– a person who possesses great material wealth

individualmortalpersonsomebodysomeonesoul- a human being; there was too much for one person to do

affluent- an affluent person; a person who is financially well off; the so-called emerging affluents

man of meansrich manwealthy man- a man who is wealthy

plutocrat- someone who exercises power by virtue of wealth

millionaire- a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million dollars

billionaire- a very rich person whose material wealth is valued at more than a billion dollars

multi-billionaire- a very rich person whose material wealth is valued at many billions of dollars

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Habits to cultivate in 2018 to achieve financial freedom

does have a particularly strong work ethic, it is likely attributable not just to their genetic predisposition, but also to their upbringing, including whatever privileges, values, and opportunities their background may have afforded them.

PPFs owner is Mr Peter Kellner, who is listed as the Czech Republics most

, and the announcement ends months of speculation surrounding the future of the manufacturer.

Czech Republic : PPF buys Skoda Transportation

wants to avoid taxation in Britain and therefore put money into a tax haven somewhere, who loses?

wants to avoid taxation in Britain and, therefore, put money into a tax haven somewhere, who loses?

John, who is looking forward to a caravan holiday with his wife and their grandchildren, added: You can be the most financially

in the world but not be as rich as I am with my family.

A very simplistic argument but you can also turn it on its head and ask how any middle class or

Death of low-priced fruits seller saddens Kerala consumers

risking some money they can probably afford to lose.

Why tax breaks for the wealthy is not good policy; BUSINESS TALK STEVE HOWELL

uses it as a template for a personal crusade and then insists hes doing everyone else a favour.

Thiel shows why tech billionaires are the new robber barons

has a bigger house, he consumes more electricity and more water.

Deputy Crown Prince says: Vision 2030 constitutes roadmap for Kingdoms development, economy objectives for next 15 years 19 Riyadh

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