Basically characters who (usually) have a lot of money, or at least their families do.

It doesnt matter if theyflaunt their wealthwithfancy carsandJewelry, or live austere lives. It doesnt matter if they areold moneyorNouveau Riche.

In fiction, they tend to gather in places likeBeverly Hills.

Corrupt Corporate Executive: An evil or unscrupulous person is wealthy because theyre the head of a corporation.

Fiction 500: A character is much wealthier than is possible in real life.

Gold Digger: Planning to marry a rich person solely to gain access to their wealth.

Honest Corporate Executive: A good person is wealthy because theyre the head of a corporation.

Inventor of the Mundane(how someone got wealth)

Lonely Rich Kid: A rich kid who has no friends.

Mafia Princess: The daughter or wife of someone who got rich through unsavory means.

Mock Millionaire: Someone pretends to be wealthy.

Not with Them for the Money: A person is in love with a wealthy person, but is interested in the person for who they are rather than their wealth.

Rags to Riches: A poor person becomes wealthy.

Rich Bitch: A wealthy person whose opulence is matched only by how mean they are.

Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: A wealthy person who lacks common sense because of their sheltered and pampered lifestyle.

Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor(at least one of them is this)

The Scrooge: In spite of being rich, this person would rather spend as little money as possible.

Secretly Wealthy: A person is rich, but doesnt let other people know.

Self-Made Man: A person who started out poor got rich through a lifetime of hard work.

Slumming It: A rich person pretends to be poor because they want to know what things are like for the less fortunate.

Socialite: An unemployed person with a wealthy spouse.

Spoiled Brat: A rich person who acts unpleasant when they dont get their way.

Spoiled Sweet: A rich person who tends to get what they want, but is a very nice and friendly person.

Token Rich Student: The one student at school who is a member of a wealthy family.

Uncle Pennybags: A wealthy person who often uses their fortune to help the needy and/or give those less wealthy than them a good time.

Upper-Class Equestrian: Horseback riding is a hobby for the wealthy.

Wealths in a Name: A wealthy character has a name appropriate to their status, often by being a play on a word related to money or valuables.

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