Essential Advice to Date a Rich Man You Wish Youd Have Gotten Sooner

Who wouldnt want to date a man who has the capacity to provide the luxurious life that every woman seeks? From expensive clothes to the most exquisite jewelry, if you are a woman who dreams big, and one of your big dreams is to be with a wealthy guy, then here is some essential advice to date a rich man, and to keep him enamored forever, hopefully!

, a dating site for millionaires, states that 79.6 percent millionaire men seek out non-millionaire women! The reason behind this is that these men need a partner they can take care of, said the representative of this website, Darren Shuster.

Well, this survey must have raised the hopes of manylets say, not-so-rich spinstersout there who wish to be with a rich millionaire bachelor, isnt it? Before you start flying on cloud 9, lets put forth some not-so-good facts before you all. To begin with, rich men are not as easily accessible as other men. And apart from that, there are also different kinds of wealthy men out there.

Yes, men with money are generally of two kinds:

1) Who have inherited the richness from their ancestors.

2) Who are self-made and have worked hard to reach this status. Though its not an established rule, but it has been observed that, the men who belong to the second category arent the kind who will spend on their date carelessly. We mean, dont be surprised if he asks you to leave a tip at the restaurant because he left his wallet in his car! Yes, some men, no matter how many billions of dollars they own, can be stingy, greedy, and mean. That being said, another facet to this dating game is that these high-end men have a radar for gold diggers. So, if your intentions are purely monetary, we would suggest you to be cautious. They might date you, spend some good time with you, and leave you as soon as they are boredsimply put! The dating advice mentioned in the following section is more about dating these men beyond the monetary benefits, that is, to have a meaningful bond with them.

Before you begin date hunting, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. For starters, be clear as to why you want to be with an affluent man. Is it only for the money? What are your priorities? Would you be okay with the fact that the guy doesnt give you anything else except for financial security? If you are the emotional, sensitive sorts, who expects a prince charming to give you a fairytale-ish life, true loves kisses, fight the bad guy for you, and be loyal to you, then trust us girl, most of the rich guys out there are not like that. Honestly, finding them is only half (or perhaps a quarter) of the battle won, the hard part is to put up with them. The following points will explain you what we intend to say.

Although Cinderella lived a life of a maid before finding her prince charming, remember that the prince fell in love with her only at the ball, where she looked like a million bucks in her God fairy-made designer gown! What were trying to say is that you have to look like a stunning fashionista who knows how to take care of herself. When it comes to A-class men (or any kind of men for that matter), looks are what will attract them to you. Your hairstyle, your skin, your dressing sense, and your high-heels. To make sure all these designer additions do the trick on you perfectly, you also have to make sure that you have a super-hot bod! With rich men having access to the most beautiful women in the world, it is unlikely that they would even consider dating a woman with extra flab around her waist! Your walk, your talk, everything matters! You have to look like a trophy he carries with pride, displaying it around his social gatherings. Though the last sentence may seem very materialistic and insensitiveits the bitter truth!

Once youve got your looks fixed, you need to show yourself out to these men. You wont find them strolling at the mall like regular guys. There are select places that you need to target. If youre thinking of nightclubs, perhaps youll be taken as a one-night stand. You need to be more cautious. Hang around at the affluent areas and clubs of the city. Go for art fairs, horse races, polo matches, high-end country clubs, upscale charity events, and similar places that are bound to have the privileged guests. Now, to get into these places, you may need to have a few contacts that can help you with the entry. When it comes to high-end bars, we suggest to keep a time slot of 5-7 in the evening. Take a girlfriend along with you, wear some classy attire (not too flashy) and have a good time. If you manage to display your beauty, confidence, and subtle sensuality with that friendly smile, there are high chances that you might catch a worthy attention, and someone offers to sponsor your drinks!

✦ Let Him Know that Youre Not Just a Pretty Face

If you wish to be more than his arm candy, then your first impression should put it straight across his face that you are among those they call beauty with brains! Dont act way too prissy, but make sure you dont fall all over him way too easily, as well. Be confident, firm, put forth that you have a mind of your own, and youre not going to drool over him just because he has money. Ask him what he does. Rich men like being a part of the intellectual talkart, politics, economy, booksthese subjects added with your sense of humor would be a bulls eye when it comes to making an absolute intelligent impression on him. To educate yourself on these subjects, subscribe to a national magazine, and learn the intricacies of these high-end hobbies that rich guys seem to admire. PS: You cant force yourself into it, do it with genuine interest.

