PRMA Academy is an institution of higher learning developed specifically for risk management advisors in the high net worth industry. Here you can take your education and training to the next level.

PRMA Academy strives to build on the pillars of PRMA. Through education, collaboration and innovation, PRMA Academy will plant the seed that fosters growth. Education creates awareness and opportunities. Collaboration spurs innovation. Innovation generates value and wealth.

PRMA Academy offers specialized programs exclusively for PRMA members. These programs are designed to help you develop a successful practice, expand your knowledge and think unconventionally. By bringing together groups of people who have different ideas, approaches, experiences and areas of expertise, a fertile environment for generating new concepts and methods is created.

PRMA Academy makes it easy to register and complete programs.

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Welcome to the PRMA Online Campus for Professional Development, powered by New Level Partners. Please log in with your assigned User ID and Password by clicking Login in the upper right of the screen. Once you have logged in, you will be brought to your companys landing page, where you will see the courses in which you are currently enrolled on the right side of the screen.