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When I was five years old, my parents divorced. My mother remarried when I was in the second grade. When we were coming home from school one day, we came home to a dark house. We found my stepfather sitting in the living room with candles around him. He used the money to pay the power bill to buy drugs. That is when we found out he had a drug addiction. That night changed my life forever. I made a commitment to myself that when I had children, they would never experience anything like this. He passed away two years later due to an accident at work.

After my stepfather passed, I started my first business. I started selling candy at school I learned how to whole sell and markup goods. When I got to 7th grade, I was buying and trading sport cards I learned trade negotiation. In middle school, I also played cards for extra cash I learned statistics, probability, and decision making. By the time I was in high school, I was playing pickup basketball games for money (I rarely lost) I learned the most important lesson, self-confidence. By the time I graduated high school, I had developed the key skills necessary to make it in business.

After completing service in the US Air Force, I finished my undergrad and graduate degree. For more than a decade Ive held various upper level management positions, all in the post-secondary education and financial industries. I have had the privilege of helping a lot of people navigate through the different stages of life. For everyone person that Ive helped, it seems like there are a million more with the same concern and nowhere for them to get the knowledge. Helping people enhance their lives is my passion.

When I transitioned from the Education industry to the Financial industry, I realized that many people dont know how to manage their finances. Earning an income isnt the problem most people have, its how to manage it. Once you learn how to manage your finances, you can create wealth. I founded WEA to be the platform that will help you understand your finances and create the level of wealth you desire. Wealth Education Academy is your partner in creating wealth.