A site designed for older rich men seeking young and beautiful women, Wealthy Men aims to find sugar babies for sugar daddies who want to spend their money on a young and exciting relationship.

You need to have a minimum salary of $85,000 per year to be able to register on the platform and the website offers standard and gold paid membership plans along with a free plan.

The customer support is good and is available 24*7 for help.

The site allows only members with a high salary to register on the platform.

The site offers a 3-month guarantee to find a suitable match to the members.

There is no feature to limit profile visibility.

You cannot view profiles or communicate with members in the free plan.

The site does not use a matching algorithm to sort out profiles for members.

1. WealthyMen allows only men with a salary above $ 85,000 per year to register on the platform.

Since the site focuses on rich sugar daddies who are looking for young women to spend their time and money on, It puts a lower limit on the income of the members. Only members with a yearly income of more than $85,000 are allowed on the website.

There are three income levels on the website and women can sort members on the basis of their income also.

2. It has a lot of members and most members are active on the website.

The site boasts of more than 2 Lakh members from all parts of the world and most of these members are quite active on the website. With the whos online feature, you can see that around 100 members are online at any given point of time.

This feature helps members to look for potential dating partners easily as they can look whos online in their area and set up a date quickly without having to wait for a long time.

3. The customer support offered by the platform is great.

As the site caters to wealthy men, it provides a great support team to help members solves the issues they are having with the site. This customer support team is available round the clock for any help.

Having a good support team also means that the site experiences less downtime and is always updated to help its members use the site more smoothly.

4. All profiles are verified using their financial details and IDs.

One of the best features of this website is that it verifies the income details and identity of all the members before letting them communicate with other members. The income is verified through your tax return or bank statement.

The identity of the member is verified through a valid photo ID and the profession is also verified by their business card or company letterhead.

5. offers a guarantee of 3 months to find a suitable match.

If you dont find a suitable match in the first three months of your paid membership, the site offers the next three months free to help you find a good match without spending any more money.

This can be a little reassuring for members who are skeptical of buying the paid membership and are a little picky when it comes to selecting profiles.

6. You can upload up to 9 pictures with the free membership also.

This feature sets this website apart from other websites as there are very few dating websites that allow you to upload photos in free memberships. You can upload nine photos on your profiles photo gallery.

However, not everybody can access all the photos on your profile and can only see the thumbnail of the photos unless they have a paid membership.

7. You can see who has viewed your profile and who wants to meet you.

You can check who has viewed your profile easily through your profile dashboard and see if they want to meet you. This can help break the ice for members who are a bit introverted and want the other person to initiate a conversation.

You can also rate other members on the basis of their initial impression so that the other members can get to know how you feel about their profiles.

8. You can block members if you have a paid membership.

While there is no feature to limit your profile visibility, there is a feature to block members who do not appeal to you if you have a standard or a gold membership. There is no such feature in the free plan.

This feature is particularly helpful for men who want to block profiles of women who do not suit their interests but still keep sending messages to initiate a conversation.

MillionaireMate, SugarDaddie, and WealthyMen are some dating websites similar to Wealthy Men. These websites help rich and single men to find young women to spend their money and time on. Some of these encounters also end up in long-lasting relationships.

1. The site does not have a matching algorithm in place.

Since the members enter very limited information about their lives and personal details while signing up, the website does not use a matching algorithm to suggest matches for you.

The members themselves have to search for profiles and initiate a conversation after sorting them according to their location, gender, membership type, and more which can be time-consuming.

2. You cannot communicate with members with the free plan.

The site limits your activity on the website if you do not upgrade to the standard or the gold membership. You cannot communicate with any member unless you have a paid and a verified account.

While this might not be an issue for the rich men that are looking for young women, it can be a limiting factor for women who want to pursue men as they will have to upgrade to a paid membership.

3. There is not a lot of information available about the members.

The information uploaded by members when they register on the website is quite limited and includes their name, gender, location, birth date, profession and income. There is nothing more mentioned on the website about their hobbies or personality.

This makes it very difficult for the members to know more about the person they want to pursue as they can only access this basic information and pictures of the person they are interested in.

The Wealthy Men website has two paid memberships which include the standard plan and the gold plan. Both these plans have similar features and offer a lot more than the free plan. Some of the paid features include:

You are able to access the full profile of any member.

Send messages to other members and view their photos.

You can highlight your profile to feature on top of the search results.

Wealthy Men is a great website for finding someone who has the same dating needs as the member pool is large and has quality members. This website has a proper verification system which sets it apart from other websites which claim to cater to rich men but have no proof of their income or profession.

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