The affluent lifestyle is defined uniquely by each individual who lives it. Those of the upper echelon may acquire nearly any item or service desired, and this ability gives those of the elite class immense freedom to select the finest things the world presents. Most affulent individuals are either born to or acquire the most refined taste, which is the signature of great wealth.

Of those who can be called truly wealthy, their number is quite small. For the purposes of the discussion here, one should consider perhaps $10 million (U.S.) in annual income to be the lower demarcation. At this level, nearly any desired can be satisfied, and the obstructions most of the general public face each day have long ago fallen away. The world is limitless.

InAffluent Lifestylesone finds a collection Internet web sites whose quality is unmatched. The very elite references listed here, many of which are also visually stunning, are hand-selected for the appeal of their products and services to the very wealthy. Here one may gain insights into the objects, services and lifestyles of the truly affluent. Whether ones aspiration is to move to the highest echelon oneself, or one wishes simply to view some of the accoutrements of the affluent lifestyle and imagine the possibilities, this guide should be most beneficial. Should one know of other sites whose membership in this very elite list would be appropriate, one may make suggestionhere.

For the general public, the automobile is frequently ones most valuable possession (if it is second, it is second only to ones home). The great emphasis the media places on motor cars makes them a constant center of attention in the publics eye. Yet for the wealthy, cars are mere trifles. One must simply imagine receiving payments in excess of $1 million (U.S.) per month, and the reason is obvious. For the wealthy, even the most expensive automobile is purchased with little or no concern as to the price. Automobiles are playthings.

Yet the choice of the automobile is important, even for the wealthy, for it is part of the individuals public persona. Automobiles have also become an important element of the security shield most of the affluent must build for protection in the modern era.

The sites described here have been chosen for their association with the wealthy in the popular media, and also for the existence of a model in the line whose price exceeds $100,000 (U.S.).

BMW- Favored by European business executives, the BMW 7 series is well-known for its secure and stylish ride.

Ferrari- The quintessential sports car in the minds of many, rare Ferraris have long been the playthings of the very wealthy.

Jaguar- Well-bred and cultured, the Jaguars English roots and associations with royalty make it a well-known symbol among the affluent.

Lamborghini- Pure sporting heritage with an undeniable visual appeal and a well-known rarity, Lamborginis have long attracted the young (and youthful) rich.

Lotus- High performance and exotic, Lotus offers a British alternative with a sporting heritage.

Mercedes-Benz- Favored by Sheiks, royalty of all nations, and the most powerful in nearly every culture, Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its large, hardened sedans.

Porsche- A hard-earned racing reputation gives the Porsche a strong performance image that is appealing to many.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley- The pinnacle of luxury and class.

As described in the previous section on Motor Cars, it is not the automobile that defines travel for the wealthy. Instead, it is the executive jet. Private air travel gives the wealthy startling mobility and freedom, allowing them to arrive anywhere in the world at a moments notice. Aircraft are outfitted with interiors of unsurpassed luxury and accommodation, allowing an entire entourage to travel together and arrive well-rested and productive. En route important business is conducted with the same ease as it is on the ground.

Learjet- The Learjet was the first private jet and defined the genre. The Learjet name is synonymous with affluent travel.

Bombardier Aerospace- A well-respected manufacturer of long-range business aircraft.

Gulfstream- Gulfstream aircraft are known for their large interiors and long range.

Dassault Falcon- The Falcon is a highly acclaimed long-range jet.

Raytheon Jets- Raytheon offers a range of models to accommodate a variety of needs.

Sino Swearingen- A new company based in Texas produces a stylish jet.

VisionAire- Based in St. Louis since 1988, VisionAire offers a small executive jet based on advanced technologies.

Cessna Citation- Cessnas Citation-class small and mid-size jets are the fastest production jets.

The hallmark of wealth and luxury in many eyes is the large motor yacht. Plying the waters of the Caribbean or the South Seas, yachts provide the ultimate in refined leisure travel. Yachts starting at 30 meters are common among the very wealthy, and are often equipped with such accessories as helicopters.

The wealthy generally maintain a lavish primary residence as well as residences in frequented cities. Many also own one or more luxurious vacation chateaus and villas in desirable locations. Few of these premium residences are offered in resources visible to the public, but some are and the following sources will allow one to browse among some of the worlds most valuable private properties. The resources are sorted in order of their browsing quality.

Luxury Real Estate- Search for properties with values in excess of $5 to $10 million to view some of the worlds premier real estate.

Fuller Western Real Estate- This resource frequently offers ranches measured in the thousands of acres.

Special Properties- Properties can be viewed sorted by price, and the site frequently has offerings whose value exceeds $5 million.

Results real estate- All properties handled by this agent are located in Hawaii, and frequently exceed $10 million.

Pacific Island Investments- Nothing is more private than an island. This site and the one following offer a look at islands available for sale.

Vladi Private Islands- Private islands, many of a non-traditional sort.

JP King Auction Company- Auctions are frequently used to market valuable properties. This site and the next deal in a number of premium properties

Although they are mere baubles to the ultra-wealthy, time pieces are important as part of a fashion statement. A time piece reflects individuality, personality and taste, and is generally worn as a piece of functional jewelry. As such, the time piece plays an important part in the image presented by the wearer. The following resources represent many of the worlds most notable watchmakers. Makers chosen are limited to those offering pieces valued in excess of $10,000.

In almost all cases, the wealthy either own their vacation homes or loan vacation villas amongst themselves. However, many of the resources listed will give one a flavor of the sorts of vacation homes that the affluent enjoy. Return also to the Real Estate section above, as many of the properties there would serve additionally as vacation homes depending on the location.

Camper & Nicholsons International Villas and Private Resorts

Fashion is a remarkably personal topic, and for the wealthy it is personal to the point of purely customized. The wealthy generally have all clothing custom made and hand-fitted. A very small number of establishments are able to meet the needs of such an exacting clientele. The four resources listed below give one a sense of the sort of establishment that is able to satisfy the requirements of the very affluent.

Kilgour French & Stanbury Custom Tailors, Savile Row

Dion Scott, Custom Wardrobe Designers, Beverly Hills

A Selection of Italian Fashion Design Houses- many provide bespoke tailoring.

For thousands of years jewelry has been the signature of great power and great wealth. From the treasures of Egyptian pharaohs such as King Tut, to the crown jewels of the monarchy, to modern creations of stunning beauty and complexity, the wealthy have always bedecked themselves with the finest jewelry obtainable.

The following two resources are of interest because of their descriptions and images:

Gems of the Rich and Famous- an enlightening, if somewhat tasteless, catalog of gem ownership among several wealthy individuals.

Dazzling Diamonds- Several striking jewelry images.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Council on Foundations- Information on starting private foundations, a common way for the wealthy to give back to the community.

Pre-owned Vehicle retailers – although their sites are, in general, quite unfortunate:

(888)294-7820 – P.O. Box 40492 – Raleigh, NC 27629