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Pinnacle Wealth Academy was founded in 2018 with a single mission:Empowering Financial Professionals with the relevant knowledge to build long term meaningful client relationships.

We believe that knowledge and experience is nothing, unless one has the ability to put them into good use.

Our strength is through practical integration of insurance knowledge, investment knowledge and soft skills.

We bring to you more than 30 years of experience in Sales & Advisory in the Wealth Management High Net-worth space.

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Andrew has 15 years of high net-worth sales & advisory experience in legacy and estate planning.

He is a certified representative of Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd.

Andrew is known for his deep knowledge and strong passion to educate and inspire in a very logical and structured manner. Which is why, he is very often pursued for his time to train financial advisors in the industry.

Prior to this, Andrew spent close to 6 years with OCBC Bank as its Senior Insurance Specialist, supporting its Premier Private Clients segment as well as family office before embarking a career with an Independent Financial Advisory firm.

Thomas has 15 years of high net-worth sales & advisory experience in Wealth Management.

He focuses on multi-assets investment advisory as well as legacy planning for high net-worth individuals and family offices.

Prior to this, Thomas spent 8 years with OCBC Bank and was its Head, Advisory and Specialists leading a team of asset class specialists in providing bespoke solutions to High Net-worth clients.

He believes in helping build and improve financial literacy by training fundamental well as this facilitates the future growth ability of an individual.

Thomas is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder.

We work with organizations to customize and curate practical knowledge transfer through highly engaging workshop.

With the aid of articles, concepts, worksheets, group work and role-play, practical application will help amplify knowledge retention and compact ones learning journey.

We focus in the delivery of practitioner literacy in insurance, investment as well as soft skills, using our 2 proprietary program: Impact 30 and MBIS .

As ambassadors and believers of gaining financial literacy through practical appreciation and application, we conduct public workshops for both financial advisors as well as individuals who would like to take charge of their own financial planning journey.

Look out for our postings on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out more.

If you are looking for new, fresh perspective to engage your clients. Speak to us!

We provide engaging, concise and impactful delivery to drive the message across. In seminar, less is more.

We speak on topics including Legacy Planning, Retirement Planning, Childrens Education Planning, Money Management and other Personal Financial Planning topics.

Having knowledge without the ability to put it into good use is not going to be effective.

Through personalized coaching for financial advisors, one will learn to discover their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Our coaches will work with you to build on your core strength, and redefine your sales approach and propositions.

For individuals, our coaching services will focus on self-financial discovery. Only when this is done well, will we be able to plan the steps required. We focus on imparting knowledge on legacy planning, retirement planning as well as personal financial planning.

Bravo to both industry experts to share a masterpiece of Legacy Planning resources!

Strongly recommend any finance enthusiast to learn from these Masters. I am impressed by their passion to impart knowledge and experience without reservation. The training materials are extremely comprehensive and their real-life experiences are very relevant to what my clients including myself are facing.

I personally feel that setting up this Wealth Academy is the best move ever by Andrew and Thomas. It is the fastest way to spread the knowledge and skills for everyone to equip themselves with the right financial knowledge to better manage their asset for loved ones.

I wish you guys a smooth journey to bring this Academy beyond Singapore. All the best! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Extremely dedicated trainers with passion in transferring their wealth of knowledge. They had no qualms in sharing all of their life long experiences and knowledge in investment tools.

Indeed a refreshing change from most of the UL courses that I had attended which only focused on concepts and objection handling.

I am glad I had enrolled my team and I to this course, and I am sure the effective sales strategies shared will not only impact us positively in terms of the sales figures, it will also create lasting client relationships when we deploy what we learnt effectively.

In my 10 yrs in the banks I have never attended such in-depth & sincere sharing session. They say we never stop learning. I agree but would rather learn from the best. Looking forward to the next session with Andrew & Thomas.

To these trainers who are working really hard and aspired to make that transformative change in how financial advisory should be given to clients, you are doing a fantastic job and most importantly, you are giving back that sense of pride to the advisors, on why they do what they do, day in day out.

I have been doing wealth planning for the last 13 years and have been to many types of training programs. I must say this is by far one of the most impactful. The program realigned our focus back to what is most importantbasic fundamental. Understanding and discovering needs rather than 101 sales pitch or technic to seal the deal.

Best legacy training I have had in my banking career! Much of it comes from real life experiences and both Andrew and Thomas are very willing to share all they know.

What I have learnt over these 3 days are practical skills which I am going to be practicing.

I am certainly motivated again and there are so much more to learn from them! Cant wait for your next upcoming course A&T!

The efforts taken for the content is admirable. Real life experiences coupled with a solid methodology will allow anyone, regardless whether newbie or experienced, to hone their skills with an innate understanding.

Massive thanks to both trainer who are working very hard with a strong passion and aspired to make transformative changes in how the RM can be given to clients with the real cases in both of their banking life experiences!

Best of the training I have had in my banking career, as Andrew and Thomas are so willing to share every little single thing that we have been doing in and out in our daily life! Besides thats a masterclass for us to absorb as much as knowledge as we can, I also see it as a motivational class for build up our confidence to speak with our clients.