The impact of changes in actual or perceived value ofassetson consumption decisions. Changes in wealth that are perceived to be temporary will have a smaller effect on consumption expenditures than changes in wealth that are deemed permanent.The relationship between personal wealth and consumer spending. According to the wealth effect consumers have a tendency to spend a larger proportion of personal income as their wealth increases. The wealth effect was used to explain increases in consumer spending in the late 1990s when stock prices boomed.the effect on currentCONSUMPTIONof changes in a personsWEALTH, in particular changes in the prices of owner-occupied houses. Rapid increases in property values may encourage property owners to spend more on current consumption, either out of currentDISPOSABLE INCOMEor onCREDIT;

conversely, falling property prices may serve to reduce property ownerswealth and cause them to curtail their current consumption. SeeCONSUMPTION FUNCTION.

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studies focus almost exclusively on changes in stock valuations, other assets should not be neglected.

So how can we reconcile the historical finding that debt exacerbates bubbles with the microeconomic evidence that the

Beware the creation of bubbles than anything else

Why do economists still disagree over government spending multipliers?

So that women with higher education werent affected by this

Consequently, agents raise consumption at the expense of leisure and overcome the negative

Deep habits, price rigidities and the consumption response to government spending: DP2013/03

4) And like Japan, China has pumped more money into its stock and property markets in order to revive the

Declining house prices, which create a negative

and lower consumer confidence, are set to keep household spending subdued.

Bulgarias declining house prices, which create a negative wealth effect and lower consumer confidence

The exceptionally-low interest rate environment brought about by QE has unleashed a recovery in the economy mainly driven by the

of higher asset prices (both shares and home prices).

is the way people feel about their own financial status.

Equity markets are] positive because of the direct

and a signal that things might be improving, but of course, sometimes the stock market gives the wrong signal.

Home values, particularly when they are rising, impact consumer spending through what economists call the

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