Sandman, I thought I would write you along with a donation to your channel to talk about an experiment I did on the Plenty of Fish dating website. I created three different profiles targeting women ages 25-35 years of age who lived in California, Texas and Florida. The first profile consisted of an average guy who was average height and build. He had a smartly written profile listing his hobbies and interests and what he expected in a dating relationship. This profile received about a 2% response from the woman who wrote back after viewing the profile. The second profile consisted of a six-pack pretty boy who took shirtless selfies showing off his tan. I dumb down the profile just mentioning that his interest included working out, drinking beer and hanging with his bros. This profile received about a 10% response from the women who wrote after viewing the profile who just wanted to hook up. The third profile consisted of a man who had the build of a tennis player who was wearing expensive clothes, driving an expensive car and was photographed in front of

a private jet. This man had the same profile as the average guy. This profile received over a 70% response from the women who viewed the profile. What this seems to indicate is that the women on this site were motivated to respond by wealth and affluence more than anything else. Now this experiment is far from scientific however; the results should indicate what women are truly looking for when seeking a partner. It is not love or companionship as men are led to believe, but someone who has the resources to provide the type of lifestyle they are seeking. Let all men who use these websites beware. Thank You Well, Urban Legend thanks for the warning and donation. Recently someone was talking to me about an experiment where women were given the choice between an attractive man wearing a fast food company uniform or an unattractive man wearing and expensive watch and clothing. And the majority of women selected the unattractive man with the expensive material wealth. So in our modern world its what you drive, wear and own that attracts women to you. After hearing your story you should realize that personality, looks, character and who you are as a man are irrelevant in the majority of cases when it comes to women in the twenty-five to thirty-five category. The women you were attempting to bait and hook like a prized sea bass showed their true colors when you showed them the private jet. Financial and social status above anything else attract women to men. If you own an expensive car and clothing you will attract more women. Knowing this should now make you understand why most guys are workaholics spending as much time as they can making money instead of enjoying life. Urban Legend, I think you should do your experiment one more time but this time target women that are eighteen to twenty-five. And also do two different studies for women aged thirty-five to fifty. And another for women aged fifty plus. If I had to guess the women over fifty would be more attracted to youth over wealth.

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1. NejroN Photo – Handsome well-dressed with glass of beverage and cigar

2. ra2studio – Business man riding monocycle up on coin graph concept on background

4. NinaMalyna – Bling bling dude similar available in my portfolio

5. Diplomedia – Portrait of a handsome fashionable man with two charming women in a business meeting

6. Dario Lo Presti – a young and rich man wearing a sheepskin coat isolated over a white background holding a cigar

7. olly2 – very rich businessman pulls big sack of money

8. Dean Drobot – Confident businessman in formal cloths resting in the kitchen

9. olly2 – Young man sitting on a sofa and drinking some wine