Here is what our clients have to say about the WFA Mentorship program:

From a deposit of R9 500. Made a profit of R162 584 in a week, and withdrew R139 910 from the profit. I got too aggressive.

This has been a fruitful week. I know the trading style was too aggressive, I did that because I didnt like trading small accounts. Funded an account with 400 USD plus 30% bonus, taking capital to $520. I made a profit of R70 000 in a week. Im over the moon. Keep doing what you doing. Im grateful. God bless you.

Its not easy balancing school and trading, but Im winning with both. Today I made $186 profit, yesterday I made $213 profit. When the Market maker gave what I learnt in class, I burnt him. TP hit. The knowledge works. Its like Im getting free money. We taking our money by force. Poverty doesnt belong to us. These profits are your birthday present. Happy birthday mentor.

I started from 244 pounds, now Im at 900 pounds on my live account. I cant thank you enough for the real and practical knowledge you have injected in me. What you teach us is worth more than what you charge. I have been in the game with nothing to show. I dont want to name people but Ive been with some famous forex traders who took our money and left. Its for the first time someone trains me and calls me next day for homework, pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. For that Im grateful I joined your team.

My account was Tripled with 9 000+ profit still running. I first blew this account due to impatience and greed and after correcting that from WFA lesson 2 notes on trading discipline and money management, only then did I start realising consistent profits! WFA rocks! Its possible if you know what youre doing. Thanks to WFA and you sir.

Watson. I just want to say thank you for the guidance and patience you have for us, the belief and the knowledge you instil within us is just unbelievable. I took leave from work to try and just focus on the market and the results I see are just amazing. We owe you so much, its not even a joke. God bless and protect you.

Good afternoon mentor. Hope all is good by your side. In 1,5 months I tripled my account. The fruits of your knowledge. May the grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ increase you abundantly and be with you always. My champ.

Last week friday I deposited $10 into my live account and on monday i took it to $340, withdrew $100. I know now my future is secured. Thanks for the knowledge man. Youre a blessing. Im at ease now cause I have direction.

Morning Mr Mathevula. Thanks mentor for real and practical knowledge. I doubled my account.

I just realised that your training is so balanced. The market may not give you clear levels, but definitely one of the 8 reversal formation you taught us or apply the rules of the weekly structure. Im seeing progress baba. Sesiyangena kulento yezi withdrawals.

Morning Sir. My account doubled for the second time.

I have just closed all my trades. I funded this account with $100 last week friday. I started trading it this monday, and in 3 days its already on $305,01 . Thank you sir. The knowledge is priceless. Bless you Sir.

Good evening Sir. I doubled my account. Couldnt believe it! I just inhale real and practical knowledge and exhale pips. Hayi its too much my king. Money is just lying around all over the market. Its like Ive been blind the whole time but now I see. I have only just begun with the WFA training but the Results are just amazing.

Hi. I just wanted to show you that I am now gaining more understanding and Im trading. In 5 days Ive made a total of 51% profit growth.

Good evening Mr Watson. I would like to confirm that I finally doubled my account.

Good day Sir. I just proven that this knowledge works, and this is all because of your effort. We really appreciate it. You always been patient on us. You deserve all the blessings. Thanks a lot.

This knowledge is real. In fact, what you teaching us is golden. Today Ive doubled my account in a day, All thanks Mr Mathevula. I salute you Sir.

Champ! Im thankful. My financial life is well. Thank you.

Morning Watson. I have already doubled this account. At last, I got the hang of it. I also got some small chunks today. Thanks man.

At the beginning of my trading career the Lord blessed me by meeting Mr. Watson Mathevula, the Founder and CEO of Wealth Forex Academy. He taught me a lot about the market makers, the creators of the market and how to use their weaknesses to my advantage in making money in the market. Never invest in a business that you do not understand, those were his words to me and I am happy that I have learned so much and fully understand the business now. I thank you sir and pray that all new traders who want to start on their careers may start in your academy to avoid losing money.

