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Thats MeRising SuperstarIm getting paid to speak but Id like to raise my fee – and no more haggling!

Thats MeSeasonedProIm making great money, but Im sick of airplanes and I want to go big-time.

Thats MeTHE WEALTHY SPEAKER PODCASTBeing a Go-Giver in Your Business with Bob Burg

In this day and age, what makes a great influencer?  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I am thrilled to welcome my friend Bob Burg to discuss what it takes to inspire and motivate others. Bob is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences on topics at the core of the Go-Giver books.  A former television personality and top-producing salesperson, Bob has shared the platform with some of todays top business

The finest of the speaking industry will descend on Denver on July 27-30 for NSA Influence 2019, the annual conference of the National Speakers Association (NSA). People frequently ask me if they should attend Influence, and I usually say yes. The event provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the business, network with peers, and discover emerging trends.  Normally I would attend Influence, but this year Ill be knee deep creating my new Wealthy

Thanks to you Jane, I broke every record I had in my first year working with you!

What changed for me working Jane? Everything! Weve been working together since the beginning and 3 years later

we are on our way to building a million dollar business. She is the definitive Speaker Launcher

When I hired Jane, my business was just a few months old and Ill admit, it was a big investment. However, within 6 months I raised my fee twice, hired help and now continuously pinch myself that my dream of becoming a speaker came true so quickly, much in part to Janes generous wisdom and guidance.

Since hiring Jane, my speaking business has transformed. After ten months of her coaching program, I have been hired by clients like FedEx, Mattel, Hyundai Capital, and so many others. Her books, coaching calls, and Accelerate Live coaching weekend have enabled me to follow my passion and turn my expertise into a fast-growing, profitable speaking business. Janes program is the single best investment I have made in my business.

Thanks for all of your wisdom your foundation provided the ability for me to do all of these transformational business initiatives.

Ive been in the speaking business for 30 years and people come and go. Jane Atkinson gets it. She is the best speaking career coach in the business. Im not saying shes one of the best. Im saying shes the best, period.

What changed since working with Jane was that I become a lot more clear on the direction that I was going. This was because she is very good at helping you find your unique skills and strengths. That helped me how could I create a business model that is successful while making me feel alive.

The Wealthy Speaker Program not only connected me to Jane, but also to a host of fellow speakers. Janes program helped me take my ideas and make them concrete and actionable, plus Ive been able to build valuable professional and personal relationships and benefit from the shared knowledge.

Within 12 months my business doubled but the best part was my Wealthy Speaker moment when I stepped out of the Grand Marriott in Grand Cayman Island after a standing ovation keynote to a waiting limo taking me to the airport and my next gig. Thank you, Jane Atkinson!University of Georgia Professor, Consultant, Speaker

Whats changed as a result of working with Jane? Two words: Jane Rocks!!! Working with Jane has helped me think more strategically about the business Im running. Her experience working with hugely successful speakers, authors, and thought leaders gives her insights + best practices that have reduced my learning curve allowing me to work smarter, not harder. Plus – our monthly calls force me to stay focused on the big picture while continuing to tack action on the small stuff that will get me there.

Speaking isnt an easy business; at least not for me. Im constantly looking for ways to maintain an edge and remain relevant. Ive seen immediate returns from my improved speech, and renewed clarity in reworking a product Id given up on.

Jane encouraged me to narrow the focus in my speaking presentations and it really paid off. She gave me solid business advice, as well as a sense of confidence in my new direction. It was a joy having Jane, with her positive attitude and wealth of speaker marketing expertise, in my corner.

Whenever speakers ask me how to get started in the business, I tell them you can either do it yourself the slow, old-fashioned way, or you can hire Jane Atkinson and do it faster and with less expense.

Jane galvanizes people around two things. First – perspective. She helps you broaden your perspective around what is possible for you. Once shes done that there is a two prong approach to accountability. She not only holds you accountable but challenges you around what you will consistently do to hold yourself accountable. Its been transformative for me in the business and as a person.

Jane is a dream coach. Within the first month of working together, she helped me focus my brand name and unique niche among the sea of leadership speakers. Her laser-focus on building a solid, marketable, sustainable business combined with an insiders knowledge of the speaking industry makes her one of my most trusted advisors.

Its getting harder and harder to know which coach is right to choose. But Jane was bang on perfect for me. In this profession there are lots of shiny baubles and its critical to pick what is right for you. Jane quickly established what I needed to be more successful. She helped me sift through the long list of ideas to market and grow my business and determine what was best for me. There was no b.s. and no this is the only way to do it. Ive seen my business become more focused and profitable as a result.

I read your book The Epic Keynote today and it is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Yes I am shouting from my little stilettos! You have created such a valuable must read for every speaker thank you for sharing your brilliance.

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