Online Core Studies in Natural Health, Nutrition & Healing and Career and Business Enterprise

Development Teacher-Counselor Certification Training Program

Certified Vibrant Health & Nutrition Teacher • Certified Wholistic Health & Natural Healing Counselor

1.Nine Core Studies Courses in Natural Health, Nutrition and Healing.They encompass Natural Health Science, Wholistic Vibrant Lifestyle Practices, Nutritional Science, Vibrant Raw Food Diet, Natural Self-Healing, and Wholistic Vibrant Lifestyle Practices. Upon successful completion of these courses, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion in Natural Health, Nutrition and Healing Core Studies. There is no time limitation on the Core Studies completionyou begin and proceed at your own schedule and pace.

2.Career and Business Enterprise Development Teacher-Counselor Training Certification Programhereinafter referred to as The Program.It stands as the most unique and powerful entrepreneurial wholistic health teacher-counselor program the world has to offer! The Program was created as a means for passionate natural health teacher-counselors to get the absolute best professional wholistic health education training at their own home, for optimizing their own health and for starting or enhancing their own home web-based business. We empower them to satisfy their spiritual longing to fulfill their lifes purpose of doing what they truly love to do: help the world, teaching their families, friends, students and clients the ultimate keys for achieving Vibrant Health and happiness!

The Program includes the Nine Core Studies Courses plus a tenth course: the Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor and Business Enterprise Development Training Course. The Program includes active ongoing career mentoring and business growth coaching. There is no time limitation on the Program completionyou begin and proceed at your own schedule and pace.

Upon successful completion of the entire Ten-Course Program, the student will receive two certifications:

Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy Graduates are pre-qualified to enroll directly into a Masters or combination Masters-Doctorate/PhD program with our affiliate, the University of Natural Health. To enroll in a University of Natural Health program, three courses in the Universitys acid-alkaline balance model of nutrition from the Universitys Bachelor programs are ntactDr. David Klein for more details.

All Students and Graduates receive lifetime personal and family health coaching by Dr. David Klein, as well as access to free health advice from the worlds six other premier Natural Hygiene Doctors.

Students who have passed the first course exams may choose any and all of the Academys current self-published digital e-book products (PDFs), and new ones when they are released, for selling at his or her own webstore on a 50% commission basis.

All Students and Graduates are admitted to our private Vibrant Visionaries Fraternity Facebook page where they may make new friends, share their experiences, network and form business alliances.

The 10 coursebooks are downloadable and printable PDFs.

VH&WA-101 Foundational Principles of Natural Health

Coursebook:Introducing Natural Hygiene The Only True Natural Health System

VH&WA-102 Advanced Natural Health Principles & Their Application I

Coursebook:Dr. T. C. Frys Raw Energy Mini-Course

VH&WA-104 Advanced Natural Health Principles & Their Application II

Coursebook:Natural Hygiene: Mans Pristine Way of Life

Authors: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. T. C. Fry & Dr. David Klein

VH&WA-106 The Natural Biological Diet of Humans

Coursebook:Digestion Perfection with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan

Authors: Dr. T. C. Fry, Marti Fry, Dr. David Klein, Hannah Allen et al.

VH&WA-108 Protocol for Overcoming Malnutrition & Healing the Gut

Coursebook:Self Healing Colitis & Crohns The Complete Wholistic Guide to Healing the Gut & Staying Well

VH&WA-109 Fasting & Eating for Healing & Optimizing Health

Coursebook:Fasting & Eating for Mind-Body Purification

Authors: Hannah Allen, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. T. C. Fry, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Robert Sniadach, Dr. David Klein et al.

VH&WA-110 Teacher-Counselor Training & Business Enterprise Establishment

Coursebook:Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor Training Manual

As a VH&WA Teacher-Counselor, Natural Hygiene will be your sole teaching basis. Hygiene is literally the Science of Health. The prefix Natural was added to distinguish it from distorted representations of health. Natural Hygiene is synonymous with Healthful Living and Vibrant Living. It is the art and science of living healthfully, or vibrantly, fulfilling the Prime Requisites of Health, in accord with our natural biological mandates.

