Creating wealth is easier said than done. With so many books out there on financial success and making money, it is only reasonable that you should wonder why the one percent is still only one percent.Although I took some personal finance classes back in college, I found myself still struggling to make ends meet. At one point my wife and I couldnt even afford to buy chewing gum as it wasnt a necessary grocery my desperation, I decided to embark on a personal journey to learn why my life was the way it was.

I wanted to know why some people appeared to have such ease in generating wealth and money.

What I found was astonishing. In this article I will share these tips with you and no they are not about will power. Without getting too much into the topic of money and inflation, I want to share 15 daily habits of the wealthy.

Wealthy people surround themselves daily with people who question their beliefs or what they know to be true.

Creating wealth is all about critical thinking. However if you surround yourself with people who confirm your perceptions of life, you may never find the inspiration to think outside the box. Hence the famous saying Birds of the same feather flock together. If a sheep wants to learn to hunt, it must surround itself with wolves.

This is easier said than done because as humans, we like our comforts. Most people only think as creatively as their filters or labels will allow. However if creating wealth is your goal, you must be open to the beauty of surrounding yourself daily with people who dont think like you.

I am living in the future, so the present is my past. Kanye West

People who have wealth or make a lot of money are not fortune tellers or wizards who predict the future; they are ordinary people like you and me.

One thing they do differently on a daily basis is attempt to forecast future trends.

Steve Jobs displayed this daily habit and it is often cited as the platform for a lot of Apples innovative products. Steve seemed to know what people would want even before they knew they would want it. Sometimes the products themselves didnt even exist. When it comes to building wealth, a daily habit to practice is forecasting what challenges the future may bring. Like Warren Buffett once said, Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.Advertising

Creating wealth is all about time management. On any given day, you will surely accumulate a fair amount of busy work. How you manage these mundane but seemingly important daily task could determine how successful you become. Before you start each day, make a mental note of tasks that steer you off course and find ways to outsource those.

If you must do them, be aware of how much time in your day is lost to them.

The most common excuse to not work out is that there isnt any time to do so. People who are wealthy have the least amount of free time. But they are actuallythe least likely to use that excuse.

This is because they understand that their health and well being has no price tag.

This goes hand in hand with the exercise but it still needs to be said.Buying enough fresh produce to create a healthy balanced diet, organic or not, will cost you a bit more than a bag of Cheetos and a cola. But the number one tip to enjoying the returns of your financial investments is to invest in yourself first.

Besides, the money you save on medical bills will far outweigh the extra you spend on broccoli and cauliflower.

If you buy things you dont need, you will soon sell things you need. Warren Buffett

By minimally, I am not trying to imply that most wealthy people live in a tiny house with no electricity and only one chair. I simply mean they actively practice notliving in excess.Advertising

While building their wealth, they will have developed the habit of identifying what is an essential and what is a luxury, and it is a habit that will stick with them. They might begin to indulge in a few luxury items such as a nice house, new car or some name brand cloths but it is still well within their means and usually just one or two of said items. After all, you can only live in so many houses and drive so many cars at a time.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Joseph Addison

With so many amazing classics in the world today a person could read a book a day and never read them all. Through books we learn so much about history, human nature, lifestyles and cultures that vary from our own.

The majority of the poor say that they dont enjoy reading or they simply dont have time for it. This is sad as it leaves a wealth of potential knowledge untapped.

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The wealthy percentile of the population actively use this resource to sharpen their minds and sooth their souls. And if wealthy people dont have time to read, they use modern technology to their advantage by listening to audio books during their commute. Like Thomas Corley said, The wealthy are not avoiding watching TV because they have some superior human discipline or willpower. They just dont think about watching much TV because they are engaged in some other habitual daily behavior Reading.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. Warren Buffett

Money is made by being actively engaged in the world and at the same time having an unrelinquishing thirst to understand it. Knowing this, wealthy people make a conscious attempt to learn or understand something new every day.

By learning and understanding the world and how the people in it operate you will be better able to predict their actions/needs and profit from it when opportunity presents.Advertising

Gratitude is not just a powerful tool for the wealthy, it is a great habit for anyone to practice daily. When you constantly have a lot of people around you, expressing sincere gratitude is a good way to keep opinions about you positive. They also make a habit of thanking someone with a gift or card.

