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Real Unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review from a non-affilaite!

Have you noticed that most WA review you find on the internet ultimately is promoting this product for their own commission? Since wealthy affiliate coaches are allowing their members to promote the course itself for 50% commission.

So how seriously can you take those reviews? Dont ya think its gonna be bit biased?

Well here is a real unbiased review of Wealthy Affilaite from someone that actually went through the course but is not promoting it.

Meaning Im just going to talk about the strength & weakness of this course, no holds barred.

I make my money online with my local marketing business, where I provide marketing services for small businesses. Here is my company

I was able to start this business by going through thisproven system.

I make multiple 6 figures online & live life on my own terms. I genuinely love waking up every day and working on building my biz.

So why should you listen to me about Wealthy Affiliate?

Wellbefore I got into local marketing,Like you I was also super attracted to the notion of making commissions hands over fist deposited straight into my bank account by merely promoting other peoples products.

Ive studied various affiliate marketing courses including Wealthy Affiliate.

Ive even hired 2 super affiliate coaches to teach me privately 1 on 1 for 6 months to a year. (I believe in mentorship)

Ive had successful months of generating $30K.

I know what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer.

And it is not as easy as I originally thought.

Let me explain everything that Ive learned about it here.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training course showing people how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

First, let me explain what affiliate marketing is and then Ill go into what you can learn once you become a Wealthy Affiliate member and if it is worth it or not?

The Good & the Bad of Wealthy Affiliate program.

My recommendation. Should you join Wealthy Affiliate?

What are some of the Bad about Affiliate Marketing?

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

Why I Quit Affiliate Marketing & How I make $50K Per Month in 2019 Generating Leads for Small Businesses

Its making money by promoting other peoples products. If your referral link generates a sale, then you receive a commission for that referral.

People usually promote either physical products or informational product such as weight loss guidebooks.

Easily the largest place that offers affiliate opportunity for physical product is m

For informational products & everything in between, there isclickbank.com

Anyone can sign up & begin promoting as an affiliate right away.

Its very simple, everyone gets their unique link and if they are able to generate traffic & people go to Amazon or clickbankthrough their link, & they purchase anything from these sites, they will earn acommission. 5%-7% for Amazon, and forclickbank it depends on the offer.

Theres so many offers at clickbank to choose from, this is how you can check.

Go to Affiliate Marketplace at the top of the site

Youre going to find anything from weight loss offers, yoga, pet care, spiritually, cooking, games & more.

I just wanted to illustrate the fact that theres pretty much an affiliate offer for anything & everything on the internet.

You cant find an affiliateprogram on clickbank or ? then try googling

whatever your thing is + affiliate program

You dont have to carry any product or worry about customer order fulfillment, you just have other companies do all of that, you just promote their product and make a quick percentage of their sale. So its very hassle-free in that way.

No Confusion Getting Credit for Sale & Getting Paid

: Because you rely on technology to do the tracking for you, affiliates never have to worry if they are getting their credit or not. With links that automatically track visitorsusing cookies,

: If you got the skills to generate large traffic to your affiliate link, you have the potential to make lots of money without worrying about fullfilling orders.

: Whatever that thing you might be into, theres probably an affiliate program for it to make money

What are some of the Bad about Affiliate Marketing?

:If you cant generate traffic, you dont make any sales. This is the biggest challenge. When everyone can sign up for these affiliate offers for free (very low barrier for entry), now you have a situation where there is a boatload of competition for most affiliate opportunity out there. Unless you use paid traffic, most people get traffic from building a website and ranking it in Google, which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, but the problem is theres only 10 spots on the first page of Google. & you have to compete for those spots with thousands of affiliates around the world.

Some offers may have low commission or conversion rates

: Not all affiliateoffers were created equal. Some offers pay out more % per sale. Somer offers just dont convert that well despite sending tons of traffic to them. It is important to pick a good offer that converts well & pays out high. Look for offers that are the most popular in your niche at m, or look at other affiliates ranked on page 1 of Google within the niche and look at what type of offers they are promoting. Most likely those are the great offers to promote in the niche.

