Money struggles are very real, recovering from a financial loss due to divorce or death can take years to recover from not only financially but also emotionally.

Money Trauma Divorce Job Loss Student Loans Living Payday to Payday and doing everything you can to support your family and yourself can leave you with feeling of embarrassment, shame, fearful and very insecure which leads to chronic stress and health problems.

It is a viscous circle with the last thing you want to do is even look at how you feel and deal with your money and financial situation. I seriously dont blame you for not wanting to poke at all those very uncomfortable feelings, no one enjoys it.

In fact we are programmed to seek pleasure and run from discomfort.

That is why I created the Inspired Wealth Academy and why I am passionate about working with women who are just done with living in fear and lack. Women who crave security and freedom, joy and growth for themselves and their families.

That is why I created the Inspired Wealth Academy and why I am passionate about working with women who are just done with living in fear and lack. Women who crave security and freedom, joy and growth for themselves and their families.

Not only have I worked with 1000s of families over the years but I personally understand what it means to recover from divorce, to rebuild your bank account and savings, buy a home.

I have also experienced job loss and know what the struggle is like.

Deciding to start my own business was exciting, but also stirred up doubt and fear around how would I make ends meet.

How would I pay the mortgage, pull my weight so my husband wouldnt worry or have to work so hard.

Not to mention thinking Am I good enough? Will people want to work with me? What if I fail?

Talk about being so stressed out and overwhelmed. There were days I just wanted to crawl under the covers and hide. Who am I kidding I did crawl under the covers some days.

Would you believe that I had money blocks, money trauma and goal trauma unconsciously running in the background and boy oh boy did it ever hold me back from achieving Success in business and financially.

Seriously, I had just left a job where I managed $37 million dollars, I easily earned 6 figures and in about 60 seconds I was without work. I had very little income and was facing the biggest challenge of my life. Building a business as well as facing every doubt, fear, limiting belief that seeped sneakily to the surface. It showed up as resistance, procrastination and overwhelm.

Fast forward to today, I didnt give up, I kept going and left no stone unturned, healed and let go of old programming and limiting beliefs. I also realized I was one in millions who were also struggling with old limiting programming around money and no matter how many people I approached to offer my services as a Financial Planner I was always faced with handling their own old negative money programming.

My mission with the Inspired Wealth Academy is to provide you with the resources, education and coaching so that you can unlock the vault within you. The vault I speak of is where you hold your very own hidden treasure. Once unlocked you will find your own gold. You will come to see that you too, are Limitless, Changeless and Infinite in nature and no one can take that away from you. You only have to let go of what no longer serves you to find your truth.

Can you imagine what freedom would feel like? No financial worries, feeling safe, secure and enjoying creative and inspired action that leads to financial success.

Ah, I can see that I have peaked your interest.

Why not join my complimentary Unleash Your Inner Money Maven Challenge where we will spend 21 days Creating Clarity, Healing and Action or better yet, book a complimentary Clarity Session.

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When I started coaching with Barb the problem I had was that I was still stuck in some old money patterns. Having worked on some of them before this seemed like the right time to dive deeper and see what else could be uncovered.

I really needed something to help me break through my pattern of the feeling of lack. Like Im working really hard, constantly yet still struggling with earning enough money not to have to worry about some basic stuff.

I decided to go for it because the time just felt right.

What really impacted me was how kind and supporting Barb is and the exploration of my (limiting) beliefs, which opened the door to changing my perception of thinking.

The thing that was the most transformational for me was both that I realised that how many of my money blocks stem from restrictions that I have put on myself and my thinking!

The results I have seen are definitely more income and more clients

I now feel more like I have greater clarity around my money blocks, as well as my financial goals and lots of awareness to watch out for when new challenges arise along with tools to use.

The changes in my business are that I now have more courage to move towards the financial goals that I am aiming for.

The lasting change in my life is having more courage and clarity to follow my path.

Would you recommend this program to others? If you are ready to explore your own money issues, then Barb is the expert to help you do so!

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