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Asking prices for properties worth 1 million or more increased in the third quarter of the year as wealthy overseas investors cashed in.

It works by selling individual invoices to wealthy investors.

We get a lot of wealthy people from Silicon Valley.

Why should those with bank deposits earning a pittance be subject to taxation, but much wealthier equity investors be exempt?

At one point reputed to be the wealthiest man in the world, he gave most of his worldly goods away before he died.

WHEN SCOTLAND RULED THE WORLD: The Story of the Golden Age of Genius, Creativity and Exploration

This gift for things mechanical and his skill as a mechanical engineer quickly made him a very wealthy man.

A rival appears – a wealthy businessman, who makes the woman an indecent proposal.

Also joining the rush are wealthy foreign investors.

But all the models are dependent on finding a wealthy new investor to come up with the cash.

If youre single, your new love has a wealthy family background.

More and more people, particularly wealthy people, have dogs.

Nobody wants to be lectured on global ethics by an immensely wealthy man in yoga pants.

Only wealthy people will able to buy houses with large enough gardens to not be affected.

We are also not being denied the entertainment supplied by the buying feats of the international wealthy.

You need to know the right people, have wealthy sponsors and get to drive the right cars.

Her family is wealthier than most and has seen more sorrow.

Amid global economic turmoil, rare comic books seem to be regarded as a safe haven for wealthy investors.

And he hopes wealthy investors will fund the venture.

He has since been convicted of corruption and lives as a wealthy international refugee.

He retired to England, a fabulously wealthy man.

TARGET half a million wealthy people to ensure they are paying all the tax they owe.

The new visas open the way for wealthy foreign investors to get a British passport in half the present six years.

The reforms will benefit wealthy property investors, or those who have held on to a former home.

Their rarity is down to their status as the chief asset of a wealthy family.

Very wealthy people dont like to be questioned about whether they can support a cheque.

Why did such a wealthy family need to fund the marriage of its grandson through a tacky magazine deal?

The wealthier the family, the higher the wall.

Any technology which requires a capital investment will be more readily available to the wealthier people.

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