A complete one stop trading hub with multiple tools & features for you to choose from. Discover a whole new world of endless trading opportunities through our one of its kind in house developed stocks & options trading screeners. We have developed our arrays of tools with everything that you ever need to supercharge your trading success.

Our trading hub main focus is to help all traders to save time , quicken your trade search process and to put in your hand a powerful screening tools that provides you with multiples exact trades suggestion based on our MASTER TRADER trading methodology and his proprietary trading strategy that comes with more than 12 years of successful trading experience in STOCKS , OPTIONS & FUTURES. Your next winning trade opportunity is simply a click away & your trading needs are made easy by us.

Screeners that are based on our proprietary stocks & options trading strategy, a unique one of its kind.

Trade suggestions screens based on both Technical Analysis & Fundamental Research Methodology.

Screens more than 150 stocks, options & futures effortlessly.

Multiple exact Weekly Trade Suggestions of which stock options strike prices that you can choose & trade on.

Weekly display of enhance Top 3 stocks options trade alerts.

Automated ROI calculations for you to know your potential maximum profit.

Stocks search , dividends list & probability charts to support your decision to take a trade.

Forum access to discuss with fellow traders and supported by our Master Trader.

This TA screener is based on years of extensive research using multiples combination of technical indicators and its technical analysis strategy that are proprietary created by our Master Traders. The TA screener is the main screener and the most important offerings in our platform. A truly star performer with95% ACCURACYwith back tested data.

A screener that focuses on mainly strategy and logical thinking. Important daily news happening and announcement from the market. Timing the right time to enter the market.

More than 150 stock is being screen through each time and each is based on good dividends that forms the fundamentals of every good companies. A list and search function will provide you the ability to search for stocks that suits your liking and dividends returns provided by each of these good strong stocks

A highly exclusive trade copying service for the affluent trader. If you are the type that simply would like to follow other traders to trade, this will be the top most valuable opportunity for you to follow our master trader on his daily, weekly, and monthly trading activities in his own private trading account all REVEAL to you without holding back. This is a premium service that will put you in the league with the BIG BOYS and taking on trades across different trading instruments from stock options, futures and even commodities. You wil not want to missed this if you are really aiming for the STARS !

Need of charts to have better overall feel to the market ? We have incorporated probability charts for each stock to let you better analyze every stock before deciding on a trade.

Dont you want to know which company is going to announce strong good dividends that will determine the potential direction of stocks? Dont worry we got that cover for you. Just trade and choose from our list.

All data we uses in the Wize Screener are source from mainstream reliable sources. No worrying of getting the wrong information as we have painstakingly make sure we only give you the most accurate possible without missing a trade that comes your way.

What to trade on ? Afraid of being left out ? With thousands of companies trading on the stocks exchanges each day being traded, how to select the best ? We have that for you as well within the screener highlighting which trade you should take on and which you should be watching.

Wize Screener, is a very handy tool especially for those who wish to invest however due to time demand in their own profession may not have the time to browse thru all the watch list charts to scan for stocks.

Wize Screener had simply my trading journey ! I dont have to check on every single stocks out from thousands of good stocks out there. It simplified my life rather than looking at so many stocks and wasting hours in filtering them. Thanks to the founder of this platform! Thumbs Up!

With Wize Screener, it shorten the analyze time to identify the stock that meeting the set criteria. A single button will list down all the stocks that meet the criteria to invest. It also provided the recommended strike price, premium and expiry date which further shorten the time to get into a trade. As of now, 9% profit return based on my starting capital.

Wize screener has eased my investment process, leaving time for me to manage portfolio more efficiently. For the two months that I have been using the screener, results have been quite consistent. Win rates are high too. The screener is particularly useful for beginner option sellers and busy people who need a robust and efficient system.

With Wize Screener, I just need to spend less than few minutes to make a final decision.

Now I am more confident to invest by myself and achieve same or even better return than most unit trusts companies. I used to manually check each potential stock during weekends and this has taken quite big portion of my family time.

My monthly return currently is between 1 – 2 %. Still working to improve this 🙂