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The ending of the story is totally unexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life.

What are the qualities that you look for in a partner? When I was younger, I preferred good-looking and funny men. But as I got older, men who were smart, understanding, and responsible became more attractive for me. I developed this preference becauseI wanted a loving husbandwhomy future kids could look up to.However, theres no denying that there are some women who prioritize something else when looking for an ideal partner those who look for men who can givethem anything and everything they want. Because of this, they tend to check the contents of a mans bank account first before knowing their personality and character.

Suchis the case ofapopular story circulating online about a man rejected by a rich mans daughter because he didnt make enough money to support her lavish lifestyle. Ten years later, the two accidentally bumpedinto each other. The ending of the story is absolutelyunexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life.

A poor boy was in love with a rich mans daughter.

Overcome with his love for the girl, the boy proposed to her. However, the richgirl derisively rejected him and said, Your monthly salary is equivalent to my daily expenses. How do you expect me to marry someone like you?I can never love you so forget about me. Go find and marry someone else of your level.

Despite being rejected so hurtfully, for some reason,the boy could not forget her so easily.

Roughly10 years later, they accidentally raninto each other in a shopping mall.

She immediately recognized the man and said, Hey, how are you? Im now married to a very smart man, and hissalary is $15,700 per month! Can you beat that?

The man, hearing those painful words from the woman he used to care for, held back his tears and said nothing.

Not a few moments passed when the womans husband came back to her side. But before the lady could say a word, her husband immediately recognized the man she was talking to andsaid,Sir? G-good afternoon! I see youve met my wife!

Good afternoon too, Mr?, said the man.

The husband then turnedto his wife and said, Dear, Id like you to meet my boss. He owns the $100 million project Ive been working on!

The woman, left flabbergasted by the turn of events, was not able to say anything back.

The man just smiled and said, Well, Mr. Carter. Ive got to get going. I have important things to attend to. It was splendid seeingyou today. Have a great day!

For a minute, the couple just stared at the man as he walked away.

Having been over her initial shock, the woman asked her husband in disbelief, That was your boss?

Yes, dear. Hes a very humble person but his life is quite a sad story.They said he once loveda lady but she dumped him because he was just a poor boy back then. Because of that, he worked really hard. And because hes smart, he became successful. Now hes a multimillionaire who earns millions of dollars a month. Unfortunately though, he couldnt move on from that heartbreak and remains unmarried still.

The husbandwent on and said, How lucky would that lady have been if she had married that man?

The lady looked in total shock andcouldnt utter a word.

Life is short. Furthermore, it is just like a mirror you can only see as much as it reflects. So dont be too arrogant or proud by looking down on others because of their current situations. Things and circumstances can changewith time.

He lost the love of his life through divorce, he wished he could have done these things to save his marriage.

Divorce is messy and painful. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions often filled with resentment and regret from a love thats been lost, or for a love that wasnt even there to begin with.

And that is never easy. But when two people who promised to spend a lifetime together separate, they dont just end their marriagethey end years upon years of friendship, promises, and dreams. They end bitter-sweet memories of what used to be and leave nothing but questions of where, why, and how something that was once so beautiful and true could go terribly wrong.

Neither marriage nor divorce comes with an instruction manual, so when Gerard Rogers lost the love of his life through divorce, he wished he could have done these things to save his marriage:…