Wealthy Habits has summer camps for ages 11-19 that both you and your student will love.

The 5-day summer camps focus on what students are most interested in while providing a strong foundation of MONEY BASICS.

DATES:Camp season starts May 28th and ends July 26th

EXTENDED CARE AVAILABLE:7:30am-6:00pm. The cost is $75 for the week (partial options are not available).

BUS SERVICE:Woodward Academy (College Park location) offers bus service with 7 different pickup locations. The cost is $30 for the full week.More Information

GREAT NEWS!! The summer camp price will remain at the Early Bird special of$275/week.

Register before all of the spots at your favorite location are gone.

My financial goals have changed now because I know how to invest for the long-term. – Maycee, 2018

I liked how we didnt just sit around and learn about savings, and I now plan on investing in stocks and making an investment account – Ryan, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know more about what I want to do when Im older. Matt, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned from this program was how to use credit and debit cards responsibly. – Dillan, 2018

The most valuable things I learned were about how to invest and budget my money. – Olivia, 2018

After attending this program, I now want to save and invest my money, and buy stocks so I can become wealthy. – MJ, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned is that investing is how you truly build money and wealth over time. Aaron, 2018

My financial goals are now different since attending this program because I used to think that only saving money would do me good, but I discovered that investing in assets can make me a lot more money than if I just saved it. – Erinn, 2018

My favorite part of the program was how it gave me better understanding about adult life.  &  Since attending this program, my financial goals are different because now I want to save for college! – Michaela, 2018

This camp was AMAZING.  Now, I want to invest more in myself and for college so that I can have a productive future. & My favorite part of the program was learning about college and interacting with my counselors. – Elan, 2018

The most valuable things I learned were about Financial Aid, and how to budget for assets.  &  Heres a shocker for my parents, I actually enjoyed this camp.  & I now know how to invest in assets such as stocks to make more money, how to avoid debt, and how to start saving for college.  – Sasha, 2018

Now, I want to start saving and investing money.  Also, the instructors were reallyyy good! – Avery, 2018

After this program, I now know the best strategies for applying to colleges. – Fionna, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned was how to make the right decisions when accepting loans. Cara, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned is that the sooner you start investing, the more money you have later on.  & Thanks to this program, I now value investing more than saving. – Daren, 2018

I loved how interactive, informative, and realistic the program was.  Before this program I didnt have short-term financial goals, but now I want to open an investment account.  – Sara, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now want to start investing to get a rate of return, take advantage of compound interest, and use the money when I get older. – Virginia, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know the difference between rich and wealthy. – Destiny, 2018

This was an awesome camp, now I want to use my money wisely and invest in stocks. – Andre, 2018

This camp has changed my financial outlook because now I will be more careful with my money and how I spend it. – Imri, 2018

Thanks to this camp, I will now invest and start a savings account. – Reagan, 2018

I loved the games that helped us learn about financial literacy.  The most valuable information I learned here was about the stock market and how to earn money from it.  – Michaela, 2018

The most valuable things I learned were how to invest in mutual funds and an IRA.  I plan on being very wealthy by the time I retire thanks to compound interest.  Before this program, I planned on just owning an average 0.7% APR account, but now I want to invest my money and grow my assets as I grow my 401k. – Joseph, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know how to be wise with money, and how to use a budget in order to avoid reckless spending. – Jelani, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know how to make money from stocks, investments, and interest in order to raise capital to start my own business. – Cameron, 2018

I loved the interactive learning and competitive games.  Thanks to this camp, I learned how to make my money grow, and how to best manage my money and assets.  – Jair, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know to how to manage a budget, and the difference between credit and debit. – Kennedy, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know how to take advantage of assets and passive income so that my money can work for me and make more money. – Jared, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now want to invest more in assets, rather than spending my money on material goods. – Amber, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now know about stocks and how to manage my money. – Anthony, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned is that time is our secret weapon for investing. – Colin, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned is that the sooner you start, the sooner you get there.  Before this program, all I did was buy shoes and Supreme. Now, I want to invest in stocks to make money.  -Caleb, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now plan to save more money, and start an investment account. – Avery, 2018

Thanks to this program, I now realize how important it is to manage my money and reconcile my accounts. – Samantha, 2018

Thanks to this program, I learned how to prepare for an invterview, and what I should and shouldnt say during one.  Thank you for this camp, it was awesome! Before, I wanted to spend my money as soon as I got it, but now I know to save and invest that money so that it can grow for me! – Savvy, 2018

I learned that the sooner you start, the sooner you get there.  This class should be taught regularly at school! – Destiny, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned is that your habits determine your financial success. – David, 2018