Often times Affiliate Marketing is Over-Hyped:

Youll see a lot of testimonials promising spectacular results with affiliate marketing, such as person X made $60,000 in just 30 days as a brand new affiliate & theres many similar messaging like this that unfortunately give affiliate marketing the wrong perception, that its some sort of get rich quick scheme, which it is far from. This kind of insanely fast results most likely came from a successful Facebook ad or other successful paid aid. Sometimes due to multitude of factors an ad can just take off and generate high revenues for short period & then burn out. The difficulty is being able to sustain those kind of numbers consistently. FB for one doesnt like most affilaite offers to be promoted, so eventually your FB ad account willget banned or your ad will burn through its audience and stop working. I know this because Ive been there done that. Those massive pay days are fun but the real challenge is can you sustain it?

Because as an affiliate youre always promoting other peoples product, your hard work only goes toward building the brand equity of other companies.

Affiliate marketing creates an environment in which some people promote products to make money with it not necessarily because they actually tried the product or they truly believe in it.

Free membership basic training on how to build an affiliate site & how to get traffic to it. You can earn up to 15% for promoting Wealth Affiliate. You also get 2 free website using wordpress themes.

Premium Membership $49 per month or $359 per year Access all the affiliate training that WA has to offer. You earn 50% for promoting wealthy affiliate instead of 15%.

I suppose the free membership training will give you some ideas on what affiliate marketing is about but to actually become successful with just the training is doubtful.

So most likely, anyone seirous about making money online with Wealthy Affiliate is gonna wanna pay the $359 per year for the premium membership.

So theres two ways to make cash mula with WA.

You follow their course & build your own niche affiliate site & try to generate traffic to it to make your affiliate commission

or Promote wealthy affiliate program itself to make 50% of the sale if youre a premium member

I personally dont know if its a good idea to just allow anyone & everyone to promote Wealthy Affiliate in this manner because youre going to create bunch of WA members that havent really reached any level of success with affiliate marketing yet but theyre promoting Wealthy Affiliate now like its the best business opportunity on the internet.

You end up creating a lot of unfounded hype backed by no personal experience or evidence.

Potentially fostering a situation where people are joining Wealthy Affiliate, not because its the best affiliate marketing training course on the internet but for the sake of re-marketing the course to others for profit.

This is starting to seem pretty similar to a MLM (Network marketing), is it not?

Even though they adamantly claim they arent.

I promote the local marketing thing that changed my life, but Ive actually built a multiple 6 figure business with it already (still building that biz to this day, with 4 full-time employees working for me) and no one in this coaching group is allowed to promote it like I am. I am just one of the few that is since I am literally one of the original success students (effectively killed my job in 2015 & became a full-time internet entrepreneur).

Anyway, just an observation I made, because I run into so many low-quality sites out there promoting Wealthy Affiliate like its the bees knees.

Which is the reason most people initially wont findwealthy affiliate negative reviews.

Most online training courses out there today isnt just gonna allow their students to turn around and sell the course for 50% of the sale.

I mean shouldnt the course itself be the thing that students use to go make money online?

Not telling students to turn around and go sell the course to others?

I mean that is what youre effectively telling your students, when you tell them to go find affiliate offers to promote most of which are 5-25% commission and then you offer them the opportunity to promote Wealthy Affiliate for 50% commission.

I for one dont think its ethical to promote something that you yourself have not experienced any success with yet.

Heres the first 3 levels of training broken down

WA was actually started by two guys Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim back in 2005.

Even though they seem to be adding some new stuff here & there for there members, to be completely honest, their affiliate training seems dated.

Identify the low-hanging fruit aka keywords that are obsucre and not that competitive

build a site and write great content about that low-hanging fruit aka low competition keyword with low search volumes

As I mentioned above, your ability to succeed with affilaite marketing is all based on your ability to generate traffic.

This type of tactic might have worked back before 2012 when the competition was easy as shit.

and there wasnt this flood of expert SEO guys dominating the first page of Google with very powerful affiliate sites you see now.

