Have you come across the Wealth Academy while trying to learn how to make money online? And now youre wondering what is the Wealth Academy?

Im so glad to see you here, researching these products before jumping in. There are so many scams online, that its hard to determine whats legit and what isnt. Especially if you have no online marketing experience.

When I first heard of this product, it was called the Wealth Academy AZ Method. And I couldnt find one honest user review out there. Lots of hyped up positive ones, but we all know those are the affiliates trying to sell the system.

So I decided to test it out and give you my honest review. And by the end of my blog, youll have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Ill show you what you get inside, how it works, and offer you my honest recommendation, OK?

And if youre tired of all these random products, and would just like an honest, reliable platform to learn how to succeed online, please check outwhere I am.

This is a Clickbank product, created in August 2018. The sales video is narrated by Richard, which is a pen name. Richard claims that this is a proven rapid training system to become an Amazon Affiliate.

Please dont confuse this system with another product by the same name, founded by Shaqir Hussyin.

Wealth Academy AZ Overview about how to become an affiliate of Amazon, 48 pg. PDF

Wealth Academy CPA Introduction to CPA (click per action) strategy, 18 pg. document

Wealth Academy Traffic Course Discusses traffic strategies using social media platforms, 93 pg. PDF

Wealth Academy FBA Explanation of Fulfillment By Amazon, 17 pg. PDF

Wealth Academy 2.0 Video format of information given in the 48 page PDF 15 short videos (2 to 4 min. each)

Wealth Academy Instagram PDF and 4 videos (same info as PDF)

Wealth Academy YouTube PDF and 4 videos (same info as PDF)

Wealth Academy Twitter PDF and 4 videos (same info as PDF)

Wealth Academy Pro Video Training 16 videos (same info as PDF)

Wealth Academy Social Media Marketing 10 lessons with templates and videos

Wealth Academy Pro Traffic Video Course 12 videos discussing traffic sources

I couldnt believe it! Ive seen this EXACT same product three other times. It seems this owner just changes the name and relaunches the same thing over and over and over, lol. Sheesh!

This started out as Smart Money Methods in June 2018. Then Smart Cash App in November 2018, and again in January 2019 as the Fast Cash App.

Funny thing is I wondered why the time gap between June and November? These serial product launchers will start again every month or so.

Well, my question was answered with this product, LOL. New name for August 2018!

What I dont understand is why he added a few more sections in this one, versus the first release, and took them away again for the last two releases.

If you read my reviews of the other products, youll see what I mean:

Heres proof for you Ive taken a screenshot of inside Smart Money Methods and inside Wealth Academy.

Other than this product offers you a free website as a bonus (which is far from free, by the way), its identical right down to the logos used. All he did was change the name

Youll notice he added a few more segments of the PLR product.  But its still no better a product than when it was Smart Money Methods.

No one. I said this for the others, and Ill say it again, lol. This product is nothing but an old, outdated PLR that hes trying to sell as new products.

A PLR is a Private Label Rights product that someone wrote many years ago and sold the rights to marketers who wished to use it as a promotional offer.

Its perfectly legal to do this. Many marketers do. Though when they are this outdated, its usually given away as a free product.

This PLR was originally sold asAmazon Affiliate Profitsand was last updated in Feb 2016. Hes used some of it, but not all.

There have been so many changes with Amazon, and all the social media sites, that the training you get with this product wont be helpful. It might actually hurt your business

It all starts with seeing an ad in your inbox or on social media. Youre taken to a page with a sales video to watch. And of course, its ridiculous. Ill tell you why so that you can recognize all the emotional triggers in hopes of getting you to buy quickly without thinking too much.

The narrator starts off with a Bang! Richard asks you if he can show you a brand new way to make money online from just one cash-rich website.

Lie 1 This is NOT a brand new way to make money online. Its simply being an Amazon affiliate.

Lie 2 You can get on this website in 5 minutes and get results immediately. Nope, not possible.

Lie 3 People with no real education or marketing skills are using this astonishing website to make autopilot income, 24/7. Again, nope! Being an Amazon affiliate takes a lot of work and marketing skills to succeed.

Lie 4 This is an evergreen system. Well, selling on Amazon is evergreen, yes. But NOT this system. Its much too outdated.

He claims he also fell prey to online gurus, who are scam artists with empty money making promises. LOL. Oh, thats rich!

And, of course, Richard gives us his sob story about losing his job, then running into an old co-worker who showed him how to make money online. Ever notice how many of these types of sales videos have similar stories? Thats because many people will believe it

And now he wants to share the system because he cant stand seeing people struggle as he did. If that were the case, this Richard wouldnt be selling people a low-quality product like this, haha.

Next, he tells us this is his insider proven rapid training system to become an Amazon Affiliate. And that youll be able to bypass all the trial and error hes had to go through.

So, you tell me do you think when you try to apply the training that is no longer applicable to Amazon, that you might have a few issues?

Lie 5 Very few people are using a system like this! OOPS! Actually, thats the truth, because this system doesnt work!

Lie 6 People are generating up to $6K in their very first month. Ya, sure. nope!

Lie 7 All the technical things are done for you. What technical things? There are no technical things!!