If everything you do and say eventually leads to money, darling you are surely going to be treated like a gold digger. If youre hot, the guy might just take you out to some expensive places, sleep with you until hes bored, and then forget that you even existed. If you dont want that to happen, dont do or say anything that makes him suspicious of your intentions. If he tries to show off initially, tells you about his property, his collection of cars, his I-dont-give-a-damn-about-money talks, dont widen your eyes that show pure greed, as if youve hit a jackpot! Try to change the topic, rather ask him about his hobbies, his friends, his passion. Show that youre least bothered about his wealth, and youre more interested in the kind of person he is.

By this, we dont mean that you reciprocate and take him to yet another expensive restaurant or pub. These are the things that hes had enough of already! Make things a little different. Perhaps once in a while you can cook his favorite dish for him, and invite him to your place for some homely candlelight dinner. Men love home-cooked food. Its refreshing for them. With you making it for him, he will definitely appreciate the effort. Also, instead of spending time at high-end places all the time, take him away for a long drive in the outskirts, spend some peaceful time away from society, perhaps next to a beach or lake. Go fishing, kayaking, or any of his hobbies; anything that makes you spend some quality time together, without the factors such as money, class, and luxury being a part of it.

No matter how rich a man is, there will be something that makes him feel empty. It could be anythinga forced profession, lack of true friends, the need to be appreciated as a person (not as a rich person), the need of someone he could confide in, or perhaps someone who motivates him to achieve his goals, supports him, adds meaning to his life. Normally, it takes a lot of time for a relationship to grow to such a level. You cant force it, itll happen naturally, and only with time. Try to be an understanding friend, a trustworthy confidant, and if given a chance, try to be that missing piece in his life, with which he feels complete. This happens to be a very deep point; dont try to force it. For instance, just because he once said that he wants to quit smoking, dont act like a policeman trying to control his life. Affluent men dont like to be controlled, they just want someone to whisper into their ears, Sweetheart, Im there with you.

If you wish to get the key to his castle, then it is very important for you to get along with his friends and the socialites he hangs out with. If things go well at this level, there might be a possibility that hell introduce his family to you eventually. For this, youll have to have a warm and welcoming demeanor. At first, when youre not sure what his circle is like, just try to keep a low profile. Smile often, laugh at the jokes that are shared in the group (even if you dont get them); guys love that, it makes them feel that their sense of humor is being appreciated. Be very confident and answer whatever is asked to you, firmly. After you have gauged the kind of talks that happen in these gatherings, try to educate yourself on those subjects so that eventually you not only participate in their conversations, but also initiate a good one yourself.

There are many advantages of being rich, especially when it comes to men. They are free to do whatever the heck they want to do! The thing is that they are already busy keeping up with the demands that come along with being affluentthe business meetings, traveling, socializing, events! Keeping all this in mind, if you expect him to do things a regular boyfriend would do, like remember the important dates, be there with you if youre feeling low or if you wish to meet him, call you every day, send you flowers without any reason, then sweetheart, that might not really happen with this guy! To save yourself from a heartache, it is best to not have any such expectations from this guy. If he comes late for dates, doesnt call you when he said he will, doesnt remember your birthday, dont be shocked. On the other hand, if he does these things for youyou lucky girl!

Dating is a complicated game in itself, and if the guy is way too rich, there are additional complications involved. The complication of him not able to give you enough time, his constant traveling, the constant fear that he might get bored of you, or maybe hes found someone else to spend time with, as there is no scarcity of girls who will be ready to fall all over him because of his wealth. Wealth also brings the additional attitude and arrogance in most men, so be ready to deal with all this beforehand. If youre thinking on the lines of love changes people for good or you have what it takes to make him glued to your magic, then darlings, its time to pop the bubble and come to reality. Mr. Rich could either be Scrooge or Prince Charming. Although, we would wish you all the luck to have a happily ever after with your prince charming!

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