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Another very interesting month behind and a big step closer towards financial freedom. My first stage goal is 3,000 in monthly passive…

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All the things I spend money on in a year. Total 26,477

The moment of truth. You know, I thought I wont do this this year. For a while I thought I had saved myself from doing this becaus…

The 1 metric that matters when pursuing financial independence

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Grupeer review: crowdlending with 13% interest with full buyback guarantee

Grupeeris p2p investment platform from Riga, Latvia that operates in at least 7 different countries. Grupeer has three categories of investments: loan deals, development projects and a soon-to-be-released productthey call the stability fund. Loan deals and development projects are technically both loans and they behave in a very similar manner.

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Robocashis a P2P investment platform with 12% interest and very low risk. It is open for investors from the EU and Switzerland, but brokering loans from mostly Asia at the moment. Robocash is still small, but it belongs to a large, hungry parent company: Robocash Group.

Mintos review: over 11% return with no risk? Not so fast.

Ive invested over 22,500 intoMintosand got over 11% interest for it. The buyback guarantee and a diverse selection of loan originators is Mintos strong points, making it a strong backbone of my P2P portfolio.

Bondora review: why Bondora shouldnt have a buyback guarantee

Bondorais a P2P lending platform from Estonia that works in a very straight forward way. You:

gives you more control of what loans to invest in

is a fully liquid fund that gives you a fixed return

Once everything is set up, its very hands-off: your strategy is automated and works in the background, hopefully making you richer every day – some strategies with much more risk than others.

Another very interesting month behind and a big step closer towards financial freedom. My first stage goal is3,000in monthly passive pre-tax income, which translates to2,100post-tax. As permy previous post, my monthly expenses are about2,200, so the goal doesnt currently completely cover my expenses, but, there is definitely some wiggle room in my budget (ehm. travel) for me to still live very comfortably with what Im targeting.

All the things I spend money on in a year. Total 26,477

You know, I thought I wont do this this year. For a while I thought I had saved myself from doing this because I decided not to follow my expenses monthly last year. But then I looked intoTink, and got a little carried away.

By authenticating through Tink to the different banks I have an account with, I can aggregate all the transaction data for the whole year! Tink even categorizes it for me. After a while of scripting I got a result: 30,000 spent onbarsin January 2019. Im sorry what? Im sorry, Tink, but Im pretty sure that didnt happen, or Id remember it.

The 1 metric that matters when pursuing financial independence

Youve probably read aboutJohnny Depps financial challenges. The guy allegedly has made 650 million dollars over the course of his career and its all almost gone. Today he is forced to make more movies,, which he receives an approximate 20 million dollars per movie. Imagine the agony.

There are countless of examples like that. Clearly even the highest of incomes isnt enough to guarantee financial independence. Its a component of that, but not the essence.

Return rate? Nope.No, youcant have a 20% return in the long term. Its very unlikely you will even get 10%. You can try, but the harder you go for extraordinary returns, the more likely it is you will start again at the bottom.

A simple formula Ive heard used is: if you save half of your income for ten years and get a 10% interest for it, you can sustain your current lifestyle indefinitely. The culprit? You cannot rely on a 10% return over the long run. There are very few people in the world who can do that. Why would you?

If youre good with money, youll get the average stock returns, minus taxes and inflation. That might leave you for example with 5% real returns. Even less.

Its not going to dictate how long it will take for you, unless you screw things up.Savings rate? Yes!Above anything else, your savings rate is the most influential number to the time it takes for you to reach financial independence. Yes, you can improve your income, and you should. And yes, you can have bad returns and if youre lucky, good. But what actually makes the most difference ishow much you save.

Conveniently, your savings rate is also a testament to your spending habits, which you can easily change. With a decent income, you can truly save a significant portion of your income. If your income increases, but your savings rate does not, youre actually not getting any closer to your financial independence. The opposite, actually.

If you have saved for financial independence for 5 years, saving 50% of your 3000/month income, and suddenly you double your income to 6000, but your savings rate doesnt change, that means youve doubled your spending from 1500 to 3000. With an approximate 5% real returns, you might have been 9 years from FI, but since your spending doubled mid-way, it moved your goal a few years forward.

So, while everything else matters too and you can definitely hasten your journey to FI by doubling your income, the metric that matters the most is yoursavings rate. Start tracking it asap!

What savings rate do you need?The savings rate you need depends on a few factors, but mainly how much you have saved already and what is the real return on those investments. Rather than calculating a multitude of scenarios open for you, why dont you try theinteractive FIRE calculator.

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