When I joined WFA I was always losing and made the worst entries possible. With the help of my mentor Watson, I learned a lot about market movement and the formations that happen in the market every day. I have developed a sense of confidence in my trades that I enter, I even developed my own methodology that works for me. You are not only a Forex mentor but also someone who offers guidance and support towards his student whenever they need it.The only regret I have is not starting with you

I want to thank Mr. Mathevula for jump-starting my Forex Trading career. I learnt a lot from the WFA classes and was able to double accounts daily like its fashion, because of Mr. Mathevula the market feels my presence now. WFA inspired me to break boundaries and today I want to inspire people as well as I resigned from my job a few months ago and I make my salary weekly if want to. Thanks a million as I am enjoying the sha sha life.

I use to attend Forex seminars because I truly wanted to make money through Forex, but none of those academies met my expectations, until I joined WFA. This is the main reason why WFA is different from other Forex companies because they teach real and practical trading. I have been with WFA for a year and some few months now. My life has changed because I make money like never before in Forex. Since the day I joined the academy until now, I have progressed significantly because my winning probability has increased over time. Therefore, I will forever be grateful to Wealth Forex Academy and Mr. Mathevula himself.

I just want to thank you, Watson Mathevula, for feeding me with special information.  Today I am a good clicker through the skills you have taught me during your Forex classes. I am now able to make someones salary in one hour because of you sir. I have a Diploma in IT but what you have introduced to me is worth more than my certificate, Its Gold which is unlimited. Thank you so much sir, you are a gamechanger. I am a trader because of you Mr Mathevula. millionaire

It is not often that you meet someone that makes such a huge impact on your life, and Watson Mathevula has done that for me. He has made everyday brighter and has introduced me to a financial world that is alive and huge. He has made it clear and easy to understand, and gave me the direction and guidance to succeed. I will cherish forever the time he made available to mentor and coach me. Watsons creativity and spice for life is unmatched, and I truly believe that there is not a single person that can do the same job as he does, or even come close. I remember that he talked about things that he wanted to do he wants everyone he works with to grow and develop. He never judged anyone based on the problems they were facing or because they were not the person they could be. Instead, he has helped them grow into who they could be, and he sees potential in everyone he meets.

I can now openly declare that your Forex mentorship has impacted me positively in a way that I could have never thought. When I started with the training sessions, it was like gibberish at first and through your skills, patience and expertise you managed to shed light and to turn my Forex nightmare into bliss. I now understand the Forex jargon and am able to interpret the trading platform, follow a pattern and take trades confidently on my own. Your mentorship and support is definitely world-class. Thanks a lot for your mentorship.

Thank you Mr. Mathevula for unwavering contribution. I came to attend your training sessions and you inspired me to think deep and hard about my future either to work or to be my own boss, I took your advice to be my own boss to put it in your own words to be the best version of myself. I have taken a $1000 account with a loss of $500 and turned it into a profit of $3685,21 within 3 days based on all you taught me.

I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your students, you have served well as my guide not just in my trading career but also in my life in general. I honestly believe it is your innovative, hands-on approach that makes learning fun. I enjoy being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. Wealth Forex Academy has changed my aspect of learning. The influence of a great teacher can never be erased. May God bless you and the work of your hands.

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your time and effort to pass the knowledge of trading Forex successfully and with accuracy during my training with you. For once I understand why I place a trade unlike before when I traded blindly. And now just like you pointed out now I know what the market will do with the higher level of probability. I am convinced beyond doubt that with your strategy and sticking to the rules I can make this a professional job. Thank you, God bless you and your family.

The support you have shown me Watson , over the last couple of months is great. All I can say is thank you. From your trading skills I have also learned the value of tolerance, patience and I have trust in the trading business. Thank you for giving me this business opportunity.

Firstly, I met the WFA CEO Watson through referral and that is where life began, and why I chose WFA. It is because they teach Forex trading with no funny games and no hidden agenda. WFA is so transparent about the market, unlike others who just tell you the basics. I use the same strategies as my mentor. It has been a year and some months at this academy but I feel like I have been trading professionally for ten years because the progress is on another level. I can analyse the markets on a naked chart and can tell you where the price is going to be tomorrow, and in the future. WFA has changed my life for the better financially and even how I see things in this world has changed. I am more disciplined; patient and have found a home in WFA.

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Glorious things are spoken of you my Leader , Much love sir

wow wonderfulam having that vavavoom of learning and testifying 🙂