Thanks to this program, I learned how to make my money grow, and to always pay off my credit card expenses.  Maybe I need to remind my parents of some of the habits I learned this week! – Kelley, 2018

I learned about how to have a more successful financial future, and now I plan to invest in stocks and bonds to have a financially sound future. – Joshua, 2018

The most valuable things I learned were about stocks and bonds, and now I see that I should be spending much less than I currently do. – Maurice, 2018

I didnt have any financial goals before this program, but now I will open an investment account to help me reach financial freedom. – Sean, 2018

Investing and saving are the priority now. Nate, 2018

I want to open a savings account, a brokerage account, and invest in stocks Alin, 2018

I am now going to invest in businesses before I start my own – Kaylyn, 2018

I have been given more knowledge of finnce which helped me add more detail to my own future in finance It is important to start earlier to accomplish your aspirations in life – Justin, 2018

Its pretty cool that I can have almost a million dollars by age 60 if I start investing now. Before, I didnt even know that was a thing. – Peyton, 2018

I wasnt thinking about investing but now I will! – Sanaia, 2018

Now, I wont blow out a credit card – T.J., 2018

Im gonna save instead of splurging – Hudson, 2018

I want to learn about the best investments to make today – Ben, 2018

I want to learn how to help my family have Wealthy Habits through what I have learned – Reece, 2018

Now I know how to invest my money and let it grow – Tyler, 2018

The most valuable thing I learned was how to use the rule of 72 – Langston, 2018

I did not have financial goals before, but now I want to invest and grow with my new financial knowledge – Maxine, 2018

I want to start a retirement account and I love money more! – Sala, 2018

The goals I have now are a little bit more mature in terms of a financial standpoint. For example, I had a goal to own a hundred pair of Jordans, but now its buying a furnished condo – Jordan, 2018

I now will spend less on smaller items and will have more money for investing – Grant, 2018

Before the camp started I was very focused on spending money and having material things. Now, I want to start investing and saving for my retirement as well as my parents. – Olive, 2018

I personally want to keep the money Im currently making and apply for a job in the future a well as heeding my moms advice and opening a bank account – Caleb, 2018

The earlier you save, the better – Sophia, 2018

My favorite part was learning how to use passive income and apartment hunting – Sophia, 2018

My short term goals were not as elaborate before as the investment I will make after this program – Taurean, 2018

I plan on using the rule of 72 method in my life and to cut down my shopping to $100 – Kynnedi, 2018

I am going to open an investment account and deposit $1000 in it. – Sophie, 2018

You should diversify your assets Stephanie, 2018

My favorite part about the program was learning about stocks, other investments, credit and debit cards, and the ins and outs of saving.  – Amanda, 2017

Before I came, I didnt have any short-term goals. Now, I want to save, invest, and start a retirement account. Sean, 2017

The most valuable thing I learned is that saving money will help in the long run. Sudeeksha, 2017

My least favorite part about the program was leaving. Nicole, 2017

I really enjoyed the ongoing Super Money Game, the Moola incentive, and the Shark Tank simulation. Sabina, 2017

After attending our program, my financial goals now are to save at least $4,000-$5,000 in a savings account. Also, another goal is to have a credit card so I can practice having good credit and be more responsible. Nyan, 2017

Before I started this, I didnt know how to invest my money, but now that Ive taken this class, I know what to do with my money. Thanks Wealthy Habits! Ryan, 2017

Before I started this program, I had no financial goals, but now I hope to have wealthy habits and save my money for when I need it the most. – Aniyah, 2017

My favorite part about the program was reviewing the subjects of the day through review games. Davis, 2017

I learned the most about credit cards and the importance of insurance. -Matthew, 2017

My goal at first was to learn how to spend money, but now I want to know how to manage money better. Madeline, 2017

Everyone was happy to answer questions and I liked competing for Moola! Mattie, 2017

The goal I have now is to save, save, save! Before I came to the camp, I didnt really understand the importance of saving. – Kennedi, 2017

I will be able to accomplish my goals sooner now that I have knowledge about money. Shayna, 2017

Everything I learned was valuable because I will use it in the future. Kennedy 2017

The most valuable thing I learned was how to be smart when investing or using money. Priyal, 2017

The most valuable thing I learned was the importance of when you invest and how credit scores work. Trinity. 2017

I now care more about my short-term financial goals. – Sonika, 2017

The most valuable thing I learned was how important it is to always have savings because you dont know what might happen. Aditi, 2017

Well I wanted to make enough money to supply my fashion habits, but now all I want to do is grow it. Ramel, 2016

Now my short-term goal is to grow my savings account as much as possible before I leave for college. Alexys, 2016

