Watson Mathevula is a young man, born and raised in Giyani, deep towns of Limpopo (South Africa). Currently living in Gauteng, where he studied and does business. Hes a young, bold and dynamic businessman, entrepreneur, investor, Financial education advocate and motivational speaker. He lives to inspire, motivate and build people. Very passionate, bright-minded, focused, persistent and enthusiastic about business, especially the financial world of business.

Watson studied Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accountancy degree) with the University of Johannesburg and graduated. At different stages in life, he went through difficult circumstances across his journey to discovering the greatness in him. Tough as life got, he refused to resign to an unfulfilled life. He remained strong and courageous. Difficult times compelled him to something beyond what he could possibly imagine at the time. Young, yet full of faith, he decided to pursue his big dreams with determination, discipline and smart work, without limiting himself through disbelief, and God made it happen for him.

Watson has been a businessman since his first year in high school (2006), right after he had just lost his father the previous year (2005). At the age of 14 (2006), he was running a home spaza shop and growing veggies so he could assist financially at home, also sold sweets and small packets of chips at school so they (him and his siblings) could have pocket money. At the age of 15 (2007), he started a barber shop at home. At the age of 17 (2009), together with his former classmates, they pulled through a Junior Enterprise South Africa project as an assistant general manager, sponsored by Coca Cola. At the age of 21 (2013), he started a business of selling 2nd hand textbooks at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), so he could sustain himself while at school.

In pursuit of purpose and desire to attain financial freedom, he took a small step in the right direction in 2013, which ended up being the biggest step of his life thus far. He made a personal investment in his personality through knowledge with commercial value. Through sleepless nights, early mornings, working weekends and lonely hours, through hard work and dedication, he successfully learned how to trade Forex (a market where currencies are traded) for a living, after years of mentorship by successful traders and mentors, who helped cut short his learning curve. After successfully learning how to grow his financial investment through forex and achieved financial freedom, he never looked back.

With a spark of entrepreneurship in his heart and the desire to help others become financially free as well, he started his first registered company, Wealth Forex Academy, an institution that equips people with information on how to trade Forex successfully and build a sustainable wealth profile. The offices are in Sandton, the richest milestone in Africa. To date, the 26 year old founder and CEO of Wealth Forex Academy has trained hundreds of people with a high success rate and winning probability in the financial markets.

His knowledge and skill about the financial markets yields desired results as far as Forex trading is concerned. Through his online and face-to-face training hes building a strong community of successful forex traders who are profitable consistently. Young, strong, humble, impactful, kind and focused Watson, continues to build his empire and influence the world with the investment of his personality and make the world a better place than he met it.