STA Wealth Management is a fast-growing and highly collaborative independent asset management and financial planning firm applying a conservative, disciplined, different approach to investing. We take pride in the fact that we have client relationships well into their third generation. We believe that success isnt measured only by figures and charts, but by the fiscal stability and growth of our clients, their families, and the continued professional development of our advisors and support team.

With a comprehensive and evolving suite of wealth management services, were committed to meeting the unique needs and challenges of our clients. STA strives to minimize risk through all aspects of our business, by understanding trends and planning strategicallywhile consistently maintaining our core values of trust, credibility, and transparency.

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Located in the Memorial area of Houston, Texas, our highly-specialized expert team of more than 30 seasoned executives, skilled advisors, and supporting staff share a steadfast dedication to serving our diverse worldwide client base. We seek to manage risk and optimize financial futures through independent and proprietary research, strategic planning, and team collaboration. Relationships with trusted names likeFidelity InvestmentsandCharles Schwabdemonstrate our commitment to sound solutions centered on you, your family, and your business.

The STA Wealth Management team consists of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, investment specialists, CPAs, investment analysts, estate planning specialists, and MBAs. Our goal is to both create and demonstrate value as your financial partner.

Our team works together to ensure all your needs are met in a professional and responsive manner. By bringing together the best people with diverse backgrounds and a shared mission, we strive to simplify your financial life and give you a superior client experience.Learn MoreWealth ManagementSTA Wealth Management has built a solid reputation for our conservative, disciplined, and different approach to managing our clients financial needs.

We dont simply provide active portfolio management, but rather develop customized investment strategies that target your unique preferences and challenges. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is delivered with hands-on guidance driven by decades of proven success.

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Our truly unique financial planning process is far more than financial projections and general solutions. We prioritize our focus based on your individual goals, visions, and objectives, and we partner with you to create a customized management plan that means to secure and supplement your financial future.

In theory, successful investment is simple maximize returns and minimize risk. However, at STA Wealth Management, we know that it is much more complicated in practice. That is why we continue investing in talent and building processes that put decades of proven investment and risk management experience into strong and unique portfolios at your disposal.

Insurance isnt just a safety net for the unexpected or catastrophicit can be a constructive tool for creating stability and confidence as you move through life. STAs demonstrated expertise will help you leverage the power of insurance to provide your family with security and prosperity.

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