I didnt have any short-term financial goals before this camp. Now I plan to become more financially active Leon, 2016

Iwould like to start being more active in earning [money] and save $85 a month. – Eliana, 2016

Wealth isnt just about how much money you have, its also about being financially healthy and stable. – Will, 2016

Before the program, I didnt think about delayed gratification and how I should save today and spend later – Lily, 2016

I liked the teachers very much and I also like [how] the program was really organized. –  Lauryn, 2016 –

I was a Piddly Junk spender but I think I am going to try and cut back. – Ariel, 2016

This program in general reinforced the fact that investing early is crucial to gain more financial security. – Peter, 2016

I want to invest before I reach my twenties to have passive income over the course of my life. – Gabrielle, 2016

Wonderful program and sorely needed by all! Thank you for sharing these critical concepts with so many children. Sat, Jul 28th 2018

Outstanding program. Please keep offering this. It is so helpful to the individual kids and the community. Sat, Jul 28th 2018

This camp was great. My daughter participated in a two day camp a few years ago, but did not love it. My son participated in this week long camp and really enjoyed it. He definitely wants to go back next year, and was even talking about being a counselor in the future. I dont know what the difference was — just more time or the counselors or mix of students or just the difference in my two kids. In any case, I think this program is outstanding. I think this is such valuable information that you are teaching kids. I have passed on the training for teachers information for teachers at my kids school. I hope they participate. Sat, Jul 28th 2018

I think this is a wonderful program. I am so glad I found it! Fri, Jul 27th 2018

Thank you. It was great. My children came home telling me how better to manage my money. Wed, Jul 25th 2018

This is an EXCELLENT!!!! program. No one taught me about money (period). I learned by trial and error. I have enrolled my daughter, son and nephew and I plan to enroll any other child or children that I can. I would love to see this program taught in the schools. Mon, Jul 23rd 2018

Overall, my child really enjoyed the camp and the information that was provided. The knowledge of the content delivered is something that my child would like to endure more of. Mon, Jul 23rd 2018

More examples of how stocks work and how to invest in stocks. Sat, Jul 21st 2018

Thank you for giving my son an opportunity to learn. He really enjoyed the staff and the education. 😊 Sat, Jul 21st 2018

This is a great program. My college age student wishes he could attend. Sat, Jul 21st 2018

The program was great! I have tried for the past two summers to sign her up in a way that would fit into her busy schedule. I hope you can expand to more classes Sat, Jul 21st 2018

I think its a great program and wish i could have learned about money management at my daughters daughters age. Sat, Jul 21st 2018

There are so few resources for financial literacy courses and I just appreciate the opportunity to expose my child to your program. Mon, Jul 16th 2018

My child did not complain or rave about the class. But wants a checking account and to buy a mutual fund. Sat, Jul 14th 2018

Thank you so much, my son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. You guys did an amazing job! Well done & we hope to see you next year. Fri, Jul 13th 2018

Excellent want more material and practice throughout the year Fri, Jul 13th 2018

Carlo had a good time, better than he expected. Hes had interest in these subjects and this was perfect program. Id have liked a full day program rather than having to put together two half day financial literacy programs. Also, because of low subscription he was put with older students and spent time on things he doesnt have to worry about for a while (rather than topic he was enrolled in) although he found some of it interesting. Fri, Jul 6th 2018

Awesome experience for Jared, he could not stop talking about the mentors he met. Wed, Jun 27th 2018

Loved it!! Best educational camp I have ever sent him to! Sun, Jun 24th 2018

I am grateful for this program. My son has learned so much and had an opportunity to do so at a young age which will serve him well throughout his life. Fri, Jun 22nd 2018

It was great! I loved how fun the class was for my child and how much she learned. Fri, Jun 22nd 2018

I think this program is beneficial for students so they can learn survival skills in preparation for life. The topics are related to real-world situations, however instead of touching the surface, you can poll students to determine which topic should be discussed in depth and give an opportunity for a longer session on that topic. Wed, Jun 20th 2018

enjoyed it very much. would be good to have a class for parents as well and perhaps some geared to managing your household with a family, etc. Tue, Jun 19th 2018

Our daughter really enjoyed it and was not ready for camp to end. Mon, Jun 18th 2018

Excellent program for the topics that our kids will use more than anything else in life. Sun, Jun 17th 2018

Great program that teaches much need life skills to young people. Very pleased we found wealthy habits online. Sat, Jun 16th 2018

Great program. My kid talked each day about what he learned and asked me questions about our finances and sometimes challenged me on what could be done better. He made friends and had fun as well. Sat, Jun 16th 2018

