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Wealth Academy Teens Financial Management Program

Wealth Academy Teens Overview ( 12-21 years old)

~If parents work hard while their children have it easy, their grandchildren will end up begging~

Financial security for tomorrow starts with a strong financial foundation today. Through rigorous research, we discovered that one of parents top 3 concerns isfinancial security for their kids. This is especially true in Singapore, where inflation rates and cost of living rises sky high year after year. As parents, we strive to give our children the best, such that they never have to worry about money. However, I think we agree that we are not going to provide for them all their lives. If they grow up with bad money habits, we will not be able to save them from debts and other financial burdens in the future.

Together with the team behindWealth Academy, Asias Leading Financial Training School,I Am Gifted!(Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Groups flagship programme) developed Wealth Academy Teens, to empower teenagers to make sound financial decisions and be financially savvy to have a head start over their peers.

Lack understanding of financial concepts e.g. bills, insurance, deposits, interests, investments, businesses etc

Have poor money management or unhealthy spending habits

save & budget effectively towards a long term goal

take control of their financial future and build sustainable wealth

that make them more competitive than their peers in fighting for any opportunities

After the 3-day programme, your teenage child will be able to

Money isnt everything, but everything is money!

Anyone can be wealthy, as long as you know how to work for it!

Develop Good Spending, Budgeting & Saving Habits

Gain the know-how and resources to START MAKING MONEY without compromising studies!

Experience Wealth Creation & Wealth Management

Pay Yourself First Principle to Building Wealth

Making an Income Online While Not Affecting Study Time

Basic Guide to Property & Stock Market Investing

Experience Managing Wealth And Investing While Having FUN!

The Wealth Academy Teens programme will first instil in your child thecorrect mindsets towards money. Through various frameworks and formula, your child will learn the habits of the financially successful. The programme also engages the teenagers through the21stcentury learning experience, with online research, projects and group presentations.

There will be a thrilling and exhilaratingMillionaire Gamespanning throughout the 3 days, which gives the teens afirst hand experience of wealth management and investing.

Andrew is a seasoned and passionate trainer whose purpose in life is to empower youth to become tomorrows leaders. His favorite quote is We can give a child a fish and theyll eat for a day, BUT if we teach a child how to fish they will eat for a lifetime.

Andrews investing journey started when he invested in his first property at only 19 years old. Through his continued success in businesss and investments in property and other wealth creation vehicles, he achieved the personal goal of financial freedom, and now fulfil his by speaking at youth events all over the world.

Originally from Australia, Andrew now resides in Singapore with his wife and teenage son and like any Singaporean parents, is concerned about the financial tomorrow for his son. He then made it his priority to work with parents to empower our youth to create a successful future by building a solid foundation of Wealth and Entrepreneurship.

Andrew had empowered thousands of youth fromAustralia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, China, Malaysia and Indonesiaby sharing with them the strategies to succeed financially and personally.

Empower Your Teenage Child to Make Smart Financial Decisions Today!

Join us and discover the most effective habits that your child MUST cultivate  in order to set foot onto the path towards financial stability

Attend the Wealth Academy Teens Workshop

Free 3-Hour Workshop To empower your teenager to start making SMART financial decisions and know how to make money!

Join us & discover the tips and strategies that Money Smart Parents use to bring up Money Smart Teenagers!

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I Am Gifted! Junior School Holiday Programme for Kids

I Am Gifted! Senior School Holiday Programme for Teens

I Am Gifted! Junior School Holiday Programme for Kids

I Am Gifted! Senior School Holiday Programme for Teens

Wealth Academy Teens Financial Management Program