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Wealth Academy is Asias most powerful wealth creation program where you will learn how to create multiple streams of income & build a million-dollar net worth through business, investing and intellectual property. Wealth Academy will give you…

Financial Security & Freedom Learn how to start managing your finances; increase your personal income with additional income streams.

Live Trading Seminars Equip you with the mindset, tools and strategies used to create extraordinary wealth.

Networking & Support System You will be provided with all the necessary contacts and resources to achieve your goals.

How to Build Multiple Streams of Income from Ideas in Your Head

How to Increase the Value You Create for Your Company and Clients

How to Calculate Your Current Financial Position and Manage Your Cash Flow

How to Develop a Solid Road Map to Achieve Financial Security

How to Understand Economic & Market Cycles and Its Impact on Stock Prices

How to see this Downturn as a Golden Money-Making Opportunity

Meet Your Speakers – Adam Khoo & Conrad Alvin Lim!

At the tender age of 15, Adam Khoo designed a 15-year plan that would allow him to make his first million by 26 and achieve financial freedom at the age of 31.

By using NLP to model the best wealth strategies in the world and utilizing business, stocks and intellectual property, Adam has proven that anyone with the desire, strategies and passion can become a self-made millionaire!

Adam holds an honors degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, from which he was ranked among the top one percent (1%) of academic achievers.

Adam will share with you tested practical strategies on how he created so much money starting with almost nothing and how he continues to multiply his wealth at an exponential rate.

Adam owns and runs several businesses in education, training, event management and advertising, all with a combined annual turnover of $30 million. An bestselling author of 9 books which include Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, Secrets of Millionaire Investors, Secrets of Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses and his latest book to date, Profit from the Panic. He is also the author of the I am Gifted, So Are You!, a motivational accelerated book that was ranked MPH 1 best-seller in 1998 and 1999.

Conrad, 44 is one of Singapores few successful Professional On-line Traders. As the resident Wealth Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group since December 2006, Conrad has trained more than 2,000 students in the art and science of trading and investing.

He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis, Candlestick Pattern Application, Sector Rotation and short-term trading techniques including Day Trading and Scalping. He is also known for his unique and simplified application of Fibonacci and for his Defensive and Psychological approach to trading.

Today, Conrads trading consistency is renowned as he is able to trade for US$2,500 per day trade or US$15,000 to US$20,000 a month. His trademark 5DPEG (5 Day Pre-Earning Game), still a favorite amongst novices, continues to deliver a 92% success rate while he continues to deliver his low risk trading techniques which includes the Minimal Risk Entries, PHI-Bonacci Expansion, The Standard 6 and Sector Trading.

Heres What Some Of Our Past Participants Have To Say About Wealth Academy:

As a Financial Planner, I had always been able to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table status, qualifying me among the top 1% of insurance advisors around the world.

However, through the principles in this program, I learnt to set a quantum target of tripling my sales and income and qualifying for the prestigious Court of the Table. I achieved this just within 2 months.

When I first signed up for Wealth Academy, I just expected to pick up a few tips on how to earn some extra money while studying full-time at SIM.

Never did I expect that I could start and run a home-based business at almost zero-cost and generate over US$9000 of profit in 2 weeks!

This is why Wealth Academy is amazing. Adam not only shows you how he makes millions from just the ideas in his head, he proves that anybody with the right attitude and strategies can do the same.

Wealth Academy was indeed very fulfilling and an eye opener to me as it gave me so many good ideas and powerful strategies on how to increase my income and wealth.

Adam has undoubtedly showed me one of the best wealth building strategies to make me a better, faster, hungrier and more goal focused person.

After having learnt all the different wealth building strategies, this has given me great confidence and a renewed driving spirit to make a major shift and transformation towards achieving my financial goals.

This is a great checkup for financial health! Adam shares generously all that he knows about making money!

Equally important he dwells on our core beliefs and prejudices about money so that we get to understand what drives us You can never get this from any other programs. Come and see for yourselves!

Hear him extol on his passion and propel you to greater heights! At the end of this program, you would have an excellent financial power-up.

Adam, you are such an admirable individual. My thanks to your generosity in sharing. Besides being enlightened with the available wealth generation tools and mechanisms.

Im also inspired by your passion and motivated by your enthusiasm. Your sharing is so real and useful and you make things easy to understand.

You are one of the most committed and passionate speakers I have come across. Thanks for making Wealth Academy both enlightening and memorable for me.

On My Way To Retiring Early And Being Financially Free!

Wealth Academy is simply wonderful. I am now moving towards my main objective to retire early and enjoy financial freedom.

I created a product that is known as The Muslim Will Kit two months after attending Wealth Academy.

This product is apparently the first of its kind in the world.

With my product development abilities and support from a team of ten members at my company, the first production of the KIT was successfully completed on 31st December 2005.

Today, my product is available at MPH Bookstores nationwide and via mail orders.

Adams wealth academy seminar program was the best investment I ever made. It gave me the value creation strategies to triple my income to achieve a breakthrough of $41,000 in September 2005.

I would have never been able to achieve this if I hadnt learnt all the strategies and principles this wealth program taught me.

This is THE program to learn how to start building financial abundance. Period.

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