Today, I repaired a boiler for a wealthy guy in a big house. While there, I fixed a leaking tap for free. When I went to go, the man slipped something into my shirt pocket and said have a drink on me. When I got to my truck, I discovered that hed given me a tea bag. FML

Today, while working in a dark nightclub, I dropped a red charger. Retracing my steps, I found it, or so I thought until I picked up…

i dont think this is really FML-worthy…. how is your life screwed by this? yeah, its weird, but i dont get how this is FML-worthy.

Maybe it could be some sort of exotic expensive tea that costs 500$ a box? Then the OP threw it away .

I agree. Its actually kind of funny. He didnt have to give this guy anything. OP needs a sense of humor. I would have cracked up in hyseterics.

seems like OP has encountered a wild mastertroll

These arent always FMLs alot of them are just funny as all hell

thats really really funny… but hey, with the economic downturn that tea-bag could be a good investment!

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I was too tired for sex, which she interpreted as me confessing to not wanting to have sex with her because…

Today, I lost my virginity in a Portaloo. FML

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