The Natural Hygiene teaching model embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices. The Natural Hygiene teaching model holds that Vibrant Health is our God-given birthright, and this is attainable via Vibrant Living.

Natural Hygienists / Vibrant Living Enthusiasts refer to Nature as our mentor and teacher. Natural Hygiene / Vibrant Living is grounded in the biological and physiological sciences.  Where human health is concerned, Natural Hygiene / Vibrant Living can be considered to be Applied Human Physiology.

No health system has proven to be more effective in the restoration and preservation of health. Natural Hygiene / Vibrant Living has a rich 200-year history which rose to prominence in the early part of the 20th century when Dr. Herbert M. Shelton led the American Natural Hygiene Society and helped countless disease sufferers resurrect their lives the natural way. Dr. Shelton, his associates and disciples influenced new generations of families, teachers and Hygienic Doctors to live and teach the Hygienic / Vibrant Lifestyle, including your Program Co-Directors. Today, the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy is proudly carrying the torch of Natural Hygiene / Vibrant Living forward.

The 1 mistake humankind makes several times every day is eating foods which we are not designed to eat, that is, foods which are not suitable to our biological and physiological constitution and which poison and destroy the body and mind, causing virtually every disease condition humans face. We are not omnivores! Humans have a specific natural biological diet, one which offers superior nutrition with virtually no toxicity and is comprised of the most delicious, satisfying and health-promoting foods offered up by Nature. Our natural biological diet sets us free of aberrant behavior, rapid aging, disease and suffering, and opens the doors to manifesting the Vibrant Health of our dreams! We call it the Vibrant Diet.

The Vibrant Diet is based on conclusive evidence that we are biologically and physiologically frugivores. As such, fruit stands as our natural and healthful food. The Vibrant Diet consists of our most naturally healthful, delicious and satisfying foods: raw fruits and vegetables with minimal amounts of seeds, and nuts. The Vibrant Diet is comprised of 90% alkalizing foods, averaging the following caloronutrient ratio: 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 10% fat. Seventy-five percent raw is a good place to start, with the goal of working ones way up to 100 percent raw. The Vibrant Diet reverses and prevents acidosis, the predominant underlying condition which causes most diseases and the physical degeneration humanity experiences, and it promotes complete healing of most disease conditions and complete rejuvenation, attended by peak strength, endurance, longevity, and a joyful sense of Vibrant Health. Many have realized these wonderful benefits for themselves, and many more need to receive our vital message and our help in adopting the Vibrant Diet.

Your students and clients will learn how their dietary and other lifestyle choices are key factors in the performance of their physiological functions and the preservation of their health. You will teach them how to remove the causes of their diseases and apply Vibrant Lifestyle practices which will liberate them from disease.

The Vibrant Diet model of healthful eating sets us apart from virtually all other schools of diet and nutrition. The Vibrant Diet is humans natural biological diet. It has proven to be the most health-promoting of all dietary models for humans, and the only logical way to go when we consider human nutrition, health restoration and health maintenance. The Vibrant Diet brings people back to life!

You will derive superior results and have more success than any other health practitioners because you will be teaching the truth about human physiology, our true biological nature, our true natural biological diet, the most healthful way to eat, and the requisites of self-healing and Vibrant Health.

Your students and clients will revel in the simple beauty and amazing results they receive from the Vibrant Lifestyle Program we espouse. They will shower you with praise for teaching them how to heal naturally, under their own God-given power, how to thrive on their natural Vibrant Diet, and for setting them free of illness and the throes of the disease-care industry. Many will thank you for saving their lives!

Via the Business Enterprise Development component of the Program, we guide Students/Graduates through their new online business set-up, or help them enhance their current business, providing our own highly-valued Vibrant Health education digital products which they can begin selling right after they pass their first test with extraordinary 50% sales commissions, and we coach and support them along the way, year after year. If financial freedom and career satisfaction are your goals, we will help you jump-start your visions in a most vivifying fashion!

As a Certified VH&WA Teacher-Counselor, you will be the living embodiment of true Vibrant Health, carrying forth mantle of all the best qualities that a teacher and upright member of society can offer. The world needs you! Please join us today!