I think its a wonderful idea but it seemed way too elementary for my son. Learning how to handshake? my son told me he had to help his instructor write a check..I know that he learned the basics but I would have liked more instruction and more challenge Sat, Jun 16th 2018

I really love the topics that you cover. It is a wonderful gateway into deeper discussions about things that will shape their lives. Fri, Jun 15th 2018

Awesome experience….things taught here are thing that they will never learn in school. Can wait to see whats offered next year. Fri, Jun 15th 2018

Thank you for the opportunity. My son Isaiah Farrow always has fun and learns.😊 Thu, Jun 14th 2018

I wish I would have found about it sooner, younger. I think you should advertise to the elementary and middle schools more in the area, especially via the school flyer website that sends out emails to all parents registered with Fulton county. If you already do so, I must have missed it. Thanks for the information and instruction. Mon, Jun 11th 2018

Wonderful program! Everyone can benefit from it! Sun, Jun 10th 2018

We thought the course was definitely worthwhile and a good value. Thank you! Sat, Jun 9th 2018

This camp was a good curiosity for my kid, and I hope he can do it again ! Thu, Jun 7th 2018

A program like no other. Applicable skills, no matter what career they go into. Thu, Jun 7th 2018

My child learn a lot but like to take it to next level instead of same repetition. Sat, Jun 2nd 2018

This was my daughters favorite class of the week. The class seemed to really get her creative juices flowing about entrepreneurship and it also gave her the confidence to be an entrepreneur. I am greatly appreciative for everyone involved in putting this program together. Job well done! Fri, Jun 1st 2018

My daughter really enjoyed the program. She was excited to come every day and wasnt ready to leave at the end of each day. She learned a lot and the content was practical and relatable for her age. Awesome job to the instructors, director, and foundation. I will definitely recommend this program to everyone I think may benefit from it. Thanks for a great week! Fri, Jun 1st 2018

The boys talked about how much they learnt and gained skills to tutor other students. They expressed how much they enjoyed learning and meeting other tutors too. Mon, May 28th 2018

appreciated that serious material was presented in a fun manner Sat, May 26th 2018

My daughter spoke very highly of the instructors and seemed to learn a lot. Sat, Jul 29th 2017

Malik started out complaining about attending to complaining about not being able to attend. Great job! Sat, Jul 29th 2017

Thought it was wonderful it was her introduction to any type of financial habits she may have been youngest in her group as6th grader but she was very impressed with what she learned Fri, Jul 28th 2017

This camp was wonderful! I was delighted at what my daughter learned – and, as a 13-year-old who is difficult to please regarding activities, she said that it was SUPER fun! I was really happy that the counselors and curriculum planners made it fun. I also really liked the summary of what they did each day and mention of different campers. She did not tell me much, so that helped a lot. I also liked the outline of the curriculum. I will recommend this camp to our friends. Fri, Jul 28th 2017

Locations in Peachtree City, Stockbridge will be great options too Tue, Jul 25th 2017

Great experience for the kids! Tue, Jul 25th 2017

Antonio really enjoyed this learning experience! Mon, Jul 24th 2017

Jayden had a great learning experience! Mon, Jul 24th 2017

Great opportunity and the kids enjoyed their learning experience! Mon, Jul 24th 2017

Since children today are not taught about the importance of finance in school, I felt this program taught my child the basic understanding about finance. Mon, Jul 24th 2017

Excellent program. My child has already asked to attend next year. Sun, Jul 23rd 2017

Excellent program!! Very pleased that there is something of this quality out there to introduce teens to money terms and to all the things we can do with money other than spend it on material goods. One of the best presents parents can give their child is knowledge on how to manage money. It will affect their relationships and quality of life throughout life. Thanks again!! Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

This was a good platform to spark an interest for learning about money matters. Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

My main comment is that I had difficulty on the first day getting my kids to camp. It would have been nice if their were camp counselors and signs outside on 11th Street to meet parents and escort the entire group into building (or something to that effect). Since I was unable to figure out how to drop them off after circling the entire block, I had to go to the guard shack and have my vehicle thoroughly searched, give them my id, everyones name in the car, license plate number, etc. in order to drop them off. This made the kids late for camp. Also, the officers were the ones who told me where to go to pick them up. The pick-up location wasnt very clear to me either when I registered. I was a few minutes late the second day picking up (due to traffic) and I was thankful the camp counselors stayed outside with my kids until I got there! Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

EXCELLENT!!! A class for adults would be awesome! Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

I wish this class was available for me when I was a young teenager. I would like to a class offered for adults. Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

Im extremely happy that my daughter had an opportunity to participate in the program. It warms my heart to know that she is understanding the importance of money management at such an early age. Sat, Jul 22nd 2017