Nearly 70% of the wealthy class will watch less than one hour of television a day, while only 23% of poor people can make the same claim.

Being poor alone will cause you to stress. Add an unfulfilling, mundane and minimal paying job to the mix, and it is understandable why many of the poor find comfort in mentally unplugging, or shutting off their brains,in front of the television.

Reality T.V, televised sports, Facebook and Twitter are all modern day tools of distraction to help us temporarily forget how miserable we are being poor. Problem is the time it takes you to forget the problem of being poor is the time you could have invested fixing the problem.

Waking up at the crack of dawn to rush out the door for work is not the same thing as waking up early enough to have plenty of time before work to think and reflect. Wealthy people typically practice the latter. Think of this time as a pre-game warm up, allowing your mind to mentally prepare for the coming challenges. Waking up early is an extremely useful tool for self-reflection and meditation in the daily arsenal of the wealthy.

We have established that the wealthy do a lot of reading and learning. However it is important to know that they also pass down this habit of seeking knowledge and understanding to their kids.

Many wealthy parents will challenge their kids to find their own versions of truth. They actively engage with their children in intellectual conversations on the similarities and differences of their opinions without judgment. Wealthy parents understand the responsibility of letting their kids make their own way.

Recent studies have shown that most people have a fear for speaking in public. The wealthy, however, overcome this fear by meeting, engaging or simply talking to someone new every day. Practicing this habit daily will help build the confidence needed to address larger groups.Advertising

I thought a goal was a broad objective, but the wealthy said a wish is not a goal. Thomas Corley

According to an article on business insider, over 80%of the wealthy will keep a daily to-do list. And not only do the wealthy write their detailed to-do list out, but they follow through with it as well. To become and stay wealthy, you have to know what needs done and be focused on following through onit.

Wealthy people are forced to make multiple important decisions within any given day. Often times those decisions involve risking thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Even so, the human mind is only capable of making so many decisions a day, big or small.Knowing this, wealthy people will strive to simplify everything else around them in order to eliminate many of the mundane small decisions that litter our day such as what to wear or what to eat for lunch.

Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are two wealthy men known for this habit. Keeping it simple, and not over complicating the basics, is a daily habit of the wealthy.

These habits are like snowflakes they build up, and then you have an avalanche of success. Thomas Corley

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If not, dont worry, Im not sure either. I save each month and hope for the best.

Fortunately, Im at an age where most people dont save so Im ahead of the curve.

But, what if you arent in your 20s? What if youre near retirement and are looking to gauge where you stand?

If so, keep reading. Heres how to prepare for retirement and save wisely during the process.

Tell someone straight out of college to save $10k a year for retirement and itll be next to impossible.

Make the same request to someone decades older and theyd be more likely to be able to save this amount. But, a 20-year old college student can be financially ahead of someone saving more than them. Why?

Age matters in your financial journey. The younger you are, the more time you have to save and put compound interest to work. As you get older and have more saving power, youd have less time to put compound interest to work.

Here are the average savings Americans hold by age bracket:

During this stage, most people are paying loans and moving up the corporate ladder. Your best bet during this stage is to focus on eliminating debt and increasing your income. Dont focus only on getting a high-paying job neither.Advertising

Instead, focus on learning via Podcasts, reading books, and taking specialized courses. Doing this will make you more valuable and give you more career options.

At this stage, youve hopefully escaped your entry-level salary and work at a career you enjoy. Your earning power has increased but you now have more obligations. For example, marriage, kids, and a mortgage.

Set a plan to pay off all your debt and focus on eliminating unnecessary expenses. Leverage financial tools like Personal Capital to ensure youre on track for retirement.

This is the stage where youre at the prime of your career. Top financial institutions recommend you have at least 2 to 4 times your salary saved up. If youre falling behind, start maxing out your 401K andRoth IRA accounts.

During your fifties, youre close to retirement but still, have time to save. You may be helping your kids pay college tuition and other expenses. Since youre at the peak of your earning power, max out all your retirement accounts.