This is why I recommend ranking sites in local markets and generate leads for local businesses if youre a beginner (bydoing this) because its a lot easier to outrank local plumbing companies in Plano, TX then to say try to outrank all the affiliates globally.

But you need SEO skills that are far beyond the scope of what is taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

Its truth talk by someone that understands how the search engine works these days. (I have 45 local clients that depend on me to rank their sites for them)

In 2019, you will need skills like creating your own blog network of powerful domains that is niche relevant so that you can use them to create your own backlinks to your affiliate site.

These are strategies used by high-level SEO, the same skills I am using to rank my sites locally for my clients and also some of my affiliate sites.

I can tell you from experience that ranking a site in local is exponentially easier than trying to rank an affiliate site.

BTW, that is still the 1 ranking factor in Google. High-quality backlinks from real sites.

Not quality content or low-quality links like forum posting, blog commenting, social media links, etc.

Basically, whenever another powerful site links to you, its like a vote in Googles eyes. The more quality links pointed to you from niche relevant sites, the higher you will rank in Google.

Writing quality content and hoping it will naturally rank to page 1 overtime is simply very old school strategy that doesnt work anymore.

This is what I call old-world SEO that worked pre-2012.

In 2019, you better have the ability to create powerful backlinks for yourself or you will not make any money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the toughest internet money making opportunities out there in my opinion for a beginner.

& trust me when I say, Ive tried pretty much all online business opportunities out there.

This might put it into perspective for you bit better.

Part of the reason Wealthy Affiliate coaches tell you to go after low-hanging fruit is that the coaches themselves definitely understand that with what theyre teaching its not possible to rank for medium-sized keywords.

& this strategy might have worked back before 2012, to help students generate like $50-$100 per day if you built many sites that target these low hanging fruits.

And theres a reason why it is called low-hanging fruit, because search volume is very very low that its almost not worth going after for most SEOs.

You have to work more and still earn less money than others with better skills.

Why not invest in getting better skills, so you can make more money while doing less work?

Also after the Google Panda update in 2016, most of these low-hanging fruit can no longer be ranked by low power sites anyways.

Google only likes powerful authoritative sites these days like this blog.

Now it doesnt mean you need to build a crazy blog like mine if you do local marketing, its much easier.

So many people are so desperate to earn quick bucks on the internet that they dont use proper discernment on what is the best business opportunity out there for them.

Hard work, dedication & discipline is important but if youre in the wrong vehicle, you can only get so far.

Instead of making small affiliate commissions, I focused on going after local businesses that had money to spend & had much higher ticket sales like a roofing company, attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons, general contractors, etc where each job costs several thousand dollars to even $100K & up, and I make a good % for each job I bring them.

ALSO I rather compete with 10 local companies versus 10,000 affiliates worldwide.

Support team if you run into issues with a site

Site comments they teach you how to get others to comment on your site because they believe engagement helps with rankings

WAs own site registrars, claiming it is cheaper than but I found this to be false

Most of these features you can get at m or many other web hosting companies including site security & amazing support if you run into any technical issues.

It seems they rebranded a lot of these features for their own students.

I found that the site feedback you receive is very basic because they only believe that its the site content, loading speed, and social engagement that matters for rankings.

In 2019, you will waste a lot of time building sites like these and not be able to get any rankings in Google.

Overall I feel that this affiliate marketing course is outdated now.

You simply cannot just write quality content and expect your site to rank & generate traffic, even if you target low competition keywords.

Think of how much more competition there is now compared to 2012 or 2005, which was when wealthy affiliate was launched?

Every year, the level of SEO skills required to make money with affilaite marketing increased substantially.

Now its all about whoever is able to create high-quality niche relevant backlinks.

Id be hard-pressed to find any new WA member making good money with their training course.

So why do you still see so many people talking good about WA & promoting it as an amazing business opportunity?

Because WA offers 50% commission for promoting their course once you join them.

This created an environment where you have all these people that arent successful affiliate marketers promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an amazing affiliate course even though they have no idea what theyre talking about.

