Can you make $80K with Wealth Academy or its just a scam?

luckily, you landed on my honest review and I will show you signs to watch out for when looking at products in this make money online space.

Ive reviewed so many Clickbank products like this one on my website and most of them are not what they look like, nothing but hype that will mislead you into buying it.

I dont want to judge fast so without further ado lets dive in to find the truth.

Wealth Academy is a ClickBank product that will make you thousands of dollars fast and you dont need any experience all you need is to work for a few minutes a day to earn up to $80k a day.

the spokesperson keeps telling you whatever is good: make money fast, everyone can do it, members are making billions thanks to his system but he doesnt really tell you how it works.

I mean a legitimate product or system doesnt just tell you that you could make money with their system, they actually show people how its done and how it works

Im sorry but there is nothing convincing, There are no testimonials and even the owner is hiding, I mean how can someone sell such a life-changing system for $24?

Wealth Academy doesnt work like the spokesperson claims you cant just start out making a lot of money like that, its just not how the internet works and not the reality of how money is made.

The truth is that gurus like Richard have a large email list full of people ready to buy, so if he advertises Wealth Academy to them the percentage of his email list will definitely buy his product.

Im sure you dont have an email list and this is where this product fails if they will teach me how to build an email list  (which they dont) I will be the first one to buy it.

building an email list requires a lot of hard work time trust and dedication when the spokesperson talks about making money easily he doesnt mention that he has a big email list that he built over the years.

Another thing I want to mention is that after you spend your $37 you will be pushed into 3 upsells:

To make money with Wealth Academy you have to refer people and trust me is really hard to do so without a website or an email list.

Ok, lets say that you will post your affiliate link on your facebook page how many friends will click on it? Im not sure that all your Facebook friends are ready to spend $495.95?

dont get me wrong Im not saying that you are not going to make any money but trust me it doesnt worth $495.95

These fake products only last a few months as they get exposed when a lot of people realize they are a scam and lots of blogs online expose them by writing reviews as I do, and once they are shot so will your whole business.

Because this product gives no information on what it does, and the spokesperson didnt mention that you need an email list and there are tons of red flags then YES its a huge scam for me.

as I mentioned above, Ive reviewed so many Clickbank products like this one they just get some people with no experience to buy their low-quality products and then they shot the website after making thousands of dollars from innocent newbies.

You can read some of my CB products reviews below and see what Im talking about:

To conclude please stay away from Wealth Academy and dont forget to aware your friends on social media so they dont waste their money on such a useless product.

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Mariem, Hi, my name Is Mariem, and Im the founder of ! Ive created this website to help newbies avoid scams and find legit opportunities!

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Hi, my name is Miriam, and Im the founder of !

I started this website to help newbies avoid scams and find legit opportunities.

You can read more about me and how I started my own online business at just 20 yohere!