By this point, you should have about eight times your salary saved up. If not, youll depend primarily on social security benefits averaging $1400 per month. Max out all your retirement options as much as possible before retiring.

The sad reality is that most Americans arent saving enough for retirement.

Even high-earning power isnt enough to secure ones financial future. You need to have the discipline to save for retirement while time is in your favor. Dont wait for you to have a high salary to save, start with having a small budget.

First,get a clear picture of where you stand.Write down a list of needs and wants. For example, Netflix and Amazon Prime are wants and a cell-phone is a need.

Use tools likePersonal Capitaltoanalyze your spending patterns. Personal Capital allows you to add all your financial data in one placemaking it a powerful option to gauge where you stand.

Once you know all your expenses,organize them from highest to lowest expense. When you cant cut more expenses, call your service providers to negotiate a lower price. If youre not good at negotiating, use services likeTrimmto lower your monthly expenses.Advertising

By this point, you know the average amount of money you should have saved for retirement based on your age.

But, breaking this down into monthly goals can be challenging. Here are some rule of thumbs to follow:

Aim to contribute 10%15% of your salary each paycheck. Review your progress each week.

Why so often? The reality is that life gets in our way and you will have many financial setbacks. Your goal isnt to be perfect but to get back on track instead.

Reviewing your finances weekly lets you know where you stand with your retirement. This doesnt have to be a long process either. All it takes is login in Personal Capital to view your net worth and check how much you have saved for retirement.

Turn saving into a gameand aim to save more each month. It will get challenging but youll get creative and find more ways to save.

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To prepare for your financial future and not be another statistic you need to be different.

By adopting new habits thatll help you become a saving machine. Here are some ways you can save more:

If youre working for a company, you can automatically contribute towards your 401k. If youre not currently contributing more than 10%, make this your goal. Contribute 1% more today and automatically increase this amount a year from now.

Odds are that youre not going to be negatively affected by contributing 1% more. Many times we spend our money on things we dont need. Contributing more towards retirement is a great way to secure your financial future.Advertising

Once youre contributing more towards your retirement accounts, gauge your progress. Make use offinance tracking appsto help you view the big picture of your retirement.

When Id first signed up for the appPersonal Capital,I didnt know I had a negative net worth. Despite saving thousands of dollars, my debt brought my net worth to the negative. Knowing this motivated me to save more and spend less.

Now, I have a positive net worth. But, it was because I was able to view the big picture using the app. Find out what your net worth is using a finance tracking app and you may surprise yourself.

If you have too little or too much money saved, you should consider hiring financial experts.

You may need someone to hold you accountable to help you reach your financial goals. Or, you may need help managing your money as effective as possible.

Regardless of the reason, getting help may help improve your financial situation.

Before you hire an expert, find out which areas you need help the most. For example, if youre constantly overspending, find a debt counselor. If youre struggling with choosing the best investment options, hire a financial advisor.

After learning how to manage your money well, the next best thing is to earn a higher income.

Youre capped at how much you can save but not much you can earn. Even if your employer isnt giving you a promotion, you can still take charge of your financial future. How?

This will be something youd work on after youve finished your day job. Once you start earning income from your side-business, youll be financially better off.

The best part is the more work you put into your side-business,[1]the more potential it has to earn more money.

So start a side-business in an area youre familiar with. For example, if you enjoy writing, do freelance writing for small e-commerce businesses.

Once youre earning a higher income, you can contribute more towards your retirement. Dont wait for the right opportunity to secure your financial future, create one.

What if you were able to retire tomorrow with no problem, all because youd have enough money saved up and little to no debt left to pay off? How would you feel?

My guess is that youd feel happy and relieved.

Most Americans are falling behind their retirement goals for many reasons. Theyre not prepared, they carry bad money-habits and are thinking short-term.

For you to retire successfully, you need to work backward and adopt better habits. Contribute more towards your 401K and focus on growing your income.

If you do, youll save money and pay debt faster.

Dont beat yourself up if youre behind your retirement goals. Take the first step today towards a brighter financial future. Isnt retirement worth the hard work and sacrifice to be at peace?

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