From an experienced eye, its very easy to spot.

It seems that the only people making money with WA these days are the ones promoting WA.

Lets take a look at some of these WA student sites promoting WA for the 50% commission.

I google Wealthy Affiliate Review which still get around 8,100 monthly searches

newsonlineincome.com & eliteaffiliatehacks.com

at the top position, so these are actual WA students making money. Their top students.

You can use tools likemoz domain authority checkerto get an idea for how strong these sites are.

Im not overly impressed with a DA of 18 for

I mean even my tree service site in Grand Rapids, MI has a DA of 23, m).

BTW this tree service site makes me $2,000 per month.

When I look at whos on the first page for Wealthy Affiliate Reviews I see bunch of weak sites that are easy enough to beat.

Try searching real affiliate terms like best indoor heaters

Youre now dealing with sites that are DA 40-80 on the first page.

Now youre starting to understand why I strongly believe beginners should start with local first?

You want to build more powerful websites? You need powerful backlinks.

eliteaffiliatehacks.com has 72 domains linking to him

So it is obvious he knows at least something about SEO that is not taught in the WA course.

Now we need to look at the quality of those links, because you can have bunch of low quality links and these days that will hurt your site.

Most of his links are blog comments made by someone coined Tony Omary

Again these are what is called no-follow links, which means its not giving you ranking power.

He does have 30 do-follow links though, which is more than most WA sites out there hence why hes at the top of the search rankings.

Theyre still not the most high-quality links but its just enough for him to be on page 1 for now.

Just by analyzing the top WA sites I can quickly see their skill levels in SEO / Search Engine Optimization.

& with these types of backlinks I know for sure that most will never make a dime with affiliate marketing because ranking for affiliate terms will be even harder than ranking page 1 for WA related term.

My hope is that people that joined WA to at least get an understanding that there are many opportunities to make money online & at the very least it gets you to begin thinking like an entrepreneur.

Theres one caveat, yes there are many opportunities but its only those that actually have skills can actually make money on the internet.

I too went through many internet biz opportunity before I found a mentor that taught me legit-ass skills.

If youre a reader of this blog, ya al readykno.

The difficulty with affiliate marketing is that it is very saturated because youre trying to rank for national keywords.

Because the commission is so slow you have to generate crap ton of traffic to make decent income, now you used to be able to go after long tail keywords and just write blog posts after blog posts to get traffic.

In 2019, you need a seriously powerful website to even hope any blog post will rank.

Its just not feasible but I found a better way to earn income online.

Local lead generationbecause instead of competing nationally, Im only competing with local businesses. Most of which dont know what theyre doing online.

This is an example of one of my lead generation site that I own (I own the phone number too) and then I simply sell the leads to a small business.

YEa this limo site makes me $750 per month, which is $9000 per year income and its been consistently making me that since 2014.

Heres an example of my tree service site that makes me $2000 per month.

For a beginner, I too believe that using Free Traffic over Paid Traffic (FB ads) is the better way to go.

Becuase with free traffic, youre able to make consistent progress towards freedom.

Every site youre able to rank to page 1 of google has the ability to make money for you month after month on auto-pilot.

This is how you can begin creating multiple streams of income for yourself.

Retire from your 9 to 5 job comfortably knowing that your bills will be taken care of by these sites that are ranked and generating income.

It was because of my local lead generation sites that I was able to quit my job at 25 and never looked back.

Now I have the time & money to start new money-making projects like this blog.

Which is what is called an Authority site. Basically, a huge site that ranks for many many keywords on the internet.

I wouldnt recommend something like this for a beginner though.

Its just a lot harder, and takes a lot longer.

If youre new to making money online, you need something that can make you money fast but sustainably & ethically.

so that you dont get discouraged & quit.

Quick wins will keep you motivated, which is important to succeed at this online shit.

Right now, theres a massive opportunity in local marketing.

Its still super easy to rank your sites locally & dominate it.

Go hereif youre interested in building your own local lead generation business like mine.

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