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Good financial planning is key to having financial stability and growth, and key to the level of growth you can achieve.  At City Wealth Management Academy, we pride ourselves in our understanding of the financial world, and our abilities to advise and plan. Whether you have a portfolio or ideas you need help with, or dont know the first thing about financial planning and want us to guide you, we are here to help.

We have a wealth of experience in financial planning, and offer training. With commercial and funded training on offer, we can come in and advise your team on how to spend their money wisely, or give this same opportunity to leaners on funded programmes. We can train you in how best to start your own portfolio; how to advise others on making money from their money; or simply how to save your money a bit better.

Develop the essential basic knowledge required for the financial services sector. Working through this qualification you would learn about financial terminology, and the professional sector and commonly used financial products. Such products include shares, bonds and insurance.

Learn about the fundamentals of finance; how to plan, monitor and manage budgets, as well as how to compare investment opportunities.

This qualification covers more of the regulation and ethics involved in financial services, including the concept of risk and how different components interrelate. Products, services and legislation that inform the financial planning and advice process would also be covered.

Level 2 Providing Financial Services: Investment Operations

Learn the fundamentals of the financial services, developing knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects, as well as customer service.

This apprenticeship covers the structure of the financial services market, including regulation, products, tools, and systems or controls that might be in place. You would develop your understanding of identifying clients needs, decision making, and building up certain relationships.

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