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Tony Soprano made a good living as a wise guy, enough to own one of those sprawling suburban McMansions that show people youre rich but not quite wealthy. If that describes your financial status, you can pull the ultimate cosplay: The Soprano house has gone up for sale,reportsThe New York Times.

Over the legendary shows six seasons, Tony, Carmela, Meadow, and AJ (and sometimes Janice) lived in North Caldwell, located in northwestern New Jersey. In real life, the house is owned by Patti and Victor Rechia, and it occupies 1.5 acres, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, plus a detached one-bedroom guesthouse. Homes of its size in this neck of Jersey go for around $1.5 to $2 million.

Alas, the show only used the houses exterior (save for the pilot, which showed the real kitchen and real backyard pool). The interiors were all on a New York soundstage; its unclear how closely it was modeled on the actual inside. Still, you can still live out your Tony Soprano dreams by waddling out to the driveway every morning to pick up your newspaper before your busy day of roughing up small business owners, whacking stool pigeons, and complaining about the DVD menu ofThe Godfather: Part IIin the back room of a strip club.

As per theNYT, the Recchias said their home has long been frequented by fans ofThe Sopranos. Theyll pull up in like a limo or something, get out in a robe, and pick up a newspaper, said Victor. Its unclear if the home comes with ducks.

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