And if you finish school, youd go to college for free

And if you are a lady and you do your lady work

Then you will make as many dollars as the boys

Rich, White, Straight, Men is a sonically upbeat and cartoonish song, released by American singer-songwriterKeshavia YouTube on June 2, 2019 and officially released by RCA on June 8.

The song features a different production style that departures from everything Kesha has released before. Lyrically, Kesha uses satire and sarcasm throughout the song as a way to criticize and to mock the current political situation in the United States.

In the verses, she criticizes things such as inadequate healthcare system present in the United States, the remarkably high college tuition costs, homophobia and the never-ending sexism and wage discrimination against woman, targeting the blame to the rich, white, straight, men who rule the world. She then asks the question of how different could things be if these individuals werent in control of everything.

Throughout time, Kesha has made herself known for being someone who openly fights for peoples rights, especially womens and the LGBTQ+. In her past albums, Sebert has always revealed her feminist ways with songs such asWomanand created some gay pride anthems likeWe R Who We R.