My son is a heading off to college in a few weeks. I am thinking there are no other classes offered through Wealthy Habits that will be appropriate for him when he is home for the holidays or summer. If there is a class for college students/young adults that would reinforce what was covered in the 2 day class, I would very much me interested in being contacted about it! My son seemed to enjoy the 2 day class. Im glad he was exposed to this material. I wish there were a way to reinforce it/ review it, etc.. I also wish I had learned about these classes years ago so he could have taken them over several years and really gotten a solid grasp on the material and even put some of it to work. Fri, Jul 21st 2017

Even though my son was not happy that I made him go to school over the summer, he admitted that it wasnt as bad as he thought it would be. This is a huge win! While he did not share a lot about what he learned, the daily summaries were very helpful and I enjoyed reading about what they did in class. He also said the instructors were very good, again, a huge compliment to the instructors! Well done! I think this is a great opportunity for kids to learn about money management. Fri, Jul 21st 2017

Brady was very bored most of the time. Maybe just too young to send to this course. He liked Shark Tank but otherwise complained a ton. Needs to be more games and feel less like school. My older son Peyton enjoyed the course. Fri, Jul 21st 2017

great. thank you and I hope we can be involved next year. We love it so much my son, Clarence is registered for a full week at the Emory location for the week of 7/23/2017. Thank you ! Fri, Jul 21st 2017

The program is critical to preparing young people on how money works in general and how to work their own money. Thu, Jul 20th 2017

Great feedback from kids. Both were very engaged in class Thu, Jul 20th 2017

I think this is an excellent program and should be facilitated in schools, after school financial literacy programs and summer camps. Wed, Jul 19th 2017

He enjoyed it and I think its important for him to learn at an early age. I would like to see a more comprehensive financial program that possibly spans more than a week to get even more engagement. Wed, Jul 19th 2017

I liked the daily feedback and homework assignments. The competitive atmosphere is a plus as well Wed, Jul 19th 2017

The program appears to be worth enrolling my child through the duration of his teenage years. Tue, Jul 18th 2017

Chelsea learned a lot as the course had a lot to offer, I was amazed that you touched on so many different topics. I would like to see this in an extended format, either an 8 week Saturday course or a 2 week summer program. Tue, Jul 18th 2017

I thought the program was great and I would like to continue enrolling him in hopes that he will learn more each year. Hopefully, the location will be the same as well. The price was great and I hope that the added funding from the Rosen Foundation will continue. Tue, Jul 18th 2017

I was very pleased with the program and the fact that we have such camps available to young people. Ive always felt since the US as a whole is a debtor nation, its beyond time to teach our children and people in general how to save and invest to build wealth and not become a victim of indebtedness. So again, thank you for such a program and I hope you will continue to make it available at a affordable cost. Tue, Jul 18th 2017

Its great to have college kids who are enthusiastic about teaching. Wendy And Sohil are very helpful and were my kids favorite teachers, but I think we need on adult who are in the workforce to bring some of these topics into reality for them, especially the high schoolers. Mon, Jul 17th 2017

It was a good program. My boys learned alot. I didnt particularly like the drop off and pick up and not being able to meet the instructors. Mon, Jul 17th 2017

Would definitely recommend to our parents . The email at Emory healthcare was missed by people so should have been emailed more often. Thanks Sun, Jul 9th 2017

Wonderful experience for my child to understand budgets and compound interest. He know understands why I say save your money Thank you for offering this education Sat, Jul 8th 2017

It was a great camp and our boys learned a lot! Thu, Jul 6th 2017

My daughters (Lauryn and Maya) thought the camp was boring. They said it was more like school and not as fun as portrayed on website. I suggest that the content is taught in more fun ways for future campers. Tue, Jul 4th 2017

I liked the length of the program and I was impressed that my children were excited about attending daily. Mon, Jul 3rd 2017

I loved the daily emails to parents about what the students learned and activities they participated in while at camp. Mon, Jul 3rd 2017

I was presently surprised at how much the kids learned and would come home asking us questions. The combination of games utilized to teach particular topics along with having them collaborate in groups seemed to be a very effective strategy. Mon, Jul 3rd 2017

Keep up the excellent work. Mon, Jul 3rd 2017

It was a great program and I was extremely proud of the level of material that my child was able to grasp. Additionally, my child enjoyed the overall program! Mon, Jul 3rd 2017

I never thought about repeating the program, but maybe some sort of follow up would be beneficial. My daughter did request to start an investment fund! I know Id never get her to repeat the program – she was bored by the end of each day – I think there were videos used to fill time. The camp is a g