is a neighborhood on the east side ofCincinnatiOhio. The population was 13,356 at the2010 census.

The heart of Hyde Park is Hyde Park Square,2which loosely encompasses a 2-block area of Erie Ave primarily bounded by Edwards Rd on the West and Michigan Ave on the East.Map. The square features a park in the center surrounded by retail shops and restaurants. TheGraetersIce Cream parlor has been present on Hyde Park Square since 1938.3

Clark Montessori, Kilgour Elementary and The Hyde Park School serve Hyde Park. Hyde Park is also served by a branch of thePublic Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.4

Hyde Park was established in 1892 by several prominent Cincinnati businessmen who wanted to create a community exclusively for Cincinnatis wealthy.2The neighborhood is named after New Yorks fashionableHyde Parkarea, which the men wanted to duplicate.2The men bought up all the land in the area, and then shaped their community by closely monitoring prospective residents and selling only to those they deemed suitable. Hyde Park was annexed by the City of Cincinnati in November, 1903.56

In 2010,Forbesnamed Hyde Park one of Americas Best Neighborhoods, citing the education levels of its residents and its high concentration of shops and restaurants.7

Hyde Park School, located at 3401 Edwards Road, is also another landmark of the community that identifies Hyde Park. Hyde Park School closed and served as Temporary Swing Space by Cincinnati Public Schools for Kilgour Elementary and Mt. Washington Elementary Schools. Mount Washington School used the Hyde Park School building until their new building was completed. The school currently houses the Cincinnati Gifted Academy as well as classrooms for neighborhood students grades K through 6.8

Though the city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County considerAult Parkto be inMount Lookout, both Mount Lookout and Hyde Park consider it to be part of Hyde Park.2

Also bordering Hyde Park is the city ofNorwood.

Barbara Fuller Cherry Retired Deputy Associate Administrator at NASA, Washington, DC.

Levi Addison AultCincinnatiParks Commissioner

Jim Tarbell entrepreneur, Former Cincinnativice-mayor

Dana Fabe Chief Justice, Alaska Supreme Court

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Coordinates:39823N842633W / 39.13972N 84.44250W /39.13972; -84.44250

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