I was interviewed by Lori Dean, an amazing woman and the awesome radio host of the program Help! My Mid-life Sucks! on Boost Radio.   If you are wondering what I mean by a toxic relationship,listen in here!

Im Norma Reid I want to congratulate you for stopping by and taking a little time just for you

As women, we often put so much effort into nurturing others theres little left for ourselves and when our key relationship ends or were going through the emotional and mental torture of a dying relationship it can leave us feeling powerless, or unworthy of the life we once believed in, let alone the happiness, fulfillment and wealthier life we deserve and crave for ourselves.

I know, because Ive been there Ive felt the emotional internal battle with myself and experienced the mental anguish that the devastation of a break up brings and the traumatic effects it leaves in its wake and Ive survived to become a wiser, worthier and wealthier woman.

And my lifes work is to help you do the same Ill share some of my own story as we get to know one another more (which I do hope for) but for now

Are you ready to pick up the pieces of your life, regain your self-worth and get back on track as quickly as possible?

Then dont wait for time to heal when you can create your new life right now the life youve already spent too long waiting for

Begin by taking my FREE assessment tool Relationship Recovery Reclaim Your Life and Heal Your Heart.

And get onto the road to recovery today by discovering which ofthe four individual aspectsyou need to address to reclaim your life quickly.

Now is the time to reconnect with the truth of who you are- and start living your life authentically. Create a life of inner peace, harmony and joy- and an outer life that reflects that.

Finally, give yourself permission to be who you are, have what you desire, and do what you want to do by being authentically you!

Lets work through this difficult transitional time together I promise you are not alone its time to reclaim your worthy, wealthy woman today.

With my deepest gratitude for being a worthier, wealthier woman

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Norma helped me identify what is important to mesuch as rejoining Toastmasters when I had a desire to improve my speaking ability but was ready to let it go because I felt overwhelmed with work..she identified from my intonation that public speaking was a strong desire and she encouraged me to do it! Im just beginning but it was thatread more..