Due to the rapid change in todays economy, we are being faced with planning and managing our own finances and retirement. Some people have invested time and money with financial advisors. Some have taken the do it yourself-approach.  Both receiving mixed and unsustainable results. Others have become professional bill payers and adopted the I will die at work attitude.

Wealth Education Academy was established with the sole purpose of helping people understand all the factors involved in money management through the various stages of life. We achieve that through our membership program, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements. For the latest financial information and events, follow us on your social media handles @wealtheducationacademy.

Our membership program puts you first. Regardless of your income level, we work with you to put together a financial plan to meet your needs now and in the future. Click learn more to get started today.

Generating wealth takes understanding and establishing strong financial habits. Our seminars are designed to provide you with the insight, methodology, and financial concepts you need to create the wealth you desire.

Tune in as we provide you with insight other leaders in business discussing how they got started, trends in business, finance, and other important topics.

This program consist of our workbook and video, which contains information on how to budget and save, establish strong financial habits, credit management, how to leverage financial products, and prepare for retirement. Click learn more to pre order your package today.

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The information provided in the workshop really helped me to make financial goals and understand how money and percentages work. I also enjoyed the section about how to reduce overhead reduction and the example of an amortization chart. I would have liked the section about Financial Demons to be stressed more. Financial Demons run deep and they are sometimes Generational and it is something that cant change over night. It is almost like a someone that has a disease. This material is clear and easy to follow and understand. Thank you.

This workshop can really help with steps to start in your financial journey if you dont know how or where to start. I liked the explanation and the importance of having two accounts as well as how to use them and how to show you how to start a saving pattern.

This workshop was such an eye opener after really taking the time to write everything out and really see exactly how much money we could save if we were to scale back or even cut out somethings from our budget. The example of ways to be more disciplined with my finances and being able to recognize the wasteful spending. I love how this workbook give you simple but start forward ways to recognize common financial problems and help you to correct them.

o Wealth Education Academy (WEA) was a Godsend to our ministry. As a pastor of a ministry, you want your members to have the best opportunity to succeed in life and this is where WEA blessed us with their skills and abilities in finance. Thankfully, I met a representative of WEA to discuss and evaluate my personal financial status that influenced the idea of having financial classes for my church. The classes truly increased understanding and improved each members financial position of wealth. The classes included life insurance, debt consolidation and investment prospects to improve the overall financial portfolio. I am truly blessed to have had experienced the expertise and professionalism of WEA with my congregation. Being a leader, you can identify great leadership, and this is what WEA demonstrated from the start and this is what I like most about Wealth Education Academy.