A normal sized belly indicates luck. A long and thin belly is sign of good position in administration. Red colored veins on belly show loose moral. No veins or blue colored veins indicate that the person will be lucky and wealthy.

When the navel is big and round, the man is generous and wealthy. If it is deep and fleshy, he attains good rank and position in life. If it is small and uneven, he is of morals and poor..

When the waist is of sandwich type, the man will lead a miserable life. If he has long, broad and fleshy waist, he will be wealthy, lucky and will have many children.

There are bones at the back which may number 9,10,12 or 14; they indicate that the person will be popular, wealthy, spritually inclined or unlucky respectively. In case he has 13 bones, he will be wealthy and lucky.

Broad and fleshy thighs are indication of good luck and the reverse shows bad luck. If there is thick hair, he is popular with women. Hairless thighs show ill luck.

When the muscles of the calf are tapering, well shaped and fleshy, they show a man to be wealthy, lucky and popular who will enjoy a good life.

When one has long and fleshy feet, one is wealthy and enjoys power. If the feet are of average size, one leads an average life.

If there is thick hair on body, it denotes a miserable life, if the hair is scanty, the man will be lucky. If the hair is thin, the man may suffer in life.