Lie 8 He says it will cost you $24.95. I guess he forgot to update his video to $37

Apparently, two weeks from now youll get up in the morning and see all this money coming in. With only a couple of hours per day working on your business.

OK, really?? If it were this easy, dont you think Id be doing this? Dont you think everyone would be doing this?

As Ive already explained, this is a low-quality, PLR product. Its very outdated with some areas not even useful any longer.

The primary product is the 48 page PDF called Wealth Academy AZ. This was written prior to 2016 and hasnt been updated since February 2016.

Do you know how many times Amazon has changed since then? And what about social media. Theyve been continually changing their algorithms since then.

Lets take a look at part of this PDF, OK? Notice in the screenshot below, chapter 14

The sectionEmbedding an Amazon aStore into Facebookis no longer applicable. Do you want to know why?Amazonretired all their aStores as of October 27, 2017.

This product may have been great at the time it was written. It would have given you many great strategies to use as an affiliate. But today? I wouldnt waste my money on this.

If you wish to become an Amazon affiliate, go straight to the source.Amazonoffers training, for free! And theres much more you can find online, thats much more relevant to todays affiliate industry.

The same goes for social media. Each site has training for those who run businesses. Here are three examples for you:

Inside the members area, youre presented with a special offer of a free commission website. Im not sure why he says FREE because its far from it. You have to pay for your own domain name as well as hosting.

These types of offers are common with products like this. They have you thinking youre getting something for free, and when you claim it, they make a commission on your purchase.

The rest of the training, thats not outdated, is simply a generic overview of Amazon and social media sites. The videos are short and easy to follow but have no depth. Theres really no way you can launch effective promotions with the training you get here.

And you need to make sure you double check EVERYTHING with the platform they talk about, so you know if its even applicable. Youve just doubled your workload, or more

Would you want to trust a product thats been repackaged and renamed FOUR times now? I wouldnt. Its obvious this owner is just trying to make as much money as possible, relaunching the same junk, over and over again.

You see, when they launch a product, they create a lot of hype for potential affiliates. They offer contests over the launch week, paying out money and prizes to the highest 2 or 3 sellers. And its always the same circle of affiliates.

Thats why youll see all these positive reviews out there. They basically restate what the sales page says, and tell you how great it is. Most of them havent even tried the product themselves

So the owner makes a bunch of money for the first few weeks, and when the sales die down, they rename it and relaunch again. They offer all the contests again, and make more money.

And the cycle goes on! Rename, relaunch. Rename, relaunch. I really wish there was a way to stop all this nonsense. People are losing hundreds of dollars, and these owners dont give a hoot!

Is Wealth Academy a scam?   No   Would I recommend it?   NO

Unfortunatly its not a scam because you receive a product for your money. Even though it wont work. So the least I can do is try to warn people, and hopefully teach you what to look for in the future.

No matter what these product creators try to tell you, succeeding online takes time, work, and patience. Theres no such thing as creating a massive income in a month or two. It just doesnt work that way. But with proper training and tools, you can and will succeed.

Ive found the best way to succeed, and it worked! Im now creating my own retirement wealth!

I know this Richard guy said his system was proven, but now we know it isnt. But where I am is definitely proven 1.4 million members will agree!

I would love for you to come and see where I learned all aboutonline affiliate marketing, and how to become a successful marketer. Its the best way to build towards your own financial freedom.

This platform has everything you need under one roof. No need to search around online, to find the most current and accurate training. And they provide all the tools you need too! They have:

The founders proudly update, edit, and add new features every year. You can expect nothing but the most current training for your success. Ive been there for many years now, and I love it. Actually, its the community I love, lol. Theres nothing like it anywhere else online. These members are from around the globe doing international marketing.

Want to know the best part? You can start for free! The free starter membership is easy to sign up for, and you dont even need to add a credit card number. Thats how confident they are that youll love it and want to stay.

If you click on the image below, you can read all about it. And when you join, Ill be there to greet you, and help you as long as you need me too.

So how did you hear about the Wealth Academy? In your inbox? Im actually surprised its still available, lol.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Ill get back to you right away.

I always learn so much when I come to your site.

This is great insight into Wealth Academy. I had a friend of mine recommend me to use this website to me for affiliate training but it just seemed like too much and after your review I now why I wasnt feeling it.

I took a look at your alternative and I have to say, it looks way better than this academy so I think ill be looking more into that.

Hi Jay and thanks so much for your kind words.

Im glad you didnt get it. Theres no where near enough training to see any success. Its too old.

Im happy I could help with my recommendation. There are many legit programs online, but none as inclusive as Wealthy Affiilate.

Let me know if you have any questions. Id be glad to help.

I cant believe that they will send you something that is old and has been using outdated stuff.

The best way of going forward with updated everything is with WA!

This is the problem with these shady products. All they want is your money and dont care if its crappy.

Wealthy Affiliate is always up to date. They will never show you how to create an outdated strategy. What I like best is that theyll warn you ahead of time when a big change comes, then show you how to adapt to it.

This is a great article. I appreciate you testing it for us to see if its any good.

We are all looking for opportunities, and this helps us steer clear of false or outdated programs.

Yes thats my mission lol. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful Industry but there are those who take advantage of beginners and are trying to make moneyed if them.

Im hoping my reviews will help save people a lot of frustration and money.

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