendsShare to:What do you do if the guy you love is dating your sister?Well, determine if this guy is worth it. If not just move forward and get someone else, even though this is really hard. Ask him a few questions about his relationship to your sister, like what do you see in my sister, or how much do you love my sister (Ask your own questions and think about what your asking). Dont make him suspicious. Or do the following vice-versa with your sister by asking questions about the relationship. Good luck with whatever you choose!( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:What are the consequences of dating an older guy?They could push too far, or try to make you do things that youarent ready for. If youre not, just politely tell them . Say,hey, Im sorry, but im just not ready yet.share with friendsShare to:How do you get the guy that you like to want to date you?start out with being his friend, carry on conversations with him, and the most important thing is make him feel comfortable around you dont jump to it to fast take it slow and steadyshare with friendsShare to:What do you do when your dating a guy?When Im dating a guy I try to make both our times enjoyable when we are around each other. I dont love him yet because he can easily break my heart. When youre dating a guy enjoy your time with him & make sure hes having fun too, now that doesnt mean, Have sex all the time. it simply means just have fun together. Steal a kiss now and then hold hands, hug, talk, tell jokes. ABOVE ALL: TRY TO AVOID ANY ARGUMENTS. if you disagree on something just nod and change the subject. you dont want to end an evening on bad terms. Good luck with whoever you are dating & I hope this helps(:( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Why should the guy pay on the dates?The guy asked the girl out and the girl gave her time to him. She didnt have to go, but she said yes and volunteered herself to go. The guy needs to pay the bill to to their share as the girl already gave the guy something. This is my opinion, and I also think as a guy, we should pay all of the bill.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How do you get a guy are not dating to kiss you?What you do is look in his eyes and say you have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. And then get close to his lips and try to kiss him!share with friendsShare to:Why are you not wealthy?you are not wealthy because you waste a lot of money in having sex with sluts.share with friendsShare to:How can you tell when the guy your dating is really into you?when be gives you that special look, when gazing into your eyes hes lost in them. when he sits there speechless just thinking how amazing you truly are. Also when sexual activity is intense. Most guys when asked what are you thinking about and they reply nothing really.. they are truly thinking about you and how amazing it is to be able to spend there time with you.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:What do guys like to do on a date?TOP 6 1. Bowling 2. Movies(Scary NO CHICK FLICK) 3. Romantic Dinners 4. Gofling 5. Long walksshare with friendsShare to:How do you know if the guy you are dating is a pervert?That is really a matter of opinion. I would thing it perverted to send nude picks or if he has made move on any of your friends. If you are worried about it it seems there are trust issues and you should leave him.share with friendsShare to:What do you do if your dating a guy out of state?I was gonna date this guy out of state but we end up breaking up, and it was hard. I tell people oh he is stupid i am way over him, but i really care and love him.i try to move on but cant. Here is a big tipe for all you people in a big sweet cute relationship, if you love that person you with holdthere hand forever and ever let go. I wish someone told me that when i was with my ex. Cause i know he is the love of my life, but he doesnt want me back and i am so sad!( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:Can a tranny and a gay guy date?Yes, if they want to, they can date, but its more proper to callsomeone transgendered rather than tranny.share with friendsShare to:Why does a guy ignore you after he dates you?The answer is simple for me, it becomes pretty awkward if you are so used to being intimate with a girl and suddenly, she isnt yours anymore.share with friendsShare to:Who know the website for wealthy men and women dating?it is said that wealthymatching is site for people looking for wealthy men and women.share with friendsShare to:What do you do when you like a guy and he is dating somebody?Whatever you do, dont mess up their relationship. Thats like one of the meanest things you could possibly do to someone. Just stay clear for now and wait for them to break up.share with friendsShare to:How can a guy dating a girl?One of things to bear in mind when dating a girl is to dress properly. Even the most good looking guy can look awful if not properly dressed and an average looking can look attractive if dressed properly. You dont need expensive clothes or branded shoes to look great. See that you look nice. Also keeping good hygeine is important and avoid bad odour, bad breath and dirty nails. Other things include having a good paying job in hand and possessing good manners.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:How do you know if a guy likes you and your dating a guy?well first if he looks at you until you look at him and he turns his head. i am a 11year old boy and i have to much information. and if he is always trying to be next to you. thanks for readingshare with friendsShare to:What are the release dates for Selling L-A- – 2011 The Young and the Wealthy 1-5?Selling L-A- – 2011 The Young and the Wealthy 1-5 was released on: USA: 10 November 2011share with friendsShare to:What are the release dates for 30 Minute Meals – 2001 Healthy Wealthy and Wise?30 Minute Meals – 2001 Healthy Wealthy and Wise was released on: USA: 6 January 2007share with friendsShare to:What are the release dates for A Laurel and Hardy Cartoon – 1966 Unhealthy Wealthy 1-103?A Laurel and Hardy Cartoon – 1966 Unhealthy Wealthy 1-103 was released on: USA: 15 April 1967share with friendsShare to:How do you know the guy you are dating is the right guy for you?The trick is to take things step by step and not think too muchabout it. Just go with the flow, if a reason presents itself to split up,then do that. If you ended up splitting up then he wasnt the right guy for you,because that was always going to happen. You were always going tohit that hurdle that you two just couldnt get over. But there are other guys out there, so you date someone else, andthe cycle begins again. When you date someone, its not about finding the right guy, itsabout being with said person until you dont want to be. You mightnot be able to stand them after two or three dates, you might splitup with them 50 years down the line. You may never split. You may also want to think about whether youre scared ofcommitment. You might be getting with these guys, forming a strongrelationship, and then find yourself wondering about whethertheyre the right guy because youre scared of committing. Try to relax, dont over think it.( Full Answer )share with friendsShare to:ASK A BRAND

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