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Wealthy Chinese heiress obsessed with the Little Mermaid spends THOUSANDS on an underwater-themed wedding complete with walk-through aquarium and mermaid style celebrations

In China, the wedding of the century happens every other day, as engaged couples will spare no expense for their big day.

Rachel Wee and her fiance Ken, from Singapore, are no different. The couple starred in a new documentary by Channel 5, Crazy Rich Asian Weddings – which looks into the lavish weddings of the wealthiest Chinese heirs and heiresses.

The pair tied the knot in April in Singapore, and treated their some 600 guests to a three-part wedding.

Themed the Little Mermaid, the bride dressed as a mermaid for her bachelorette party and even climbed into a giant clamshell for her entrance during the wedding.

Rachel Wee, pictured with her fiance Ken Chen in a pre-wedding photoshoot in 2018. The couples wedding is featured in a new Channel 5 documentary on decadent wedding

Before I met Ken, my friend actually showed me his Facebook, Rachel says on the show about her husband, and I thought Ken was a player because of his good looks.

Rachel being the daughter of a beauty mogul, and Ken being a financial analyst, everything about their wedding celebration was decadent.

But planning this massive event is not without stress, and tensions erupt between Rachels opinionated mother, Jean, and the bride.

When discussing cake with the wedding planner, Rachel says she wants a four layer cake. But her mother soon takes over the conversation and demands that the cake be bigger, and at least five layers.

The wedding planner finds a common ground by suggesting to create a dummy cake as part of the weddings decoration, which would be incorporated to the big cake.

I can accept that, but it would have to be a big mock-up for the bottom, Jean says.

Later, when Rachel goes to try on her wedding dress with her mother, Jean finds an issue with the train of the dress selected by her daughter, which is encrusted with 6,000 crystals.

I think we should add more Swarovski crystals at the end, she says, it will make it more stunning.

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Some of the wedding guest posing for the picture in the walk-through aquarium on display at Rachel and Kens wedding

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

Rachel and Ken, whove just been married, share a tender kiss in front of their wedding guests in Singapore

Immediately Rachel seems worried by her mothers request. This is very very stunning she objects, pulling lightly on the dress, But, I mean, since were going all out, might as well… she concedes.

For the wedding its not just for the couple, but also the family, Jeans friend later explains, And Jean, shes 100% [sure] that she was to be involved in everything.

Rachel and Ken indeed went all out while planning their big day.

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A view at the reception room at the Carlton Hotel Singapore, where one dinner table cost SG1.328 (757)

The couple splashed on several pre-wedding photoshoots, posing in lavish hotels and even for an underwater themed-picture. All the pictures were later showcased on their wedding day.

Everything about the celebration was decadent, starting with Rachels bachelorette party, which was organised by her friends.

The party took place at Rachels parents multi-million poolside pad. All bridesmaids wore mermaid tails and jewels and took some pictures with a professional photographer for the event while the ladies munched on finger food by a private caterer.

Its my dream come true, says an excited Rachel as she puts on a mermaid tiara and her tail.

Later on, Rachel and Ken are filmed as they fly to London for some diamond shopping.

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Rachel and Ken (pictured) has a fairy tale romance and decided to have a fairy tale wedding to match

The couple held their wedding reception at the Carlton Hotel Singapore. According to website Value Champion, a dinner table at the Carlton costs at least S$1,328.

In the documentary, during their dinner reception, the couple puts on a show for their guests, where Ken looks for his bride around the room before heading to a giant clamshell on the rooms centre stage.

There, he finds Rachel hiding in the shell and lifts her up, carrying her to the dinner table.

The wedding celebration also includes a boys vs girls dance routine, a speech from Rachels father, who was dressed as Neptune, God of the Sea.

In the documentary, it is revealed that Ken and Rachel enlisted the help of a wedding planner, who claims hes been paid at least 800,000 (S$1.4 million).

An Asian wedding, it can be absolutely enormous, the man explains.

The wedding planner reveals that the biggest wedding he ever worked on cost 3million and had 1,300 guests.

The man goes on to explain that people love to show their wealth, adding that somebody wanted to pay me 800,000 to do a prop for their wedding.

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