Nexus Wealth Academy was created to provide wealth building and financial literacy education from a cutting-edge, fresh and unique prospective.

Its founder,Patrick Montelusbelieves that everyone has an obligation to build a strong and positive financial legacy. He has made it his personal mission to share life changing information with everyone he comes in contact with.

Mr. Montelus background includes among many things; real estate investing, loan origination, accounting, insurance, construction, and finance.

While earning a bachelors in finance and a second in management, he began his career by investing in new construction, distress property and vacant land. Later, he went on to serve as acquisitions director for an investment company, were he specialized in matching hand-picked properties with portfolio requirements of real estate investors.

After earning an M.B.A in finance, he went on to serve as a senior investment analyst with a multi-million dollar commercial real estate firm.

Nexus Wealth Academy has allowed him to give back by sharing his experience and knowledge through wealth creation and financial literacy education. It serves as a means to provide; knowledge, empowerment and financial freedom to all.

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