Increasing your wealth is more about how you are with handling your money, not just how much you earn.

1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST (MINIMUM 10% OF YOUR EARNING).Pay yourself first by putting a minimum of 10% of your paycheck aside, and find ways to make this money work harder for you. This is your cash cow and you dont eat your cash cow. You let it create milk for you. This money can earn more money for you if you use it to work for you correctly.

2. RAISE YOUR FINANCIAL IQ TO HELP YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR WEALTH.Raise your financial IQ by researching and reading financial news, investment books, materials, take a financial class, and talk to a professional to get advice.3. BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.Handle your finances responsibly and try to learn how to be smarter in handling your finances. Pay off any debt on time to avoid being charge extra fees. Negotiate a better term with your creditors whenever possible. Dont spend what you dont have.4. SET GOALS AND WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER.Set Goals and write them down on paper. There is something magical about setting goals and writing them down on paper. You put things in motion when you write it down. It is much easier to obtain wealth and success if you know what you want and know where you are going. Seeing it in black and white on paper reinforce your goals. The way I see it is that when you put things on paper, the universe knows you are serious about your goals, and start attracting certain things into your life that reflects what you want. WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON – EXPANDS.

Put a plan of action together and implement your game plan by working toward obtaining those goals. If you put your plan into action, you are better off than most people that only think about it. Dreams are still dreams until action is taken.

6. PATIENCE IS A GOOD VIRTUE.Dont spend more than you can afford. Until the era of credit cards, it was difficult to spend more than you had. That is not the case today. If you have credit card debt because you couldnt wait until you had enough money to purchase something in cash, you are making others wealthy while keeping yourself in debt.

7. DONT COMPETE AGAINST NEIGHBORS OR FRIENDS ON MATERIAL POSSESSIONS.If youre competing against them and their material possessions, youre wasting your hard-earned money on toys to impress them instead of building your wealth.

8. ELIMINATE BAD HABITS.Eliminate bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling, or some other bad habit. Not only are they self-destructive but it is draining money that could go toward building wealth. Most people dont realize that the cost of their bad habits extends far beyond the immediate cost.

9. INVEST IN THINGS YOU KNOW AND UNDERSTAND.Invest in things you know and understand.Just because your friend or a neighbor made money doing it, you should consider seriously before jumping into doing what they do if you dont have the knowledge about what they do.

10. PREPARE FOR RAINY DAYS.Protect yourself by being prepared for any raining days. Save money for the raining days and have insurance that can provide some protection so that your fortune dont get wipe out when the raining days comes.