Forbes has ranked the 50 richest people in Africa in 2015 and 16 South Africans have made the list, supplanting Nigeria which dominated in 2014.

According to Forbes, one-third of Africas richest business leaders live in South Africa, including six of Africas 23 billionaires.

However, a tough economic market, as well as the weakness of the rand versus the US dollar, means that the fortunes of the countrys richest have shrunk over the past year.

The 16 South Africans ranked by Forbes have a combined net worth of $28.45 billion (R402.7 billion), led by Nicky Oppenheimer, with $6.66 billion (R94.3 billion).

Luxury goods mogul Johann Rupert has historically ranked as the countrys richest man, however in September, Rupert lost his spot at the top to Retail tycoon, Christo Wiese.

Wiese, with a net worth of $6.5 billion (down from $6.8 billion in September) has since made way for Oppenheimer, whose wealth is derived largely from the sale of diamond group, De Beers, and other investments.

Oppenheimer, Wiese and Rupert lead the other wealthy individuals by some margin, with Ruperts $6.3 billion net worth far ahead of number four in the country, Koos Bekker, who boasts a $1.7 billion fortune.

The other two billionaires listed are Aspen Pharmas CEO, Stephen Saad (worth $1.2 billion) and Africa Rainbow Minerals head, Patrice Motsepe (worth $1.05 billion).

The sale of shares in investment firm Shanduka, in particular, fetched millions for the politician.

Other rand-billionaires listed are Pick N Pays Raymond Ackerman; Discovery Holdings CEO Adrian Gore; Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste; Capitec Bank founder and chairman Michiel Le Roux; and Italtile chairman Giovanni Ravazzotti.

Although not listed by Forbes, South Africa has another dollar billionaire Nandos investor Dick Enthoven. According to Bloomberg, the reclusive executive is worth as much as $1.1 billion (R15.5 billion) thanks to the global chicken franchise.

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